Android in May 2012: Android 4.0 expands to 7.1% market share

02 June, 2012
Unfortunately, Gingerbread and Froyo still command the majority of the total user base.

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  • Yani

Kreaninw D Unlimited, 06 Jun 20127.1 percent is still a failure, while everyone are able to get l... moreTotally agree with you on this one, while WP & iOS all get immediate updates, we on Android have to wait weeks / even months for updates to arrive.
And those "greedy" manufacturers pay Google 0 $!

And why is this number still at very low 7.1% ? It's simple! Because some OEM named Scamsung scammed their customers into buying their SGS1 and now he is the only manufacturer that refuses to update SGS1 to ICS. Sony, LG, HTC they all updated their lower specd phones to ICS and only SGS1 with better specs can not handle ICS --> BS!
And that's a fact!

7.1 percent is still a failure, while everyone are able to get latest version of Windows 7 easily through Windows Update.

When will Google release something like that? How much those greedy manufacturers pay you Google?

  • Surya

Updated my neo V to ICS 4.0.3 and then regretted and downgraded back to 2.3.4. Biggest complaints against ics on neo V are 1. Lots of games which used to run smoothly on gingerbread force closes in ics, 2. Ics does not support customised transparent status bar. 3. Phone slowed down. However the features I miss in gingerbread are the superb browser which can function without a single touch of hardware buttons and the phone book with call log.

  • DireWolf

Gisam, 04 Jun 2012What the f*** this ics. Some app hang. For example (Facebook n... moreThe screen capture function is still present on ICS: hold "power" and "volume -" together for a few seconds, and a screenshot will be taken.

What the f*** this ics. Some app hang. For example (Facebook not responding) sometime internet explorer say (unfortunately internet stoped) no more screen capture option. Gingerbread 2.3.6 even better. I regeted to update to ics. New update is needed. Slot people complain about this.

  • PTT

Just updated my Xperia Ray 2.3.4 gingerbread to 4.04. ICS Performance ? REALLY AWESOME !!! JUST LOVE IT !

  • Gavin_Is_A_Man

Not surprised everyone's still on Gingerbread after the fiasco of ICS's confused and much-delayed launch. ICS should be available for O2 customers in the UK on the ARC S very shortly, not sure about the original Arc.

  • DireWolf

Nordstjaerne, 04 Jun 2012Does anyone know when it is launched for xperia Arc? :D @Nordstjaerne: it is already available for some versions of the Arc:

Does anyone know when it is launched for xperia Arc? :D

  • Andrew Tan

Thanks for ICS, now my I9100G never hang anymore. This is a HUGE improvement over GB.

Now running CM9, perfectly smooth and stable.

  • Anonymous

My atrix dual core 1ghz but no ics yet. Saddd!!!

  • DireWolf

I updated my Xperia Pro last week and, apart from a little more lag when switching to the homescreen with the Gallery widget in it, I don't see any performance issues. But I rather preferred the old camera interface...

Only had my Galaxy S3 for three days so far,but it runs ICS perfectly without any problems I've found so far.Once you've found your way around Touchwiz,it does exactly what it says on the tin.

  • owner of an lg optim

i still wait for ics... i have the lg optimus 2X... this is my last lg phone... i really discuss lg company...

  • geekchic

Actually, my Nexus S runs ICS without a hitch...

  • Fahim

My Xperia Ray runs smoother on ICS than on Gingerbread

Nowadays i have seen so many different mainland product of android had released or launched ics product with single core 1Ghz and 512DDR2 RAM, even some device couldn't support perfectly ( some device couldn't install or find application with google play store, or even third party install ), but in my opinion for android ICS, it is the great operation system that i never meet or use, and thanks for google has launch and update their android to new-level !

ICS is not a major update for Android, but a major downgrade.So far I havent seen a single device that runs ICS w/o problems.
Gingerbread was, is and will be the most used android version for at least one more year.

  • cistamlaka

they could update any device to ics if it has 800 mhz cpu and at least 521mb ram,example galaxy note clone which has 1ghz cpu(not dual core) and 512 mb ram,runs without lag

  • choozy

Ice Cream Sandwich can in fact run very decent on mobile phones with lower specs. It isn't the processor speed that is too low it's more about the RAM that has to be 512mb at minimum.

There are smartphones wich will come at 800Mhz and 512 MB ram that run ICS off the shelves. The only reason low end phones don't get updated is because of the investment for the smartphone vendor.