Gigabyte gets a piece of the action

05 Feb, 2008
Not to be outdone by Eten, Gigabyte are announcing a teaser of their upcoming phones that they will be presenting at the World Mobile Congress (WMC) 2008 in Barcelona this February...

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  • Grover

Lets see 5 megapixel and 30 fps vga with wlan and bluetooth and a radio.thats it game and match point gigabyte.But they will,definitely leave something out.
Always do.

  • al

Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional =?

  • kev

gotta 5mp these days to get anywhere

  • Anonymous

No it comes with life time warranty.

  • Anonymous

Does this phone come with 5 year warranty?

  • shax

this is the future ? :-& - this is the phone mobile for my sister (age 5years)Gigabyte please talk to NOKIA.

  • Dani

i wouldnt call this *Top Notch*

  • Anonymous

Hum It looks totoaly uninspired out I meen put a buck or two on makign it more apealing. as it is now its just a black thing. No life at all in it.

  • Anonymous

Is this the company which manufactures PC main boards?

  • nokiadict

This are really good looking devices and the features seem to be nice but there is something i don't get about this brand. How come they are launching new devices while they have like 4 phones waiting to be launched in their mobile portfolio???
Will see at the World Congress.


  • Anonymous

No Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.............

  • Anonymous

still only a 2MP cam pump it up a notch !!!!

  • Garry

First again aye?