The impressive Samsung Galaxy S III benchmarks are here

03 May, 2012
The new Exynos 4 Quad chipset inside the Galaxy S III made easy work of the competition in our benchmarks.

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  • Anonymous

Guest555, 04 May 2012Nice scores for benchmark. But barely a difference in real life... morewhat are you, nut's?

  • noob

Anonymous, 04 May 2012Whats the battery life?the samsung has a 2100 mAH

  • Anonymous

it will be great to see similar hardware running WP8.

  • ,,i,,

htc sense, 04 May 2012ONCE AGAIN.... Samsung also copy htc feature like phone finder f... morePhone finder from the internet? Ever heard of

  • Anonymous

Whats the battery life?

  • Smoga

I know that I'm supposed to be blown away by the S3 scores on those benchmarks but for some strange reason I'm really impressed with the GNote that's being compared against those quad core beasts. Is that the international or AT&T version?

  • Whatchasay

I love to argue, 04 May 2012Thats because One S has a lower resolution of 800x480 compared t... moreOh OK. That makes sense. Does that mean that the OneS is faster and smoother at doing daily activites (texting, browsing, videos)?

  • joy

Its benchmark is totally insane.It got some super updated too ie. 0 shutter lag.Really great update.

why is asus padfone not included in this benchmark tests..i mean it runs a krait right..isn't it supposed to be 28nm process.i wanter to see how it stands against s3

  • Anonymous

So why the outcomes soo diffrent from

Pixelat0r, 03 May 2012I was expecting so much more than this. HTC may have lost their ... moreTell me again, who's imitation is the new Smart stay eye tracking technology ?

Whatchasay, 04 May 2012Even on those benchmarks the OneS almost always beats the OneX. ... moreThats because One S has a lower resolution of 800x480 compared to the HD resolution of One X. Therefore it has considerably less pixels to render and thus does it faster. If One X had the same resolution as that of One S, then it would have easily beaten it.

Mark, 03 May 2012Where's that ceramic body, RGB screen? Nothing special. I think ... morewhat is the sudden desire for a ceramic body? Is this HTC's fault with the One x, because a plastic body is fine, it makes the phone more robust and less prone to succumb to breakages.

  • love samsung

Atepey you would go for an iPhone 4s instead the galaxy s 3 if you needed to pick one? are you crazy the iPhone 4s cant even put up a fight to this phone.

  • Whatchasay

phone arena, 04 May 2012one s is superior on paper its have a new soc LOLSo the OneS is better than the OneX then? Why does everyone hype the OneX more than the OneS then?

Nice scores for benchmark.
But barely a difference in real life performance and usage with other 2012 dual core phones.
Future proofing again like they did with the S2.

yaya, 04 May 2012No GLbench? What sup with still using ol mali400, on GLbench teg... morethe new overclock mali defeats tegra III in benchmarks.

Whatchasay, 04 May 2012Has anyone else noticed that the Dual-core OneS consistently bea... moreone s is superior on paper its have a new soc LOL

  • gangbang

Now I have notice that this benchmark is based only on the 4cores and gsmarena didn't even mention about battery life well maybe it sucks bec its still primitive about the flinstone era.mah battery still before christ so its a total failure may be it would last only for 1hr if luckily.the. Cam is still 8MP. I'm disappointed it didn't match my N8 which is 12mp more than this.