Apple required to give $15 or Bumper case to iPhone 4 buyers

18 February, 2012
This is the result of the class-action lawsuit against Apple, which it evidently lost.

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Are Apple going to sue HTC for attempting to use their deathgrip technology in the HTC Sensation?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]No one said it doesnt exist. It is however more complicated than that. Dropped calls in some cases were to do with network, as AT&T has spotty coverage in US.

So, a small percentage of owners had spotty signal due to network strength issues.

Second, the grip of death required a very peculiar way of holding the phone, which the majority simply do not do. To exaggerate, imagine if an Android phone would drop a call of you scratched your butt with your right arm while hopping on your left foot AND this was proven by videos and all over the news. The fact is you would only get mad if you actually used it that way, and you dropped calls lol.

The fact is, while yes, it existed, only a very small percentage of iPhone owners were actually really ever affected. That's why as fast as the issue became a sensation, it also became very quiet just as quickly.

  • A Joke....

A joke that this took so long to clear up for the sake of a few bucks of Apples massive mark-up per handset!!!!

"The handset fell short of it's functional operational intended use, end of story."

I returned mine in the UK using law associated with the 'Sale of Goods Act' and got a full refund. There is indeed justice in some parts of the world when it comes to customer care!

I used that returned money to buy a Galaxy S and have now upgraded to an SII. You lost a customer Apple, and I bet I'm one of millions!

No looking back HA! HA! HA! HA!

  • angel

well, I don't know about USA, but in the UK we already got Bumpers (or another case of your choice) a year ago, directly from Apple and for free :)
never had any problems with my iPhone 4 reception so just sold the bumper right away and made an extra £20 :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2012it wasnt overblow by the media they patch it, iphone 4 still ... moreAgreed. But losing signal is not the same as dropping calls, which as mentioned was found to be a small percentage instead of the massive panic by ye sensationalist media. And as was found out later interestingly enough, the iPhone 4 was capable of achieving signal where other phones failed. Also, the losing of signal is a phenomenon that was easily replicated on many other phones using the "Retard moron grip of death" which we are all guilty of supposedly lol.

Apple didn't lose, they settled - and for a cost that's basically the same as they were offering customers when the 4 originally went on sale.
So, once all the caveats and conditions are applied about claiming compensation, I doubt this will cost them much at all.

Apple need to forget this mess and work hard on iPhone V ...!!!

  • Why

Why only US? That sucks.

  • Anonymous

it wasnt overblow by the media they patch it,

iphone 4 still loses signal when u touch lower left border

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2012The hype was fever pitch in the beginning, but later it was foun... moremy nokia is much better for calls in terms of audio quality n stability than iphones on the same network in the same weak location and overall in general, so its not the network.

  • Pms121

When will uk users get the same

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2012its not a normal phenomenon whens calls r dropped n audio cuts out...The hype was fever pitch in the beginning, but later it was found that the dropped calls phenomenon (while indeed existed), was severely overblown by the media, as the carrier network strength also had something to do with it.

Imagine if the media reports were true, millions upon millions of iPhones without the ability to hold on to calls would be in the market. Yet the logical millions of returns and cry for bloody murder simply did not show up. Just a bunch of people shouting in the forums while the vast majority enjoyed their phones.

Apple themselves already offered refunds and bumper cases voluntarily. This simply extends that offer for the few that may have problems.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2012Apple keeps winning. This is probably as good a result as they c... moreits not a normal phenomenon whens calls r dropped n audio cuts out...

  • Anonymous

Apple keeps winning. This is probably as good a result as they could hope for, since it has been proven Antennagate was more hype than anything else, caused by disgruntled rivals, silences when shown that it was simply a normal phenomenon which most antennas have.

  • lol

How about in UK??

  • Anonymous

Old news. Apple will be happy with this, since it was just started by troublemakers. Hope they enjoy their free bumper case lol. Meanwhile, iPhone has improved even more by leaps and bounds with their new dual antenna. iPhone 5 around the corner will simply push them ahead.

  • Anonymous

haha iphone users got duped, no point hvn a nice design with a cover on it.

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