First-time smartphone buyers chose Android over iOS in Q4

07 February, 2012
In the last quarter of 2011, 57% of first-time smartphone buyers were choosing Android over iOS in the US.

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Now which phone is the best is a tricky question..
All I can say may suit you if you are old...or..ignorant...or too s****d to understand what a smart phone is.. (also if you want to show off that you ve a smart phone..and you dunno what a smart phone does)

But if you want to stay with innovation Android is the best bet..they always come with new ideas and functionality..what iOS does for "new" idea is copy what Android did ages back and call it voice recognition based 'siri'...which was available on Android market way before time...

The idea of smart phone was introduced long symbian...iOS just stole the show by it's looks then...multi task was like 'going to Pluto' for them..I am not sure if,they,ve nailed the idea completely even by now..def not with iOS 4..

And windows phone..yep they are growing, copying and pasting Android and iOS ideas together...lets wait till they actually come up with genuine ideas like the live tiles!..which is an awesome idea!..looks really cool!

@mgon87 buddy did you know that as soon as siri was launched it was not compatible on iPhone 4? it had only been released for like nearly a year..but the software developers (not the legal ones, thanx to their help jailbreak is possible) made it available as a downloadable app. As the software update exceeds the hardware in it needs more hardware to work on..the earlier hardware fails to support..that's how it has always been..even the first gen iPhone fails to support iOS 5..
As far as your issue with Android upgradation issue..first, you should remember that is not the fault of Android but the service provider (product support of Samsung is famous for being bad..there are companies more worse than Samsung..that is a fact)
Second, you can update, all you have to do is root your phone...then everything becomes available..but for other normal functionality you don't ve to using Bluetooth to share a file, etc..which as you may have noticed is not possible on iPhone without jailbreak...and even with that it still is diff. Me and my brother had a lot of trouble with that..your friends were right when they told you that iPhone is just a show off piece...that is the sole reason why more people are switching to Android now..even big companies like BMW is having talks with Android to base their tech on the BMW cars!.. So Android is where innovation is! Sorry but that IS the fact...

mgon87, 08 Feb 2012When i started in the smartphone world, i chosse windows mobile,... moreTroll. Please upload a video of your iphone 3gs running on offical ios5. Clap hand*

  • ping

As per this chart, apple seems to be on the losing end but think of it this way, android OS is handled by a lot of manufacturers like samsung, htc, lg, etc. The profit goes to each of those companies too, unlike iOS which belongs to apple only. I'm not an iphone/iOS fan myself but iphone is earning a hell lot more than the companies behind/with android.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2012i think ios is easy 2 use n quite easy 2 be used 2, 4 new smartf... moreiOS is easy to use, but you can't say android is messed up and takes hours to get used to. People today have become way too ignorant and lazy, dont buy a phone just because its easy to use, android offers so much more customisation. Apple=dictatorship ... fixed ui, tells you what you can and cannot do. Android=freedom... customise the phone the way YOU want it so it's easier for YOU to use, every single one of us are unique and what our homescreens to look different.

  • Anonymous

8ight, 08 Feb 2012The only reason that 1st time buyers chose android is because th... moretheres only one phone with ICS atm because its a google device. ICS is updated to other devices in time to come, ie. the galaxys2 and note both are receiving an ICS update in march, as well as most htcs and the motorola razr. It takes so long to bring out because each manufacturer needs to coincide their UI with ICS and make sure they work side by side and it runs smoothly. You could always install the ICS rom to your device with clockwork and root, its not rocket science, and the possibilities are endless.

  • Mr. E

mgon87, 08 Feb 2012When i started in the smartphone world, i chosse windows mobile,... moreThanks for your life story mate

mgon87, 08 Feb 2012When i started in the smartphone world, i chosse windows mobile,... morenice inputs

nexus names knows upgrades

claims resolved...

  • smarphone user

I don know Y the people are bragging about apple when they don know much about it. Less knowledge of anything is harmful. Like one has mentioned about android market and comparing it with I Tunes the fellow doesn't know that there's an apple store for the apps. And android is prefered by more users because its cheap compare to apple and has same specs (ON SHEET) compared to apple. If u know 4s has d fastest processor till date in the market and best camera performance in the segment. And apple has more market can be proved by looking at the graph that even after such an expensive price there is mere difference in the sales. So all the ones supporting android I'm not against you but please don't give reasons that are not valid.

  • Anonymous

Android is cheaper but resale value sux real bad on Android.

  • Hector

I don't see what is so special in Apple made phone
it's even not made in USA!Android is such beautiful
and esy operational software for everyone to use and
their Android Market is such great application so you
can easy download whatever you need for your small and
cute phone which is not case with ITune and their
offer for IPhone user!

