Flash Player downloads from Play Store to cease starting August 15

29 June, 2012
Adobe has also announced that Flash Player won't be supported in devices running Android 4.1.

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  • annymonous

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2012You have been living under a rock. Heard of Apple? Heard of the ... moreeven tho your comment is 3 months ago, i must say something because it bothers me. That is your English comprehension. more than 2 cores does not equal 2 cores. he said "more than 2 cores". If I have more than 2 apples in my hand, it doesn't mean I have 2 apples in my hand, but it means i have MORE than 2 apples in my hand.

  • Cil

This is just ridiculous. I've been using Symbian for 10 years and never had flash. That was ok with my old dumb phones, but when I started getting more capable phones I realized I couldn't see my favorite flash sites, which still are a lot in Brazil. Now, I am ditching Nokia for Samsung's exactly because Android do have flash support and now this.
Interesting enough, Symbian never had flash and nobody gave much thought to it. So, why just because Mr. Jobs once said that Flash was trash, it has to be ended, when iphone doesn't even offer it... as symbian??? Flash should be made open source or whatever. HTML5 is around for some time and how many sites changed for this thing in Brazil???? Little. Terra is transmitting their Olimpics here using Flash on Android. Fortunately, we do have the apks around so having it or not having it in the play store will not make any difference. Yep, it won't stay forever, but neither will my phone. So, no worries.

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2012Lmao lmao lmao lmao. When was steve needs a jobs ever right exce... moreagree, plus the so called revolutionary design of the iphone 4/4S is actually based on the sagem my 411, with the grey bassel and the front with the glass effect...

  • Anonymous

HTML5 AND adobe AIR will replace flash. read this qoute..
"Adobe’s solution for video delivery to mobile devices is centered on enabling apps. As an immediate future-proof migration path, Adobe AIR provides the same advanced Flash based video features, which means no changes to your content protection or video delivery infrastructure."


  • Anonymous

flashnoob, 05 Jul 2012Steve Jobs was right all alongLmao lmao lmao lmao. When was steve needs a jobs ever right except for when it came to steeling which is where he ruled?

  • flashnoob

Steve Jobs was right all along

  • shhh

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2012Sorry but flash still works much better than html5. On my GS3 Yo... morethat's because the android browser has the lowest html rendering score.

  • Anonymous

Lozboi, 30 Jun 2012Im sorry but flash videos on android were horrible. I'm using ch... moreSorry but flash still works much better than html5. On my GS3 YouTube html 5 player is buggy as sh*t. The aspect ratio is wrong, buffering is slow and it refuse to work in non default resolution. Over at vimeo html 5 doesn't even work at all. Flash works perfectly on my phone. Even 1080p streaming videos plays without lag.

  • Ivan

How hard is to people understand that HTML5 is the now and the future! It's a standard! Google already adopted it on everything, the thing is you don't notice, no plugin required!


the only person this really benefits is microsoft since they never bit the mobileflash bait from the start of windows mobile 7

Can anybody tell me why on earth did adobe stopped flash support for android higher version. Now ythis would be something killer for jellybean. Is it available on ics?. If not, i m better off with my gingerbread until google works out some solution. Is it that ditfficult for google to develop something like this on it's own for the sake of it's future updates

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2012Yeah that sums it all up. you two are so smart. thats why the ar... moreWhy doesn't Google just make 4.1 backwards compatible with the same flashplayer that will retain support for 4.0? How difficult could that possibly be?

  • marius RO

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2012hmmmmmm, I think that once adobe gives up flash, google may well... moreyesssss, there are milions and milions devices with Android, for sure Google will step up with a new "Flash" Player, wich will be instantly uploaded by all Android Devices... "the king is dead, long live the king" only the cash flow will be redirected to Google, that's a real smart step Adobe

  • Nice Question

nilantha, 01 Jul 2012flash player not supported in mt lg3d smarat tv. model number i... moreYour question is so good that anyone can understand it on just one glance. Its so relevant to the topic that I feel like reading it again and again, and not answering it.

Keep it up!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2012+1 That really sums it up right there.Yeah that sums it all up. you two are so smart. thats why the article says google is going to stop flash for android......oh wait. it doesnt. it says adobe is stopping it. god what super amazing logic you have.

  • Abhi

Does that mean if I buy an Android phone after August 15th, will I not be able to get Flash player on my phone?

  • Anonymous

this is the loss of us -custmers and users

dont regret later..

  • Anonymous

No matter, it works fine in Firefox for Android and probably will for a while.

Turns out the latest Firefox is also way faster than Chrome for Android anyway. (Funny how things turned around lately)

  • Nick

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2012This is very unfortunately disappointing esp for those apps that... moreI expect Adobe Air to still be include in the android market, meaning application that require 'flash' will still work.