Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III coverage wrap-up

03 May, 2012
The Galaxy S III finally went official and it looks like it has what it takes to pick up, where the S II left off.

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to the people going on about the new LG that has 2gb ram answer me this. what are you gna do with so much ram on a phone?
you probably don't even know. you just see 2gb and think its better.

1gb is still more than enough at this stage. LG is just fooling you into buying there phone by giving it 2gb which is just unnecessary.

rafi, 04 May 2012Let me complete your note, What's new inovation samsung had t... moregood point my dear friend u have mentioned many new elements . Yes ofcourse many brands already have all these features . But havent u realise samsung has all of these at one place, in one handset am i right? And dont get bluffed by sonys peculiar names . So and so engine so and so sensor so and so coating . All these are just names and nothing else my friend bought a xperia s and the phone is terrible he already got problems with it and visited the service center twice. I too had a bad experience with my xperia x10 earlier and my friend who bought galaxy s along with me is still using it perfectly but my phone is in the attic now.

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Looks like they expanded Galaxy Pop to 4.8"..


Samsung made a bad choise and chose a crappy microphone ( skip at 1:30 for sample; unpleasant, unnatural sharp sound without low frequency response; this will also affect in call quality even with that secound microfone for noise cancellation.) and cheap build in materials for such an expensive device with an exceptional processing power. In my opinion Samsung would have had to use a bigger camera sensor (insted now S3 have the old S2 camera sensor). I think that in a few weeks, in every day usage with a custom rom (that will eventualy include those sofware inovation from S3)you won't be able to notice any differences between S2 and S3.

Sorry for my bad english (blame my english teacher :)) )

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unfortunately this device has no wow factor compared the galaxy s2 in my eyes. expected some new tech from the s3 but only afew minor tweeks. come on samsung!

Hello LG,2GB RAM! Goodbye Samsung, My God after so much expect this smartphone the samsung comes with blue or white, has holy patience! And Cortex A9, well, really does not! A note: I loved the GPU is actually booming in SGS3, yes! Motorola Razr Maxx! Battery with 3.300, yes LG Memory with 2GB!Samsung yuck! Yes, Yes, Yes iPhone 5.

The design is so fresh!!!!!!

It's very unique from other samsung phones.....

This phone should be design of the year!

i have s2 & i was waiting for s3.but s3 design is disappointing.its not good looking.i will go for galaxy note now

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TheMan, 04 May 2012Don't think its isolated its linked to Nokia discussions forum ... moreSame ignorant loser who cares more about popularity and sales figures than the actual product. Iphones are popular, does it makes reliable calls????? Useless...

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TheMan, 04 May 2012Oh really? Then can your Nokia runs HD games "GTA3 Shadowg... moreHD viewing connected to a large tv? Your phone's HD lcd doesn't make much difference on a small screen anyway. Ofc it has bluetooth file transfer and multi-tasking, Symbian? Does your Samsung have reliable connectivity with a weak signal everytime? Or great call audio quality?How about on speakerphone? I use my phone for business to make money and reliable connectivity is critical, which Nokia can only provide.

Anonymous, 04 May 2012why does one need an microSD card, when other connections are al... moreexpandible memory is far better than cloud storage dude.
how you gna access your files when youre in a location with signal?

  • knob Jock

Anonymous, 04 May 2012why does one need an microSD card, when other connections are al... morecan spell you can, present

  • Didi

mmmm everything looks good xcept for these couple of things that im sure everyone has noticed...the back cover is made of plastic, and 8MP camera instead of 12MP (i wonder what their xcuse in this case)...well maybe there are more other good and bad things about it...just wait for the review!

The S3 design is not bad, but its lil boring!!
ppl are upset abt S3's specification, i really dont know why???

- firstly 12Mp camera, r u serious, its a SMART phone, not a digi cam....
- i do agree the design is boring...
- Display is good, i hope it will save some battery...
- no Water Proofing!!!!!! (Samsung should have included that in S3)
- Build Quality... Samsung should have made it solid like (aluminium or something)
- internal memory options are good, but makes no sense when the microSD is expandable upto 64Gb
- ppl creeping abt 2Gb RAM... go and buy urself a laptop.... u r @ wrong section.... whats the use of 2Gb of RAM???? Its a Smart Phone... not a Laptop!!!
- GPU is descent

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Anonymous, 04 May 2012Shame about the plastic casing. On the other hand this phone is ... morewhy does one need an microSD card, when other connections are already available? USB, Wi-Fi, BT...
Not to forget cloud storage. You need to fast-forward to the presence dude. We are living in the 21st century ;)

vanderbeek, 04 May 2012Nokia just lost a lot of shares but it doesn't mean they plumme... moreThat what you Nokia people said about WP, Wait until Nokia release WP it will be Android killer and the fact was completely opposite.
I can tell you this Nokia will continue to loss for Apple and Sony HTC LG, As you can see here.

TheMan, 04 May 2012Don't think its isolated its linked to Nokia discussions forum ... moreNokia just lost a lot of shares but it doesn't mean they plummeted down to the bottom. They are still number 2. They can still reclaim the top spot once they started on their Lumia PureView with the newest iteration of Windows Phone Apollo.

vanderbeek, 04 May 2012Wireless charging? That's so 2007 for Nokia. What's new in Pur... moreHow they give it an award and the phone still didn't released yet?
You remind me when a paid off committee gave Nokia WP an award and the phone didn't released yet!

vanderbeek, 04 May 2012That link you posted is most likely just an isolated case. There... moreDon't think its isolated its linked to Nokia discussions forum
And plenty of people are complaining too

Man just quit the act you know Nokia is over NO one cares for Nokia anymore "Europe Carries said that no one ask for Nokia in stores"
And their sales dropped so hard even Nokia couldn't bare it and made last chance with big MP camera to fool the public and they know deep down its nothing when compared with DLRS or S2 Camera "Won award for best Camera in Mobile choice award 2011", And you will see when it released.

Nokia doesn't provide descent technology they still in 2010 specs.

I will ask you this simple question: If Nokia is so good then why they lost their share in market sales? Nokia couldn't sell regular phones in number of Samsung's smartphones!

Galaxy Note "New phone" outsold and still outsell all Nokia Lumia phones! Although Nokia had way way head start in 90's they were Number one in market!

Bada OS outsold WP and what can you say for that? Nokia R.I.P?

TheMan, 04 May 2012You call S3 disappointment? I thought so until i read more abou... moreWireless charging? That's so 2007 for Nokia.
What's new in PureView? It's a replacement for optical zoom. And it's not a disappointment either. It's been winning awards and acclaim from various tech sites left and right. PureView is 5 years ahead of the camera of the N8 which is 5 years ahead of the camera of any other current mobile phone.