When i started in the smartphone world, i chosse windows mobile, big mistake haha, i remember i had my htc hd, and it was so big, laggy and the stylus make things no easier, for those times it was like i had the galaxy note that was so difficult to manage with one hand, i supposed it was because my hands where smaller or was my first time with a touch device, but it was a big mistake, then i got the samsung jet, and i must say that was the best phone ever, even if it was laggy compared to the devices that we have know, but suddently the screen didnt turn on out of nothing, and i where to tech shop and they say that the phone was dead, that was a big dissapointment... i remember my friends had iphones, but i was so brainwash that iphone was too close and you couldnt even browse the web without paying or having a credit card :S, that was horrible so, i said to me that my next phone would be an android, i was happy at first, with my xperia x10, then i switched to galaxy s, then htc dessire hd, then galaxy s2, and it was too much trouble, is it true that there is a whole bunch of apps, but most of them are really bad or the interfaces are not nice at all and seem more like the apps for symbian or even java, when you have too much apps or personalize the phone with cool windows charged with widgets the phone gets really unstable, laggy, and the worst is that every 3 months it comes a new phone that has one litle thing that your other phone doesnt have, or the new android that your previous device wont support, i remember that from my xperia wich couldnt upgrade to android 2.2 that has that nice feature of make your apps go to the sd... After i`ve got bored with my galaxy s2, especially because there was a new galaxy note, and a galaxy 3 comming, that would outtake the attention and the software upgrades like the arc family did with the x10 family, or the galaxy s2 did with the first galaxy, i decided to sell it, and forget about android and its so fake open source, because if you want the last software upadtes from them you need to buy new phones as soon as they come, and believe they come very often, finally because even if i started to hate technology, i needed a phone so i go for the iphone 3gs because it was in a good price, and i really didnt care that its processor was the same or less than the xperia x10 mini or its camera was less than the galaxy gio, i just wanted a phone for calling, and because of the brainwash of my friends i thought that iphone was sh...t, the i start to buy some games and for my suprise i could download all the games that work only on my galaxy s, with the same speed and everything, i remember that was not possible on my x10 or the dessire hd, i thought the good games needed double or triple processors or ram from more than 1 gb, but with the simple characteristics from my 3gs i could run all the awesome games that in android you can only play with the high end devices, another suprise was, that i could upgrade to ios 5!, and that was like wow, because it was a phone from 2009 and it still gets upgrades, for me thats awesome, any android out there have 1 year or maybe 2 of upgrades then you have to buy a new one because no one cares about your older phones, i may sound like an apple fan, and i know those are expensive devices, but i can say that they worth it, first because you dont need special software to run most of the games and apps, second because you can still catch up with the software upgrades of the new devices and third because, i know that at least for an entire year apple wont deppress me selling a new phone 3 months after i buy mine... So for me its an iphone, any class or the samsung jet that is not available in the market any more... and im thinking about buying the iphone 5, it can be a close system, created by the devil, but at least they tell me the truth about the limitations of my phone, and not a bunch of lies that my phone is the next big thing while they are making the galaxy 54 or the xperia arc s y x z

  • Kimo

I don't care about who sells more, all I care about is after a week of using my phone (iOS or android) what will I feel.....BOREDOM of both so what will I do ? I'll search for something to break this boredom of watching my same UI everyday which is APPS so now we are talking , which of the 2 OSs has better collection of apps ? The answer is obvious even if most of you didn't like it......iOS , my point simply is apps should make you decide which of the 2 OSs you should buy because if you thought about it the OS will look the same everyday even if apple or google added some new stuff and I'm not a fan of any company I just say the truth, last thing sry if my English isn't so good :/

  • Nash

Android is a no brainer versus Apple.Why buy an iphone if not only to show off you got an expensive unit. If you love a phone that reaches for the $ in your pocket daily for applications and so on, go for one but Android and Android market offer so many things for free that it blows the competition away. for first timers especially, the apple interface is a bit complicated when you try to get to the bottom of the phone as one should and if you want those free software, turn into a hacker please with the whole cydia thing and then it is still a hassel. Android offers it all simple and out of the box.

  • 8ight

bluemary1014, 08 Feb 2012I was reading some comments and these helped me decide that if e... moreThe only reason that 1st time buyers chose android is because they get a $50/free phone from which ever carrier. Apple beats out android all the time. What's sad is that all those people that get these android phone will never get ICS update. They get a phone which is outdated by the following month. The same goes with the high end phones. Only one phone has the ICS which is the same price as the iPhone. Not only this there are so many apps on the andoid market that's full of spyware/malware/viruses.

So save yourself the trouble/time/$$$ and get the iPhone. Better yet save your $ until the iPhone 5 comes out.

For first time buyers definetly a Android device.There are Android phones in all aspects of the market so its easy to people to find there ideal smartphone.But I agree with some people that you need some time to get use to Android and you need to know how to adjust some things...but after that a droid is a fun device :) And I have seen that a lot of people that are buying there first smartphone it's a Android phone

  • Anonymous

apple doesnot provide its phones on reasonable prices + apple can not compete type & no. of apps which android provides. For only Brand name of apple everyone cannot spend so much .

  • bluemary1014

I was reading some comments and these helped me decide that if ever I will be planning to have my first smartphone, it won't be made by Apple. As of now, I'm currently saving my finances for Xperia S. I want to be one of the first ones to own it once it is released here in the Philippines.
I like to have a tool or gadget, to tinker around, customize things and do things my way, not the other way around. It is what tools or gadgets are for.

  • Raghu

Itz surely bcoz of low cost n have lots of choices in android unlike iphones......

  • Anonymous

Yeah at least now APPLE realises and try to lift some stupid restriction regards to jailbreak bluetooth pc sync ...other wise we can see the same article by the next year Android 70% WP 25% remain all other including apple 5 % ... LOL

  • Ahmed

Android is alot better than ios

because it's customizations (like symbian)but with most useful features like ios and high specifications

it's complete OS (I like live wallpapers!)