Dual-core Snapdragon S4 confirmed for Verizon Galaxy S III

14 May, 2012
The confirmation comes from the NenaMark benchmark website, which now features Galaxy S III (SCH-I535).

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  • Gi

Hidde, 15 May 2012All (current) quad-core devices don't support 4G. Samsung just g... moreAre you certain that quad core phones don't support 4g? It has been released that Korea is getting the quad core with LTE.

  • Gi

How big of a deal is 2gb of RAM for a phone? I haven't committed to pre-ordering the GS3 yet with Verizon. My Asus Prime has only 1gb RAM and runs great. Need to see a hands on for the U.S. version first. Because without the RAM, the only benefit compared to other Verizon handsets would be the Adreno 225.

  • Gi

What bothers me about the U.S. version is that they have said the quad was swapped for the dual core for because of LTE support. But why is Korea getting the quad core version with 2gb RAM AND LTE?

  • Padfoot

If GS3 comes with a S4 Snapdragon dual core in US will it b a hit? Cuz htc has already provided dat nd with a better feel nd design. And who will go for a 4.8 in display without quad core ticking inside it? Im worrid.

  • Anonymous

Tizen Takeover, 16 May 2012Nah it's cool dude. Some people you just don't fall into their R... moreno one cares about the history of your username. keep future posts related to the article.

  • Tizen Takeover

yeip, 15 May 2012Maybe I was kind of unnecessary rude to you, but I did click to ... moreNah it's cool dude. Some people you just don't fall into their Raging which is why I responded that way toward TheMan's comment.

I just chose this name because I was crazy over MeeGo (my username used to be MeeGo Revolution) but when Nokia pushed that awesome OS to the backburner, I jad to change my Username because I lost alot of respect for Nokia. Then I heard that Intel was partnering with Samsung with Tizen and seeing as how Tizen basically is a HTML5 MeeGo, I should like it too. I know it's going to be bare bones at launch but a 100% linux OS is a dream for me. Especially since I'm an App Developer and I play with OS Source Code every now and then too.

  • Fade

Soon there is going to be Quad-core S4 with Andreno 320 GPU with a power that dominates all. I wonder how it effects the battery though.

  • yeip

Tizen Takeover, 15 May 2012Or you can learn how to click on the "Click to Read" r... moreMaybe I was kind of unnecessary rude to you, but I did click to read and saw TheMan's post. I just didn't like your way to answer to some valid arguments he had with a "didn't read lolololol". Anyway I guess I took it a little bit too personal and I apologize for that. Btw, with the Tizen takeover thing, I saw yesterday the video of the Tizen based tab with ported Android apps. So sweet. Have a nice day too dude.

  • Hidde

samsung vs apple, 15 May 2012iphone 5 will beat the samsung galaxy s 3 do,to samsung been che... moreAll (current) quad-core devices don't support 4G. Samsung just gives you the option, 4G or quad-core. I don't find that cheap, I find that customer friendly.

And how do you know that the iPhone 5 will beat it while its not even announced yet? There are only rumours which might not even be true.

And please, take some spelling lessons, I can't stand it ( I know people make mistakes, but this is just terrible)

  • samsung vs apple

iphone 5 will beat the samsung galaxy s 3 do,to samsung been cheap to its costumers and puting dule core insted of quod core in the galaxy s 3

  • Tizen Takeover

yeip, 15 May 2012Very mature from you Tizen takeover, your mummy should keep an e... moreOr you can learn how to click on the "Click to Read" reply link so you can see that the comment you replied to was in response to TheMan's angry comment towards me.

I made an actual comment related to the article on page 1 if you'd care to browse through the comments section. Have a nice day. :)

  • yeip

Tizen Takeover, 15 May 2012didn't read lololololVery mature from you Tizen takeover, your mummy should keep an eye on you and keep you out of adult discussion forums. Coming back to the article, it will be interesting to see how the SIII will differentiate itself from AT&T's One X using a similar chipset and GPU.

