Purported images of the next generation iPhone leaks

13 July, 2012
These pictures show the new longer iPhone having a longer body and a black, aluminum back.

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  • jimmy likes phones

i thinks they is fantastic imgaers of the iphonings....WANT

  • madk

lol, 13 Jul 2012You never owned, nor had one in your hand.what do u know abt it.i had i phone. good thing is display...but other side is very poor thats my opinion.even apple cannot bet with galaxy s3...also there is lots of brands motorola,samsung,sony .i phone is not first touch phone.but its revolutionary product in the world. but not a most powerfull or greatest phone..

  • Anonymous

douchebag, 14 Jul 2012why the f@@k would they put 6.1.1 when ios 6 isnt even out yet ?... moreTHUNDERBOLT will never feature in the iphone/ipod/ipad. thunderbolt ports need way to much power to work properly. it would blow the little battery to hell and back if someone tried. It would be nice. But not even apple can steal enough tech know how to pull that one off.

  • Tarane

you havent seen the real phone yet how can you be sure it sucks ???
these are just fake pics or even prototypes
i'm sure it's gonna be unique just like the previous versions.
putting android at the back of your closet

  • Anonymous

n900 user, 13 Jul 2012fail hahahabig time fail!!!!


is fantabulous

  • Anonymous

funkyjunky, 13 Jul 2012Ha ha in your dreams you.probably stole it from someone or found... moreno,i do not stole it,i spent 400 euros on it. i own an iphone because i am music addicted. i listen while i am jogging or walking in the park about 4 hours per day. no portable device on terra is powerful as iphone or ipod touch on headphones output ,except old king nokia n91. so i took iphone for especially for its powerful headphones output,small dimensions,style,2nd hand value reselling. these are my interests,i do not like mobiles bigger than 4,2 inch

  • douchebag

Moni. BD, 14 Jul 2012Eerrrrrr! Let me think! I think, (according to Apple's history) ... morewhy the f@@k would they put 6.1.1 when ios 6 isnt even out yet ??? wow clever little boy

  • wagamama

it better not look like that

  • HayleyLou

[deleted post]This comment makes absolutely no sense.

  • Anonymous

madk, 13 Jul 2012most terrible phone,price ever...cannot compare with android pho... moreLol there's nothing bitter about your statement at all. It's impossible that you're a hater right?

Eerrrrrr! Let me think! I think, (according to Apple's history)
The next "iPhone" or "iPhone 5" gonna be as like as the "iPod 4G touch" with aluminium back panel rather than glossy steel currently using on.

....& with some specifications like:
•New Apple A6 quard-core prossesor & better GPU power
•1GB ram
•3.5" retina or 3D display
•iOS 6.1.1
•NFC & Bluthooth 3.0
•Thunderbolt support
•12MP camera

That's it! May be nothing more!

man! this is ugly! these rumors are totally disappointing.

hope the'll release the REAL iphone 5 now, hehe. can't wait!

  • sam

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2012I have a sgs3 lags like crap, clunky UI Interface and even devel... moreapple ios simple just like kids math -+*/ = apple. lol im not saying apple is bad i do own mac book and i love it and my 2 sister own iPhone. but iPhone is girly. i like something different i got galaxy s3 and what i like about gs3 is size sexy design with full of specification. i don't know why people say its ugly, maybe they seen in picture. first reason they cant afford or hater. apple and android both my favorite.

  • what wow

Oh man that's ugly...and here i thought iphones cant get any uglier :D

I respect apple even though i'm an android fan but i want to know if Tim will get the hype going as well as Steve used to, the selling point of this starts with the unveiling, i can't wait to see it

  • Andrei

I don't believe that this is the next gen iPhone. The details of case does not even compare with any iphone so far. It looks so iphone4 :) I hope this will not be the final design, it's just a larger iphone. Come on APPLE you can do it, and prove that ur still no 1. If this will be the final design, I hope we will find more things inside as specs, not just a newer iOS and a large display.

  • lol

madk, 13 Jul 2012most terrible phone,price ever...cannot compare with android pho... moreYou never owned, nor had one in your hand.

  • madk

most terrible phone,price ever...cannot compare with android phones. only high expensive.sucks

  • funkyjunky

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2012i love to look at my iphone 4s at every ten minutes,and when it ... moreHa ha in your dreams you.probably stole it from someone or found it.People are probably looking at you because your so sad.Believe me only chavs buy iphones and now every council house in the uk owns one thanks to brigthoise.Yoy enjky getting laughed at.lol lol lol