Apple required to give $15 or Bumper case to iPhone 4 buyers

18 February, 2012
This is the result of the class-action lawsuit against Apple, which it evidently lost.

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  • mack

Cowz, 18 Feb 2012Are Apple going to sue HTC for attempting to use their deathgrip... moreoh yes they might saying that HTC is promoting or coping their idea of selling bumper case...

  • 3Zukr

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2012Anyway, iphones are soooooooo expensive that bunpers won't cost ... moreYes you are right mate..
Apple is earning almost $60-$70 for selling one iphone as compared to Samsung earning just $7-$10 per Galaxy phone sold. So just $15 is not gonna affect Apple.

Doubt UK customers will see anything. Like everything produced within the US, if you have a problem you are referred to their jurisdiction. So hire an Attorney to get your 15 bucks!

  • 2shay (geddit?)

What about people in the uk? Do we still get a case or not?

  • Anonymous

Anyway, iphones are soooooooo expensive that bunpers won't cost apple a thing.

  • Stringz

TBH i still say it was the first i-phone that was the best!
It made all other phone makers sit up and take note. Think of the other 'top' phones of the time...

Nokia N95
Sony Ericsson K800i

Since then, all apple have done is make tweaks, no real change, no real development. Mainly due to being too busy with various law suits (BTW look at what is happening to them in China, that is just a little bit funny!).

  • nasha

I guess Apple is safe so long as people who love the company and its clients are out to defend it. I do not have a favorite since i have used many brands. Currently i am on an HTC Raider and in a recent event in some underground location, where 12 phones were present, 3 being Iphone 4, 2 being Iphone 4S, 2 being Iphone 3GS, other phones present were 2 Blackberries, 1 Nokia N95, 2 Samsung Galaxies and my HTC Raider. The funny thing was that all the Iphones had band bars that fluctuated from nothing to 4 bars. When the people tried calling(from the specific underground location of course), they could not get through. They all defended their phones saying it was a network problem or location. Of the other phones present, all except the Nokia N95 which experienced the same problem but to a lesser extent, all worked fine with no hitches. In short, i guess the Samsung advert goes true, if you got followers, they are blind to the competiton and will defend their brand love till the end. I sincerely don't care.If a company brings out a good phone, i will buy it no matter what the name is. Apple phones were innovative in their time but today they are on par or in some cases inferior to the competition and the loyal Apple devotees don't want to acknowledge it yet admit the fact. That is fine but don't go defend it when it glitches or malfunctions.

  • Stringz

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2012As you said yourself, launch day, when antenna gate hype was str... moreAs you said last, not many are returned for this issue anymore, as both media hype died down almost as quickly as it flared up, but also many people have learnt to live with it. This is in no small part to the fact that although being a smll-ish island, our total coverage is below that which is stated, and there are areas of the country (some big some small) that whichever network or phone you use, you just wont get a signal.
As i have said on here many times, is that life is all about choice, and there is a lot of it out there when it comes to mobiles.

  • Anonymous


  • Denzo

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2012No one said it doesnt exist. It is however more complicated than... moreHolding it a peculiar way? Dude I like Apple but your talking non-sense, a peculiar way - indeed!! I think it is also called "using" the phone. All you had to do was hold it with a normal grip, how can you compare to jumping on one leg and swinging ham around a XMAS tree? You cant cause that is stupid.

  • Bumper

Bumper, 18 Feb 2012haha, so funny. Bumper! The original price for it is about 50 ce... moreOriginal price = money for resources that was used to create bumper. xD

  • Bumper

haha, so funny. Bumper! The original price for it is about 50 cents? less? Yeah! Thanks Apple for this, it will repair all problems. Thanks god that i dont bought iPhone 4. Too much problems.

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2012The hype was fever pitch in the beginning, but later it was foun... moreIt does not happened in my Nokia S40 symbian phone:)SUPER SMARTPHONE?They(Apple Co.)should acquire the services of the Nokia engineers!LOL

  • Anonymous

Stringz, 18 Feb 2012While some did see this as a problem, some did not. Of the 7 w... moreAs you said yourself, launch day, when antenna gate hype was strong. Since then, how many iPhone 4 sold, and how many returned? Probably much much less than the amazing 57% figure you're quoting now. Funny how iPhone 4 also topped the satisfaction charts all year long.

As Sherlock would say, “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” And the truth is, Antennagate was a tiny problem, which affected a tiny portion of users, but massively overblown by the media.

  • phoneaddict

I hope the iphone v is a 5 incher and with an ordinary sim not micro sim. If it is a 5incher it will be my next phone. I own a galaxy note which is just nice.

  • Stringz

While some did see this as a problem, some did not.
Of the 7 we sold on launch day, 4 came back the day after with the problem.
And although people in the uk were offered a free bumper, it tooks months to turn up (as was shipped from US).
Also we found that it didn't matter how you held the phone, but more so where... ie i was able to replicate the signal drop with just my little finger bridging the gap of the black band on the left side of the phone.
As for apple's claims of "other phones do it" we tried that as well, but to get the same 'fault' we had to grip other phones with two hands, meaning that it was impracticle to make a call anyway.
This is not to say that all of the phones had issues, this is just my account of events.

  • hi

the problem is still on the iphone 4s...

my iphone 4 had never had a signal problem but the 4s does singnal bar goes 4 then no service then 4 again but you can text or call people still... have to do a hard bootup to fix this

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Cowz, 18 Feb 2012Are Apple going to sue HTC for attempting to use their deathgrip... morelooooool hell ye apple own the idea, it is their gratest invention ever

  • User

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2012No one said it doesnt exist. It is however more complicated than... moreApple owners never accept a problem with their devices. I have been in a situation, where we were lots of people, sitting on a single table in a restaurant. There were at least 4 iphones & all of them showed more or less no network signal. Both 3gs and 4. No other handy had any issue-full 5 bar 3G coverage.
However, none of the apple users agreed their iphones have a reception problem, even though they were showing no network signal most of the time. First they tried with the 'network is bad', then 'it seems your mobiles are working here' the end they all looked at the iphones and said smth like 'we never experience issues, unless the network is bad'

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