The impressive Samsung Galaxy S III benchmarks are here

03 May, 2012
The new Exynos 4 Quad chipset inside the Galaxy S III made easy work of the competition in our benchmarks.

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In fact Linpack single thread,Linpack multi thread, Nenamark 2(fps), Nenamark 1 (fps), and Vellamo, all show the snapdragon beating the exynos.

  • et

Impressive results, last year s2 was the king & this year undoubtedly s3 will be the king and Sammy will remain the king in mobile phone world.............

  • wiss

blowin mind

  • mk

yeaaa but why it looks like a chinese knockout?

  • ph00ny

Mali400MP gave the samsung the victory? More like Nvidia utilizing single 32bit channel memory controller gave Samsung and Qualcomm the victory

  • Anonymous

Performance benchmarks are irrelevant - we have more than enough performance with a 1GHz single core on a phone. All that matters now is BATTERY, BATTERY, BATTERY!!!!

  • lashton

aDyingApril, 03 May 2012Why isn't Huawei Ascend D quad XL in this test?bthe Asend D and Quad XL are not in here becqause, they are not avaliable yet possibly, and the Quad XL will KILL the S3 and make the phone look bad!

  • ME

who cares about benchmarks?i dont buy a phone to play on it or to bechmark it!this phone is one of the uglyest phone i seen in the last time!S II looks better then this cheap look

Engadget's scores tel a completely different story where the it basically ties with the snapdragon in the one x.

nice:) but the comments make me laugh. a few hours ago you all were crying like a bunch of big babbies about the design and specs. now the benchmarks come out and all of a sudden you change your story.

you ppl are crazy.

  • Dave

1st- of all this is a phone not a pro-camera.

2nd- Quad core its needed on android bc the HTC one x duel-core lags like crazy.

3rd- the devices did NOT increase only the screen so its the same as the Gs2 with bigger inside screen.

4th- it have amoled and and physical battery of 2100. and for the kill it comes with a MicroSD SLOT+ inside memory ..... so yeah -.-"

HTC One fans try not to cry

  • Piotrek

Quad-core will eat even 2100 mAh battery. I would prefer A15 dual-core.

  • Blankman

This is a monster.

But real world usage will tell a clearer story. Benchmarks don't mean that much.

  • Jabba

Sorry for my ignorance but why is the Galaxy Note phone/tablet hybrid used in the first test but the Galaxy Note 10.1 used in the second two tests? What's a 10 inch tab doing competing with handsets? Shouldn't it be the hybrid competing in all 3 tests ?

  • Saeed

I've been using sii for nearly 7 months and i like it because it does everything u throw at it fast and satisfying. Before reading benchmarks i thought i will not change it for a year but now i'm thinking i may give sii a try and possibly upgrade to siii.

  • saman

what? camera is 8mp? 30fp? !!!! why? very very bad.
galaxy s3= galaxy s2
only galaxy s2 only
very very bad ...................

you dont wanna mess with SAMSUNG!

  • Mr brightside

The king of all phones by specs. Only that pentile screen strucks me..

  • TooT

Although i am disappointed by the ordinary design, i believe the first benchmarks are very positive. lets hope the price is reasonable.

  • aDyingApril

Why isn't Huawei Ascend D quad XL in this test?