Sony Ericsson Kxxx with GPS in the wild

21 Jan, 2008
Obviously Sony Ericsson are in for a major announcement with a spanking new K-series Cyber-shot handset that is obviously loaded with goodies...

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  • xxx

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  • ali zakery

buy mobile sony ericsson kxxx

  • Anonymous

i am when its out not put....

  • Anonymous

let's see when the phone is put, so hold your comments now.

  • Low Battery

One thing for sure is that the GPS will suck the battery juice out of the phone like a leech...

  • Anonymous


what? is gps nokia's propety now?whats the logis behind not lettin se use a gps? why did nokia start their music phones then?guess that makes them a COPY CAT.

  • adam79

whatīs the use of gps reciever in a non smartphone? u canīt use the major gps sofware like tomtom or route 66, u can only use a premitive gps software based on java ,,,

  • LEE

NOKIA use GPS se also follow use,bullshyt

  • Seanderson

Very nice phone except the color combination...

  • Harry

Its gross interms of design n color! .I rather have the old K790/K800 its way brainy type of design , then this without brain-cells of designing it!. If theres a Xenon flash then its good otherwise wasting time looking at it , I rather go for Samsung-i550

  • Huo

within GPS, the phone will be more interest and less annoy....

  • Anonymous

I'm First to post !!!!

  • Dani

its K830i



  • Anton

Ok. the design is old-fashioned. The telephone is thick, but I don't think it is ugly. It is a little bit various from all Nokia's models.

  • Dani

i agree with ijpf and Dick

what has happend to SE ???

il still got a W850i and cant find a decent upgrade for it...............

  • Leonardo


  • themanfromo2

this handset will flop just like the are no longer the main rival to nokia infact no one is close 2 what nokia are doing!

  • Anonymous

Why should i sell my k850 and buy this thing? K580 is much better than this thing. No 5mp camera, no xenon flash. I'll stick on to my k850.

  • Anonymous

bah.this fone will be forgotten.

  • flavor

seems that this would be a K6xx or T6xx. Not fond with the colour though...