The impressive Samsung Galaxy S III benchmarks are here

03 May, 2012
The new Exynos 4 Quad chipset inside the Galaxy S III made easy work of the competition in our benchmarks.

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  • fernad96

Why not compare him to huawei ascend d cuad???

  • 123

Mark, 03 May 2012Where's that ceramic body, RGB screen? Nothing special. I think ... moreyup i agree with u. 1.8ghz,2gb of ram, 12megapixel camere n 2 megapixel front camera & a nicer design would justify its sheep video....

  • TruthSeekr

Impressive indeed.

However, these stats only matter to like, 1% of the customers who are total geeks who swear by numbers.

For the remaining 99% of the general public, the only things that will matter are:

1 "Does it look good?"
2 "Can I afford it?"

If you notice the one s gets half the score of the gs3 because the gs3 has double the cores I would like to see a quad core s4 against the quad exynos I bet the s4 chip would win

  • Anonymous

nothating, 03 May 2012I have owned both a galaxy s2 and the htc amaze 4g and i have le... moreU don't have s2 and u never used it before.


Htc panache user, 03 May 2012Quad core, micro sd card slot and super amoled hd. I was about... moreyou got your point there mate, but i think one x looks better this phone looks chubby

  • kay

yaya, 04 May 2012No GLbench? What sup with still using ol mali400, on GLbench teg... moreif u read properly you would have seen they said that the gpu made the s3 beat the one x, the gpu in s3 i clocked higher than before :)

  • CozyCokeNoSe

Wow. I really think Samsung missed a perfect oppurtunity to blow other competiters out of the water.

Whilst the phone is obviously an excellent piece of technology, I (and several people I have spoken to) am dissappointed to say the least.

Firstly, I can't understand why manufacturers go to all this trouble to push the limits of software and hardware performance and then coat their creations in plastic. Whilst all reports indicate that the "feel" and quality is still high, how much would a ceramic cover (or other high quality feel material)added to the overall cost? A flagship phone should be coated in flagship materials, NOT plastic.

Secondly, Whilst camera software improvements are welcome, once again I am left scrathcing my head and wondering (/screaming) why! Could they have done more with the camera. My answer is a absofu, I mean, Yes. The added cost of high performance optics might have been a limiting factor but I don't think sticking with the "old" 8MP camera was the right move.

Thirdly, a 2100mah battery. 2100. 2-1-0-0. No matter how I say it it just does not sound right. I think this is another area where they could have made significant ground over competiers. I know it's larger than the SII - So what. One of my main problems with my current phone is the limited battery life and it will be a MAJOR factor in my next phone purchase. I amagine as phone specs continue to evolve and lets be honest exceed user needs that battery life will be a huge consideration for many. The tecnology is there, its just that most manufacturers are refusing to take notice. WE WANT MORE BATTERY LIFE.

Fourth - The screen. While the gorilla glass is a nice addition, first impressions about the screen are that in some ways its a downgrade from the sII. Not what I wanted to hear or rather see.

Maybe minor points but I just cant help but feel samsung has lost a major oppurtunity. I am but one of very many dissappointed consumers who had been eagly awaiting the sIII's arrival. Don't get me wrong, I dont see ANY phone that can stand with it at present but I wanted a KILLER god damn it!

  • yugisop

can't see the graphs. where are the graphs?

  • Whatchasay

Anonymous, 04 May 2012GLbench results posted. It's ridiculous moreEven on those benchmarks the OneS almost always beats the OneX. Anyone know why it's like that? The OneX is supposed to be HTC's premier device after all.

  • htc sense

ONCE AGAIN.... Samsung also copy htc feature like phone finder from internet and now its copy htc one x camera feature......

  • Whatchasay

Has anyone else noticed that the Dual-core OneS consistently beats the Quad-core OneX? What's superior on paper isn't always better in the real world.

  • Daniel

Mark, 03 May 2012Where's that ceramic body, RGB screen? Nothing special. I think ... moreYup, very very disappointed

Escpecially considering I've been refraining from buying a SGS2 all this time, FOR NOTHING.

Damn divas!

  • htc sense

yes it win with one x because its android AOSP and you know htc ui is different with other android smartphone htc has a lot of animation that cause decrease benchmarks for example my desire hd if i use stock htc rom the benchmarks result about 1960 but when i use stock aosp and miui rom its benchmarks result increase significant to 3430 so i thinks not impressive with galaxy s III benchmarks because its aosp....

  • Anonymous

dissappointed with camera.need something like nokia 808 camera.

  • Anonymous

You still need softwares to optimized for the Exynos chip.

  • Rommel Davelaar

I think the HTC One X is a good competitor for the Samsung Galaxy S3 but we have to take into account Samsung has taken advantage of delaying your ship so you can put better hardware, just as I'm buying a HTC and only fails to use the mark when it launches Android team

  • Anonymous

yaya, 04 May 2012No GLbench? What sup with still using ol mali400, on GLbench teg... moreGLbench results posted. It's ridiculous

  • ph00ny

yaya, 04 May 2012No GLbench? What sup with still using ol mali400, on GLbench teg... moreI'm hearing 99fps on SIII vs

  • xs

this is marketing!