Apple iPhone can now record video

13 Dec, 2007
Ever since the Apple iPhone was released it has been (rightfully) criticized for the lack of video recording capabilities. Or so it was until today as a third-party solution seems to be just around the corner...

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  • shenique

Im not impress at all with the I phone. Really don't see what the big hoopla was about. I'm a very unhappy customer.

  • Anonymous


  • catherine

Hello to all iphone works for me it makes my life more is not a crapper.............hhhhhhmmmppffff!!!!!!!!!

  • arif

not impressed with my iphone 3g at all what a load of rubbish only good to use as an ipod with poor battery life what is apple doing iv had a faulty set replaced the headset is broke and so is the charger poor quality chinese crap......

  • Anonymous

Who needs an iPhone? Its missing features, you can have with every cheap 30$ Phone.
No Video? No Bluetooth Datas? No Multi Media Message?
Say NO to the iCrap erm...i mean iPhone

i pay

  • Vega

It became an open source almost!

  • .

thats the problem....."YET". we want this features NOW!

  • Anonymous

Wow 10 fps! This is something! hahahaha...

  • se23

iPhone CAN send mms, I do it on t-mobile uk with unlocked iphone

  • Dface

u r wrong

now some guy working on MMS app and for now it can send mms, but dont receive yet
native MMS application for the iPhone! Note, this is a v0.1 release that is not feature complete! Specifically, it is NOT possible to receive MMSs yet.

you can download the files now from

  • Ali

I phone cannot send/receive mms n this is the greatest flaw...even bigger than video recording camera...i simply dont understand y this issue is never arised at aany forum...i myself had been a great enthEusiest of iphone...but did not buy just cuz of this flaw!!i went for N95. Some body shud tel Apple guys that now a days networks support mms n this is a very fun creating n useful feature.

  • Anonymous

The amount of times that people mention the N95 in the iphone comments is getting ridiculous now, if you want to talk about it then go to the effin N95 comments.

I know there are fan boys of both handsets but everybody else who uses this site is getting bored of your pathetic little arguments.

Grow up.

  • z

NICE over size mp3 player and act as a phone!!! thank god i dont need to buy one.

  • Anonymous

why in hell would nokia give a damn about this sad excuse of a phone.. compared to n95 8gb this is trash
only for people who like flashy things.. and surfing.. that's about it.
its supposed to be an mp3 player but has ridiculously bad music controls.
i own an ipod touch so i know.

  • Kent

This is nothing. Iphone hype is no more there. Checkout the new N95 8GB, it is the best. I bought one last month; man I'm lovin it.. awesome. Hats off Nokia you have done a great job with this device.

  • Anonymous

can it record at 120FPS?
guess not

  • Anonymous

Well yeah, if its a third party application it wight as well be used with other phones. SE and Nokia might as well benefit from it (SE has poor video resolution). Could it also achieve 120 fps? LG might have a competition now.

Considering that is has a resolution of 2 mp does that mean that its HD ready? oh, curiosity strikes...

  • Sweckero

Awesome. this is another reason for SE and Nokia to shiver

  • Anonymous

This phone is over rated. The Nokia N958gb is far better.

  • Anonymous

if this application can do this on an iphone, imagine what this app could do on an n95! 5 megapixel video... they need to import it to symbian!.
In fact, why not all digital cameras? that wud be sick. cause all this is is a new technique, so it is not exclusive to the iphone.