First-time smartphone buyers chose Android over iOS in Q4

07 February, 2012
In the last quarter of 2011, 57% of first-time smartphone buyers were choosing Android over iOS in the US.

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  • ome frm dhaka

let me discuss about os system is totally rubbish because it take many dollar and also handling prob.but apple os i want to say better.than android is totally dustbin.coz it is free,so every mobile like low catagory china mobile also use it and also short of quality games.i think symbian is best.coz it is easy,beautiful,lot of games etc.symbian belle os is the best of os is backdated.

  • s2user

Android is customizable compared to iOS which has too many limitations. Besides, iOS is not as good as it is advertised and its interface is too boring. Screen size on an iPhone is mediocre compared to most high-end Android handsets. And unlike iOS, new key features are included in every Android OS unlike in iOS which relies too much on an old and boring interface as well as features. Nothing special in other words for such an expensive handset.

  • Ren

Asad, 08 Feb 2012You are not an android user I am sure. Total number of Android u... moreCoundnt agree with u more!

  • Anonymous

Asad, 08 Feb 2012You are not an android user I am sure. Total number of Android u... moreApollo is too late though, they need something now.

  • idei

newcomers choose android just bcos the phone is CHEAPER cmpare to the iphone..just like that..

  • Asad

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2012They will switch to iOS or WP7 after a while. Only new users pre... moreYou are not an android user I am sure. Total number of Android users is increasing. iOS is not a bad OS but most of the users who like freedom choose Android. iOS has many limitations so does WP but with the release of Apollo, things will be far much better for WP.

  • esko

Android Is The Best :)

  • Miquel

I think that both OS are good in their own way. I would prefer Android because its an open source platform. And i think that's the reason more people ( new smartphone buyers) are choosing Android. And another thing is that with the latest Android version ISC it's much easier to handle and preforms quite good.

  • lorsban

For newcomers, I'd recommend iOS over Android. iOS only lets you do a few things but it does those few things WELL.

  • chris

android has a cheaper variety of phones....

  • Anonymous

Both OS are very stable and easy to use, thus it is these qualities which attract many first-time users to purchase a handset utilising these operating systems. Nonetheless, both OS are unique in their own aspects and unquestionably redefine the mobile experience. Moreover, it is a matter of personal choice.

  • hssn

ios is boaring. android rules

  • beasty

First time smartphone buyers are looking at the phones in store and online and are completely overwhelmed with what the phones capabilities are. Android is a more simple platform to use. As soon as you mention the use of itunes, the customers then have to understand the use of computers too. Alot of them dont. They are either young and dont have their own computer, or older and just dont understand technology all that much. I work in a phone shop, and selling android over iOS is so easy due to its simplicity.

  • Anonymous

They will switch to iOS or WP7 after a while. Only new users prefer Android, but current users are switching away from Android.

  • txb