Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III coverage wrap-up

03 May, 2012
The Galaxy S III finally went official and it looks like it has what it takes to pick up, where the S II left off.

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Wallah Beautiful! (*_*)

  • m86k

To sum all this up : it's a killer phone for whose who didn't buy GS2. For GS2 owners, it's more like a Galaxy S2S :)

I'm quite frankly disappointed in camera part, not at least being upgraded just to make sure we get a run for our money, even if it may have a few tweaks.
I was already using an app for fast burst shoots (looks like it's working similarly), best photo is a new version of 'Sony Ericsson Best Pic' for those who remember. Other camera features are between good and standard now.

But what's more important for now, what are those references which popped up a few days ago ? GT-i9500/9800. Things may be more interesting for insatisfied people who wanted "more". Time we get new leaks!

  • Daniel

Very disapppointed. I've been refraining for MONTHS to buy a SGS2 because this one was coming and...

- No ceramic body
- Too big (would have taken the Note, otherwise)
- don't care about quad-core
- still 8mp shooter (unless the lenses got way better than the S2, what's the point?)

On the other hand, "S Voice", Samsung's Siri, is a game changer. But could it be ported to the S2?

Bummer... :o(

  • k2

Disappointed again with the platic build. Also very disappointed with the pentile screen and the 8 mpxl camera. Would also have lived to see it have a shutter key. Design again not inspiring. Once again though performance should be good and the camera impressive. Looking for more volume from the audio and video players though.

  • Benn

Anonymous, 04 May 2012No QWERTY = FAIL. I'll stick with my Xperia Pro thanks :PReally that piece o crap.....

  • jacktackle

Design is copied from HTC Sensation XL.
those people who was planing to buy ONE X and droped the idea after the release of S3 my question is it's touchwiz w/s HTC Sense who offer's world maps free and sexy weather plus lot more stuff. no matter Samsung have the world's best screen but HTC carries the best launcher. if you are a Flash freak, go for S3 cuz there will be three times the development than of one X. otherwise ONE X should be the first choice.

  • PPK

Disappointed at the Display, Its stupid to downgrade the display to the next generation. Cam could have improved to 12MP.

Everything else is Brilliant!

  • cleo

SGS3 is impressive, but I don't like the looks & shape.
I'll go with Xperia Ion instead,
except SGS3 arrive faster in my country than Ion :)

  • Anonymous

No QWERTY = FAIL. I'll stick with my Xperia Pro thanks :P

  • Anonymous

i am disappointed with SIII... HTC One X rules... :)

  • xee

I think they have tried to copy HTC in design. The biggest disappointment is that they have used the same GPU which was there on SII.

disappointed:-(i'll stick to my nexus till pureview is available..

`My laptop's internet is tethered to my SGSII as I write this comment. Don't tell it that I'm writing about it's newborn brother.

My SGSII is serving me well, and more than I expected it to, save for the fact that I had to get the extended battery to keep it running for a least a day for my specific lineup usage.

SGS3 looks gorgeous moving away from the plastic-y feel of S2's back. That is great because it's quite disappointing to get a new phone and then still think it's the old one when you have it in your hand. The HD SuperAmoled is awesome, of course. No more drooling over my brother's Galaxy Note one I get SG3!

I don't like the micro SIM slot; so there's that!

Besides those obviously expected upgrades, please help me see any feature that does not look rather gimmicky.

With that said, I've officially started funneling cash to my SGS3 fund!

  • Nosewan

Looks ugly

  • D79_

For me the screen looks to high, it should be lower to be more central or move the bottom keys up a bit.

I dont like that they have a shiny back cover just so u can have millions of finger prints over it.

Touchwiz 4!!! Omg wen r they gonna stop.

Other than that ill still get it on my next upgrade in 2 months :)

  • Anonymous

I expected a better camera to be honest. This is a very big disadvantage. All other additions are welcome though.

  • asu

great engine on crappy box
seriously, its design is so bad

  • Samsung Fan

Hi all,
i don't know guys if u visited the official website 4 Samsung S3, if u don't well u missed many cool things about the device, Samsung made a major progress in upgrading not 2 much but it did, and there is none in the world what's called supermobile, and it is not a camera device either c stop complaining about the pixels in the camera, human never ever be satisfied so what the hell ...

not at all boss.

  • Adel

I really like sgs3 and I going to buy it when it release Qatar