Apple required to give $15 or Bumper case to iPhone 4 buyers

18 February, 2012
This is the result of the class-action lawsuit against Apple, which it evidently lost.

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  • Anonymous

Woah, Apple actually lost a court case? They have been winning too many to date.

The problem is effecting buyers all over the world. And this should be applicable throughout the world.

  • Anonymous

T.., 19 Feb 2012I guess the iPhone 4 isn't that slim and compact afterall, since... moreI've used my iPhone 4 without a bumper case since launch day. Never had a problem.

Yes some have faced issues, but many many more do not, hence the record sales of iPhone 4, and even more huge launch of iPhone 4S.

Things are looking bright for a monster launch for iPhone 5. They will show you how to do an LTE phone with good battery life.

nasha, 18 Feb 2012I guess Apple is safe so long as people who love the company and... morewell devotees are oblivious to the shortcomings of their device and will defend them without any logic. The first iphone was a good step forward in technology but now apple has lost the race more or less. Maybe apple wants to portray their brand as a "premium band", overpriced phones with no obvious advantage in terms of software and/or useability. Apple survives only bcoz of apple fanboys, if they were to open their eyes then that would mark the beginning of the end for apple.

  • Anonymous

Seems like not every owner in the U.S. will get the bumper or the 15 bucks. It's for those who purchased the phone in 2010 and the ones that didn't request the bumper during that period of time, and if you have more than 2 iphones under ur account, you only get one, seriously? Apple? U lost the case, how can u still put restrictions on the things you are getting penalized? Are u serious? Every legit imei should be allow to the program. If you admit you are wrong then just pay up and shut up.

I guess the iPhone 4 isn't that slim and compact afterall, since it needs a bumper case to properly serve its function, and it's definitely not as beautiful as I thought, no, not with that ugly case.

  • Cheg

apple 'o' holic , 18 Feb 2012what about the uk. iphone owners. oh what a shock the uk shafted... moreGet stung by apple, complain about it (numerous times), yet you keep coming back for more.

Well done.

  • sgs2

3Zukr, 18 Feb 2012Yes you are right mate.. Apple is earning almost $60-$70 for se... moreYep, iphone is overpriced. Times have changed. Apple no longer has the best 'technology.' Sooner or later, people won't have the same hunger for that Apple logo. It gets old.

  • Stich

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2012BooorriingggYup you rightmate..kind of boring....hahahah..luckily i dont have iphone and never have that problem with my other phone using galaxy s2..perfect for me...dont have such problem

  • ome frm dhaka

now it is come to light apple is not only envious of other smartphone companies but also has a intial problem.a company can make good products but big matter is he must pay attention to buyers.please buy samsung galaxy note or s2 and feel hapiest person in the world like me.


How about us iphone 4 owners from the Philippines??

  • Anonymous

You numpties, this was a US lawsuit by and on the behalf of US consumers. Thus settlement and award pertain only to them.

As for 'antennagate,' yes i4 does attenuate significantly. Many phones attenuate significantly. Apple's original response was poor, but as far as I'm concerned, adequately addressed it with their original free case program. This issue got widespread media coverage and anyone buying the phone after Sept. deadline doing the slightest product research (consumer's obligation - caveat emptor) should have been aware - thus I disagree with the verdict.

  • Malay

What about other regions in the world>?
Is apple only doing business in US?
They should consider every part/region in the world where they officially selling?
what about Australia/New Zealand?
This is not fair on others...

  • Anonymous

This must done for all over the world!

  • dreebe

It is realy great, but what about other countries? :D

Yeah, 4S doesn't have antennagate, but because of the lame design, it has poor standby time. Better ip4 with a case than this "upgraded" crap

  • Alex

What about Europe?

  • The truth is out!

Sooo this means ALOT of people must be lying when they're saying that there is no problem with the antenna... I know they wanna protect their beloved Apple but now its official there IS a problem with the antenna and the Apple Deathgrip is no longer a "myth".

  • apple 'o' holic

what about the uk. iphone owners. oh what a shock the uk shafted again. things like this is typical.

anyway hopefully iphone 5 wont have any problems.

  • Mate

3Zukr, 18 Feb 2012Yes you are right mate.. Apple is earning almost $60-$70 for se... moreFor every 1 iphone sold, Samsung sells 10 of theirs, so yeah, Samsung is doing very well.