First-time smartphone buyers chose Android over iOS in Q4

07 February, 2012
In the last quarter of 2011, 57% of first-time smartphone buyers were choosing Android over iOS in the US.

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  • Elfuegohumano

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2012It is not a dumb survey, but i tell you what is dumb... apple wh... moreI beg to disagree. Iphones are common here in the Philippines considering our country is classed as 'third-world'. Actually, that's one of the reasons I don't like to have an Iphone, it's too common. That's why I have an HTC Sensation XE.=)

  • Anonymous

i think ios is easy 2 use n quite easy 2 be used 2, 4 new smartfone users. Android is quite messed up, one has 2 go through d os 4 an hour or so 2 understand it.

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2012You mean just like the way people compares Apples profits as a w... moreNo. what I meant was phones. cause I know Apple dont make tv and washing machine etc.

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2012Very misguided statement. In actual fact, the very popular retin... moreI thought it's LG..

  • Elfuegohumano

TheAndroider, 08 Feb 2012It wouldn't make any sense if Apple where the first choice for s... moreI don't have any reasons to disagree.=) Iphones are too restrictive for me, just like Windows phones. One of my main 'attractions' to a smartphone is the bluetooh sharing or NFC. I love music and whenever I hear a nice song from a friend, I always ask them if they could send it to me via bluetooh. As easy as ABC as there is no need for a PC or laptop to be connected to my smartphone to have the songs I like if I am on the go. And it's free.=)

  • ravi

we can get 4 android phones for the price of 1 iphone,

  • Terry

My father-in-law received iPhone 4 from company but he gave it up just because he couldn't figure out how to drag and drop files from PC to phone without using iTune and jailbreak.

  • peter

Good news. Looks lime not everyone is drinking kool-aid

all hail android....!!!!!

iphone will be destroyed soon enough

  • Autonomous

Way to go Android...
Other parts of the world, I don't think the story'll be in iOS's favour... "The Team Others" might have more influence... Symbian may be distinguishable...

  • TheAndroider

It wouldn't make any sense if Apple where the first choice for smartphone buyers and if they were the "top dog" as they have less devices available and less range. With Apple you either get an expensive mid range phone (3GS) or a really expensive low high end range phone (4) or a stupidly expensive high end phone (4s). There are your choices where as android has phones from low end cheap (Galaxy Y/Optimus Net/Xperia Mini) to mid range which are still half the price of an iphone (Desire/Galaxy W/Xperia Ray or Neo V) and the high end phones (Galaxy S 2/Galaxy Nexus/Sensation XE or XL/Razr/Arc S).
Also most if not all of the high end android phones are also cheaper than an iPhone. They provide more room for cusomisation and more range on phones for a customer to be comfortable with. So common sense says Android is going to be "top dog" and probably will be for a while until Apple offer more of a range of phones available. Until then I see only Android being on the top until that happens, either that or everyone some reason starts buying Apple phones because they do seem to be a bit smoother and less force closers on the iOS than Android. Other than that I don't see anything that Apple have over on Google. Competition is good though :)

  • Anonymous

Goos, 08 Feb 2012Worldwide shipments of Android phones is over twice that of the ... moreHopefully this will force Apple to be more competitive in the future.

  • Goos

Worldwide shipments of Android phones is over twice that of the iPhone.
Android is an open and customizable os, you have the freedom to install any application and download any song or movie you like, you can customize and change the os to make the phone or tablet exactly as you want.
At Apple, the only freedom you have is to have no freedom at all, you have to stick with hoard of brainwashed fans and use only what applications, songs or movies Apples is allowing you to buy.
At Apple you don't have a removable battery (with iphone 4s you are lucky to get a full day o moderate use), you don't have a microsd card, you don't have a hdmi port or a usb interface.
Google is the master when it comes to a operating system with features superior to the apple so, the difference between the 2 companies is the android software is on every new and upcoming phone and the prices range from £49.99 to £499.99 while the iphone retails on monthly contracts or spend a big chunk of your hard earned cash on a apple iphone 4s for £500 plus googles android can only get bigger and better… people that have owned a iphone are switching to a android smartphone for a fraction of the cost.

kill-for-exclusivity, 08 Feb 2012But Apple is trying to subdue the competition, not by innovation... moreI agree and that is why I despise Apple. If they cannot win with better products they just run to nearest courtroom in an effort to bully the competition in to submission.

I'm sorry but I don't see how Apple making one phone means they are doing better than one is making who several. The numbers of customers in existance doesn't change becuase of the number of devices a company sells?? It is more indicative of the fact that "YOU WILL HAVE WHAT WE SAY"!

  • Max

I see a lot of comments over here they say android is cheap(er) to buy. I mean whats wrong with you people. When you dont get expensive product, you crib that its expensive and when you get product at cost effective price(not cheaper rate) you say its cheaper to buy....????? Is it androids fault that they build too many phones or OEM's problem???? Who has asked apple to sell just one same kind of product over and over again? Android??? Its like you buy 1 branded shirt again and again ?(with same design) and its like you buy another branded shirt with different designs???? Whats best??

  • carphone warehouse

Cowz, 08 Feb 2012These numbers are from the US but it does not say that in the ti... moreits lists that they are from US numerous times in the publication?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2012Personally i prefer the ecosystem of IOS, it is more streamlined... moreAgreed 100%. I used to own 3GS about a year ago coming from Nokia N97(Symbian) and I felt that I'm being restricted to do so much even after jailbroken. And now, Samsung Galaxy S II(Android) and I feel free again like my Nokia days and can do even more than Nokia was able to do, most importantly... Doing it smoothly. despite all the criticism against Android for viruses and stuff.. I hardly download loads of apps, just some important apps I need, so maleware and stuff do not worry me. And not rooted

  • BlueHeart the illest

I'm surprised that it still has people that have never owned a smartphone lol. that being said. I hate Apple and I love the dying symbian, and i think androids are for people that just like pretty colours. BUT I think the iPhone is the best choice for a newcomer.its simple and to the point and they wont be missing anything since they dont no any better.once they feel that 4 a while they can move on to more complicated an feature packed devices. ofr now use the iPhone it will be like riding with a helmet, chin pads, knees pads, elbow pads, a genital cup, a mouth guard and training wheels lol.but another thing GSMArena didnt consider is price, so many androids are dirt cheap now.

These numbers are from the US but it does not say that in the title. Why the deception.

  • Anonymous

Personally i prefer the ecosystem of IOS, it is more streamlined and organised, on top of that it makes me feel more secured. On the other hand, it is too restrictive, and it makes me feel like I don't own the phone, instead it feels like it's trying to cultivate me into how the phone should be used. which isn't intuitive at all, and this really frustrates me.