The impressive Samsung Galaxy S III benchmarks are here

03 May, 2012
The new Exynos 4 Quad chipset inside the Galaxy S III made easy work of the competition in our benchmarks.

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  • Anonymous

i want a samsung cpu powering an htc made device, can i pls get that before i start banging my head to the wall with all these nonsense plasticy phones

  • mare011

51i7poH, 03 May 2012Really can't believe that Samsung released that as the design of... moreWow, and your precious iphone just added video call, what a inovation, woooow, maybe one day apple will have blootooth transfer.

  • Mark

Where's that ceramic body, RGB screen? Nothing special. I think many people will be disappointed, this is not a killer device (and especially iPhone-killer) the fans were hoping for.

  • Htc panache user

Quad core, micro sd card slot and super amoled hd.
I was about to get htc on x but after this i think am gonna get th GS3. :) Must buy for me. No micro card slot in the one x is garbage. Shame on you htc i was proud of you.

  • Quality

ph00ny, 03 May 2012Mali400MP gave the samsung the victory? More like Nvidia utilizi... moreyep the gpu only, doesn't mean that Samsung galaxy will open day to day program's better or faster than one x. looks like the cpus are on par with each other.

  • saeed

it was time for android phones and specially samsung as the leader android smartphone makerto come up with some innovations and answers to apple software goodies.this time samsung did it and it added some more goodies and after reading the features (software) i will probably upgrade to siii and i may chose a white one :-)

  • Anonymous

i want i want i want

  • awesome

Hi, 03 May 2012Soo true Quite disappointed iPhone 5 will suck as well C... moreexactly, iphone use single core for four years

  • Jose

cheese, 03 May 2012In fact Linpack single thread,Linpack multi thread, Nenamark 2(f... moreMaybe in your phone.... In my SII is a another history...

  • Pixelat0r

I was expecting so much more than this. HTC may have lost their way recently but the One series takes this round on points methinks. Looks like being on top for too long breeds complacency. Is this the final proof that Samsung can only immitate and not innovate?

  • thecellx

amazing design, amazing phone. The best ever.

  • curious

I want to see an update of the benchmarks after all Androids have been upgraded to ICS.

  • Anonymous

not worthy to buy....

  • hardbass

the white version looks good..whats wrong with you people..

  • Anonymous


  • nothating

I have owned both a galaxy s2 and the htc amaze 4g and i have learned these benchmark tests are not accurate. The s2 beat the amaze on all tests but in day to day use the amaze way better

  • Hi

Mucus, 03 May 2012UglySoo true

Quite disappointed iPhone 5 will suck as well

Compare galaxy s1 to s2 their we're huge improvements

S4 will bring huge improvements

Really can't believe that Samsung released that as the design of their flagship phone. That is one of the most AWFUL generic Sammy DESIGNs to date. And for Jebus's sake which mobile app do you Sammy fanboys think will actually utilize this monster hardware? I promise, you'll be quite surprised at how quickly your large capacity BATTERY will always DRAIN IN SECONDS and OVERHEATING issues will rule your days. SAMSUNG new motto: "whenever the fools complain, add more cores". Else, tell me what else was improved upon.

  • Anonymous

samsung pls make sure do not use that 8mpl camera to fool us, it's not good everyone knows that.

  • Mucus