T-Mobile to allegedly get the Samsung Galaxy Note in the US

24 June, 2012
The phone is said to be available starting July 11 and come with Android 4.0 out-of-the-box.

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  • jlucrod

there are alot of boneheads here!!!!!!
so what if unit is a couple months old, its still a hell of a unit, and will sell. obvously you all aint bussiness men ! i thin tmobile is being very agressive in bringning new units, ans thats good, they need to be. late or not its here, so what. its really dumb to consider a unit old after six months, get a life!!!!

  • silver

hello just want to know if im thinking of buying a samsung and im thinking a galaxy note or a galaxy S2 :)

  • The_Gooze

Don't think ICS is all that. Keep with gingerbread and don't be disappointed - like I was!!

  • Anonymous

amit, 25 Jun 2012hi i would like to know that, wheather the galaxy note becomes s... moreIt becomes FASTER! I bought my Note with Gingerbread 2.3 in the UK in February 2012 and got my ICS update in June and that was my first observation.

  • amit

Auxilar, 25 Jun 2012I got my ICS push update from server to my notehi i would like to know that, wheather the galaxy note becomes slow after ics update

  • Scoop

TMO now has to price it very cautiously & make a very lucrative deal if they want to see the stock moving from their warehouses or else they will to take NOTES from AT &T on how to move fast!!

  • Auxilar

I got my ICS push update from server to my note

  • richard

t-mobile always get the left over crap.

  • Anonymous

Will wait for Windows 8 versions of the note which should also be coming out around October. Should see some smaller versions from other manufacturers too.

old stuff!
pass & next?

  • Anonymous

For the "late to the party" comments:
Sure the Note2 will be released in October 2012, in Europe...
Note2 North American release wont be till fall 2013!!!

So unless you pay 650$ cash to import it... you're gonna wait for the Note 2 :-)

  • Tim

I upgraded my Note in JKT by Samsung and ICS is rubbish. The whole experience is worse than ever. The Note with GB is fine, so try to find this model but do not use ICS and wait until a superior and stable new OS version is available.

Dafuq? Where does Tmo guys live? Releasing an almost 1 year old handset, with the Note 2 around the corner. This is not a launch, is more like a sad catch up...

  • b

galaxy note in July? seriously?
thats 3 months before launch of note 2

even rogers in canada got it at the beginning of Q2

  • higuys

Galaxy note2 is coming in OCt. for sure 100% beside

i learned my lesson from GLS2 just have for 5 months

now they come out with GLS3 every boy is $200

tmobile 279.00 dont to trap again guys

  • Indotastic

Is this not a little bit late? The Galaxy S3 is out now....

  • cristian dobre

ICS 4.0 out of the box ? but should you factory reset tdevice then ? :))))

  • Chrishd32

Why bother buying this when the galaxy s3 is on the market. The Note holds its own in the arena but its best to just hold off for the Note2

Hmm. Sounds pretty cool. Bad timing though. The Note 2 should be on its way soon so this seems a little bit late

  • deedee

Isn't this a bit too late, considering that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is expected to release in October?