Purported images of the next generation iPhone leaks

13 July, 2012
These pictures show the new longer iPhone having a longer body and a black, aluminum back.

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  • Bjwe1

This one is sure Photoshop

  • boosook

Seems there is no physical home button: noone noticed? Apple always makes small incremental changes, so bigger display and no home button could well be enough for the next iPhone release. The pictures might be real, even if the design is too similar to the old one: the next iPhone would look as the old iPhone just bigger, and this is not very apple-style. We'll see...

  • Schedullus

Apple don't care if its previous customer upgrade the contract or not neither they ever did they always encourage new people to be there customer, and there policy is simple in everyway (hardware and software) spend less earn more...

  • Nick

It's just so irritating to see the same design beeing recycled for the last 4 years!

  • Umair

This is just a comparison of origianl iphone4 (on da right) and a Chinese iphon4 copy (on da left)... this aint iphone 5..

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2012Does the brand name just cost you 400 bucks or what? --------... moreIf the brand name(just) costs 400 bucks, take a GALAXY sII and the iPhone 4s put the same headphones in each and who sounds better? If you're not a hater you'll sense the difference.

[deleted post]Nobody forces you to buy it. Get a plastic phone instead that cost less ...

I think this is a montage.

  • Anonymous

bad paintjob

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2012Here is the interesting thing. The cost for Apple of the iPhone ... moreDoes the brand name just cost you 400 bucks or what?


Ummm, I don't know how to put this, but yes, that's all you're paying for.

So if the 4S was a bit of a disappointment design-wise, what does that make this? Ooooh, but look, it's a little bigger and has a new port. Whooopty-do. If this is the real deal, they shouldn't even give it the iphone 5 label, it should just be called the iphone 4s XL instead.

The headphone socket at the bottom of the phone actually makes sense. When you have the phone in a pocket, the wire has to be at the top, near the opening, so when you pull the phone out of your pocket, it's the right way up in your hand already. And no, it's not an original idea from Apple at all. They're definitely copying the HTC Desire HD which had this a couple of years ago - and probably some other phones too.

And one last thing - redesigning the connection port? Lunacy. Either go with the same USB as everyone else or stick with what you've got. I sit in an office with a bunch of people who have iphones. Every single one of them says they won't upgrade to a phone with a revised connector because they don't want to spend money to replace external accessories that they already have. Sure it's an unscientific poll, but a good indicator or what the man in the street is thinking, not the tech savvy nerds like us, but the man in the street who can't be bothered with adaptors and the like and just wants a phone that works with the stuff he's spent several hundred pounds on over the last 6-7 years. The alleged move to have a smart socket which will only connect with 'authorised products' (read 'massive price increase over current products) from official Apple partners is going to upset a lot of people too.

  • whocares

Ha ha same old design and boring looks.Well done apple thats sooo revolutionary yet again.No doubt dweebs will see it as ground breaking as 4inchs has never been seen before or done.

  • Anonymous

What a rubbish piece of crap... Apple taking almost a year to release this phone but no innovation in the design of the phone.... After releasing simply blaming on other companies for patent rights....

  • Rage

It's not fake pictures.. knowing Apple laziness to bring new interesting stuff/new interesting design, I can only think this taller iPhone 4s crap IS the iPhone 5

shut up, and take my m.. no wait, I meant shut up, and I keep my money !

  • IrrelevantSlug

Probably a new Samsung ;)

They are worse than those damn cloners on Kamino.

  • Anonymous

dude9, 13 Jul 2012dude its all bout money..........apple did'nt pull down even a s... moreDude, this totally sucks ass. I am not gonna buy an iClone (oops, meant iPhone) until it's like see through or it can beam me up to the moon.

Doesn't have a headphone jack? Seems fake enough.

dude its all bout money..........apple did'nt pull down even a single penny on thier iphone 4s despite knowing there share is falling......its a very powerful company....

  • Anonymous

My Opinion, 13 Jul 2012It's a slightly different black rectangle, nothing special. Wat... moreHere is the interesting thing. The cost for Apple of the iPhone 3g used to be $149. I don't know the cost for Apple making this phone nowadays, but how in the heck can they sell it for $700+? Does the brand name just cost you 400 bucks or what?

is there any proof that this is real one.....well it don't seem's to me.......

  • iHATER

I hate thz company so much that it make me hate apple, the fruit too... Y u a**hole fu**ed up people still making such a stupid iphone... RIP apple along wid steve jobs... I miss ma favourite fruite :'(