  • me

And I present the skyrocket 2. Yet another dumbed down masterpiece (x one) for the us market cuz no one can seem to make a quad core chip that can work with LTE!!!

  • Tizen Takeover

TheMan, 15 May 2012Oh isn't you the guy who said number of MP is count not the qual... moredidn't read lolololol

I think Samsung use the overclocked Adreno 225 for this phone, the clock speed is somewhere around 300-400 mhz. While the One S is using the original (266mhz) Adreno 225.

Btw, I don't think that Mali-400 MPx is really better than ULP GeForce 2. I don't have this device but I read somewhere that Transformer Prime scored near 60 fps in nenamark 2 with 800x1280 screen.

Interesting points here. A dualcore that can run with a quadcore, a gpu that can pump out more fps than can be utilized, and an SoC that can't handle the dreaded LTE radio.

We have officially gotten ahead of ourselves. Haven't we, Android OEMs?

Why don't we relax a bit and let Google catch up, optimize everything for 4 cores and get 3rd parties on track too.

I Feel like I'm taking Crazy Pills!!!

Tizen Takeover, 15 May 2012I guess since this version has a Dual Core processor, it's not w... moreOh isn't you the guy who said number of MP is count not the quality of lens and sensor?
And now you say that number of CPU core doesn't count but MP okay to count? I think this called hypocrisy?

Although professional cameras and Hollywood don't use high MP cameras and you didn't answer that because you know that MP isn't everything even Nokia themselves in N9 intro said what counts Ziess=Lens and sensors.

You better be on the news like those guys who lined up to buy Phones, Go and buy PureView 808 if you think dual and quad core are not count? 808 has single core why don't you buy it? Or you just want some attraction to your comments?

People buy computers with latest CPU technology and i never saw someone buys a camera for highest MP except people whom ignorant in that field.

And what with Tizen takeover? Either "Tizen takeovers" or "Tizen will takeover", In both cases proved you don't know anything about cellular phones because how did you judge Tizen and you still didn't use it? And still not Tizan phone released yet!

About the dual krait vs quad
You can see Krait a bit laggy when move very fast and Adreno doesn't show so much details like the smock in ShadowGun ===> The video maker said those things

Also you can see on Samsung Epic single core overclocked it gave over 3260
Benchmarks isn't reliable in some cases you can altered it with some tweaks what its count is real life use.
I think Qualcomm found a loophole in Benchmarks.

  • Sky

Maybe it's just me..but I'll probably get the S3 not based on the technology, but based on the extra features it has that I don't have coming from a Moto Droid X. For starters the camera loads in practically the blink of an eye whereas my camera loads in 3 to 5 seconds depending on the day (or not at all as it did today when it crashed repeatedly). I also would love the 50 gigs of dropbox storage, expandable memory, removable battery, brilliant screen, ICS, dual core processor, and more than my 1/2 gig of RAM, and (most importantly) the LTE!. Honestly, even if the S3 isn't that impressive to all of you who buy a new phone every 6 months, it's quite honestly going to blow me away when I use it.

  • thecalmcritic

I concur with the other commentators. The S4 are generationally A15 to Sammy's newer smaller nm yet still A9 Exynos quad that comes with an OC'ed same Mali 400MP. And the other guy is also right. Benchies are meaningless until ppl start complaining about the earlier batch of quad core optimized apps.

Here's a newsflash:- Quad core PCs (that means laptops included for dummies) are still relatively useless save for those with hardcore gaming and overclocking tendencies. If you're not 1 of these groups, trust me you won't be able to tell the diff and you shouldn't worry. Your real world usage scenario simply do not require quad power.

Recognize however that the SIII at least furthered the OS' UI and features' aspect. I think that's what Sammy's trying to push this time. Not so much on HW extravaganza. On that end imo the S4 SIII are the best S4 superphone paired with a 2kmAh batt so far.

  • Anonymous

What is with this quad core thing ha? I used the One x and S2 parallel for about 4 hours n both loaded pages at the same pace. Played Asphalt 6 n didnt see any diff. So I think a dual core phone is enough for atleast another 2 yrs.