Nokia Lumia 900 tops Amazon charts, Titan II nowhere in sight

09 April, 2012
Nokia is making quite a stir with the Lumia 900 for AT&T which sells like hotcakes on Amazon.

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  • krish

That's good news for Nokia. But still wishing that they had concentrated on Meego than windows. I've used both the phones and realised that the MeeGo running N9 is far better than the Lumia.

Also as a long time E7 user, the windows lacks the functionality of the symbian OS. Long way to go for the windows OS. Hope they do it and come upto speed with the other OS'es so that I can stick onto Nokia when its time to replace my E7/N9

  • Anonymous

zerengeti81, 10 Apr 2012WP7.5 is making great impressions even with the MS restrictions.... moreLOL Nokia pushes WP7 because Microsoft threw 200 Million dollars at them to do so. AT&T also spent $150 Million dollars on advertisement for the Lumia 900 as AT&T needs an exclusive phone ever since they lost the Iphone. The other phone manufacturers don't push WP7 because that measely 2% market share isn't worth their time and efforts when their Android devices are making a killing. Did you even read that Samsung expects a 5.1 Billion dollar profit margin? Where is Nokia's profit margin? ahhaa.

  • steve

N3KO, 09 Apr 2012it seems Microsoft is on a spending spree again...i wonder how m... moreApple used to have a commercial every hour on tv. Now it has cut back a little. Apple fanboys are so blind. I love it.

  • Anonymous

Well done Nokia!

  • Anonymous

gilbs72, 10 Apr 2012IMHO The best phone for most users isn't the one with the fastes... moreagree with u bro!

  • Anonymous

Meee, 10 Apr 2012I have used Android for the last 2 years (SE X10, Arc, Galaxy Ne... morewelcome to nokia, spread the word, when will ppl wake up n realise specs isnt everything...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2012It is actually selling, pretty well due mainly to the fact that ... moreur comment is a waste of space on hre...

  • Anonymous

Whatchasay, 10 Apr 2012Undoubtedly the best looking phone on the market today. The smo... morewhat do u expect frm nokia, euro design is sophisticated unlike cheap looking, simple samsung design.

  • Anonymous

parthi0712, 10 Apr 2012waiting for global galaxy nexus battery does'nt even... moreHaHaHA all those dual cores is useless if its dead...

WP7.5 is making great impressions even with the MS restrictions.

wait till W8 comes out with WP8 and W8 tablets. It will be awesome.

Nokia outselling other WP phone brands. No surprise there. They won't even try to push WP coz Nokia is already a majority player on WP platform much like Samsung owns the droid market.

waiting for global galaxy nexus battery does'nt even lasts half day..n it lags everytime wen i see movies..

  • Whatchasay

Undoubtedly the best looking phone on the market today. The smooth as silk WP7 makes this an unbeatable package. Enjoy your laggy, nondescript phones GSII users.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2012the phone is actually a flop. its not selling. its probably mic... moreIt is actually selling, pretty well due mainly to the fact that Nokia and AT&T are giving away the Lumia 900 for free with 2 year contract. Why wouldn't anyone want a "high end" "smartphone" for free? Notice how I quoted high end and smartphone as I see this as neither of those. It may be a high end WP7 device but compared to other devices it's 2 year old. WP7 isn't a smartphone either as it can't even do Nokia Drive in the background.

  • Anonymous

the phone is actually a flop. its not selling.
its probably microsoft trying to create image, cuz its failing

  • Anonymous

Windows Phone is dominated Amazon's Top Rated phones even though there are only few out there. PCMag also rated Windows Phone with higher satisfaction rating than Android.

I have used Android for the last 2 years (SE X10, Arc, Galaxy Nexus). I now have a Lumia 800 and I have to say that I am impressed with it and I really like it a lot. The WP7 UI is nice looking and functional. You don't need 1,000,000 cores to make it fast. Even on 1.4Ghz single core I have not experienced ANY lag at all! Even my Galaxy Nexus with dual core lags. Of course WP7 is not for everyone and it is very limited compared to Android. Despite it's shortcomings I still love my Lumia 800 =)

  • Anonymous

Windows Phone is the mobile OS of the future and will ride the waves along Windows 8 with their Metro interface. Android is built to lag and is too much of a resource hog and fragmentation to last that long in the future.

  • Anonymous

With iPhone, one company charges for hardware and software. Not bad, though IMHO a bit pricey because of huge marketing cost on top or the phone.
With android devices, one company charges for HW and software is free. Not bad either.
Can two separate companies offer a device with competitive price as these two models? Hope so.

IMHO The best phone for most users isn't the one with the fastest clock, most cores, largest screens, etc. It's the one which can offer the most practical, reliable use for most people for the least $$$. We just get carried away by marketing hype to think we need more and more stuff to spend money on. We end up regularly using 10% or less of features we paid for. If Nokia+Microsoft can offer this, then I will switch.

It's really stupid that people here are fighting like somebody said "5 years old saying my dk is better than yours(ok I made the last part up)". Seriously common guys...are you insane or what?
I own a phone which I call "The Adam's Phone" - HTC TOUCH DIAMOND (yes i wrote it correctly) - It STILL runs on WM 6.1 with SPB Mobile Shell as the GUI...the reason that I don't have an iPhone/droid/WP7 is that not a single phone at present is not perfect...when I bought HTC TD, it was the most expensive phone in the market & I felt like cheated...with so much of money invested you don't get what you want. That's true for all the top end phones till date - iPhone/iOS/WP7 : very limited UI, same icon/tiles after day..but amazintg smoothness in graphics & great phone build quality. Android/SGS2/HTC..etc - non of them are perfect...Andriod: graphic smoothness not as good as iOS...but amazing customization, file transfers, usb, gmail sync etc...SGS2: lesser resolution, plastic body but nice screen. HTC: No superAMOLED but nice build quality. And all of them come together & suck big time when comes to battery life...add 10/20/50 cores, trillion apps, amazing UI ....but they don't eve last a day? Moto Razr Maxx is close to be the perfect phone..but again not everyone likes that cut-corner it's not easily available in all parts of the globe & GSM version is to be launched....moral of the story....what are you fighting for? I guess most of the trolling is deliberate...just for fun...and if it's for real..God save humanity!