Galaxy Nexus banned in the US, infringes on four Apple patents

29 June, 2012
US Court has granted Apple a temporary injunction until it reaches a final decision on the case.

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xcal, 03 Jul 2012To many android fanboys are upset nyahahahahah! not anymore... muahahahaha... 96 mil dollars spent for 2-3 week ban, sad, just sad...

  • Anonymous

sumaan, 05 Jul 2012this was started by samsung at first but all are learning.thank... morehow is apple suing like cry babies cause they cant compete mean that samsung started this?

this was started by samsung at first but all are learning.thanks samsung for teaching.well what goes around come arond haha

  • Gavin_Is_A_Man

HoldEm, 02 Jul 2012Samsung and Google are teaming up for an anti-Apple legal plan.I wish!

  • mico

apple sucks. what patents ? rounded rectangle again ?

  • @adinskie

seriously apple too lazy 4 inovation. stuck in their comfort zone with patents & sue LOL

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2012Just wait until "Google Now" comes out, which is going... moreyea maybe their own butt

  • Anonymous

you know whars funny? Htc was the first to have the siri-like interface with the mytouch app

  • Arken

How did they ever give out a patent for swipe to unlock and searching from a single interface in the first place. Seriously...

To many android fanboys are upset nyahahahahah!

  • DaMachoMan

I don't think the offending patent was Siri, even the Google search bar is capable of searching things in several locations through a single interface(which is pretty much what search means anyway). the patent description is quite vague and its a big surprise to me why such a bogus patent was handed to apple in the first place. but i wouldn't be surprised if you told me the judge was an apple user herself.

  • Anonymous

iPatent, 03 Jul 2012Galaxy Nexus is the latest google phone,i think that's not fair,... moreso in ur right mind once Apple heard of JB couple days ago they ran to the court and within 5 min the judge ban Galaxy Nexus!! none of the patents mention is available only in JB... Galaxy Nexus released in Nov_11 and consider it from the Spec the phone give Mixed up range due to battery life wi=hich is short based on GSMarena review and no upgrade for the Camera since Nexus line up released still at 5 MP but take from the market and sales the phone is big fail just like the rest of the nexus line up,,, so trust me Google/Samsung havent lost greatly because this phone is wouldnt sale anyway

  • Dee

Im so sick of Apple's Bullshit. Trying to corner the market. Apple Devices arent all pure and original, they took shit from other companies also. This is the main reason why i sold most of my Apple Products

  • F Apple!!!

If the court gonna win Apple this time, all that I can say is Judge Lucy Koh is a BIG MORON!!

And the justice is no longer justice.

And I really tired of this injustice!

  • iPatent

Galaxy Nexus is the latest google phone,i think that's not fair,so it shows that apple scared of candies (Jelly Bean),LOL

  • Anonymous

Just wait until "Google Now" comes out, which is going to eat Siri alive. That's what Apple is afraid of. Jelly Bean is going to really kick some butt.

  • GT540sucks

"8,086,604 ('604). It basically refers to a device being able to search multiple sources through a single interface (Apple's Siri)"
Android had this LONG AGO

"5,946,647 (actionable linking)", Android had Voice actions

"patent 8,046,721 (slide-to-unlock)" how else are you suppose to unlock a touchscreen phone?

"8,074,172 (touch screen word suggestion)" android can't have it's own dictionary?


  • Karlo

Go go Google Notification patent.
Get that cripple crapple off our backs.

  • TEK

im so sick of apple sueing everybody. ESPECIALLY because most of the things they sue over, they didn't invent. All the companies should gang up on apple and sue it for having copy/paste functionality, having a flat back design (remember when apple said flat is boring? then copied every1 else and was flat?) and having a button on the side of the phone. android should sue for the notification bar. every1 should sue for having a color screen and internal antenna

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2012Its an attack on androids latest avtar Jelly bin. Apple has dela... moreYou are right :-) :-)