Samsung Galaxy S II sales reach 28M, Galaxy Note scores 7M

01 June, 2012
The Galaxy S II sold took 13 months to reach that number, while the Note has been selling since October.

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  • Mo

Lets 'em hate.

  • Bjorn

Samsung for the rich people :D So every second teenager in norway who uses samsung or iphone must be rich :DDD these phones are for everyone.

Whatchasay, 01 Jun 2012Mobile phone profits: Apple: 73% Samsung:26% Others: 1% I... moreOverpriced products and lowcost jobs kind of obvious apple is "winning", but is that good? in overall samsung got more profit even not being the top brand, they also win with apple products (apple got samsung hardware)... apple is fantasy samsung is the real deal

  • mimi

Sure the S2 sales will be more after the S3 fiasco

Even the samsung smartphones which are not for poor but for the rich use a shit quality hardware and the poorest touchwiz ui

  • Anonymous

Hope they change the quality of that kind of they use and some improvements in the android os and sure will be at the top for sure!:-)

  • Anonymous

sariq khan, 01 Jun 2012it's heavy ,much costly.It's not for poor people.

  • sariq khan

it's heavy ,much costly.

  • Anonymous

rajiev, 01 Jun 2012left one is much better!The girl, or the phone? :p

  • Italian

What's in it for you what company has the bigger sales?
Like you own them or something.

YOU, you will continue getting your poor man's salary anyway.

  • Whatchasay

Fongy, 01 Jun 2012This is a definite win for "substance over style"... ... moreHaha. That's like saying a girl has a good personality when you know she's not good looking. The Samsung fanboys do want a status symbol. That's why they toot about specs so much. It's just that the majority of society doesn't care as much.

  • Tagalog

Omg! too many models, too many names, nothing new? Very confusing, nose bleed ko. You priced your products too much! On the other hand your Q is good but not affordable.
how can we upgrade OS? Froyo to Ginger to icecream? Cost!

  • kedar

rajiev, 01 Jun 2012left one is much better!nopes.. it's the right one..

  • ronhambog

android rules!!!samsung RULES!!!

  • Whatchasay

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2012Smartphone market share last So this ... moreMobile phone profits:
Apple: 73%
Others: 1%

If that's losing then Apple must be crying...all the way to the bank.

  • rajiev

left one is much better!

  • Anonymous

Samsung have become like Apple. Boring

  • Anonymous

Whatchasay, 01 Jun 201228million, huh? For apple that's called a good quarter. But, h... moreSmartphone market share last
So this time apple is looser!sorry!

This is a definite win for "substance over style"...

It's clear that these 50 million people want more from their phone than it just being a status symbol...

  • Whatchasay

28million, huh? For apple that's called a good quarter. But, hey, whatever floats your boat.