Apple's court filings reveal early iPhone designs

27 July, 2012
One of the designs show influence of early Sony designs and the other looks like an iPod Mini.

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  • Anonymous

For those who say that Apple copies SONY, I don't know what to say to you, either you didn't understand the article or just hate Apple.

Well, this article clearly says that the iPhone is INSPIRED by SONY. Jony Ive clearly imagined that he is in the shoes of SONY when designing the iPhone.

SONY NEVER DESIGN THE IPHONE THEMSELVES. If you are saying Apple copies SONY, by now SONY would be suing Apple for its obvious copying.

And why would Apple sue mostly- Samsung? And not the rest like HTC, Nokia, SONY etc? It's because of the fact that Samsung phone (eg: Galaxy S) look too similar to the iPhone.

  • azri

all of this patent thingy is stupid. we as the user bear the power to choose which and what product we want to use. apple have to accept the fact that samsung can offer better phone at cheaper price.


mmm well is a little shocking this new that apple took designe from SONY but there is non SONY ERICSSON - SONY phone that looks like the iphone clearly design is not a problem for SONY but THIS companys that are taken ideas from other thats not good, apple a least have its own stuff but samsumg is just a COPY from apple or i would said its a apple wanna be just check all that it has done and compair. kudos to SONY for been original always, its android custom is the most elegant and stylish of them all no needs to copy things.

  • Dr.X

miles windgate, 28 Jul 2012i'm a Samsung phone user for 5 years now (Android and non-Androi... morewell if you're using samsung phones for 5 years , and you call their products , high quality , then you definitely don't know the meaning of quality.
i used and traded many phones over the years , and the one thing i really hate about samsung , is , their cheap and low quality phones. sure the galaxy s ans s2 and s3 have amazing hardware , but at the end , you'll realize , these amazing hardwares means nothing when they put in a really really cheap shell , which breaks and don't feel premium at all. my favorite brand is Motorola , Motorola is a little behind time , their flagships doesn't show the best benchmark and performance , but when it comes to build quality , they are the no.1 mobile phone industry. i mean my razr xt910 is bullet-proof for god sake!!! that's what a phone should be like , HQ and premium. and another thing , i hate that samsung has absolutely no creativity in designing department. their cheap looking phones , always looks the same , the only difference is on the size of the screen. Motorola & Sony (sonyericsson R.I.P) has the best ideas in designing.

  • TMach

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2012Read the article. They didn't copy Sony, they just asked themsel... moreNow how does one company think like another? What a stupid comment! The article stated that Apple was inspired by Sony not that Apple thought like Sony. The point here is not that Android fans hate Apple or vice versa, people are simply bored with the incessant litigation. The only losers are consumers with the lawyers getting richer. Personally, I prefer and advocate competition which is healthy and NOT litigation which regressive!

  • miles windgate

i'm a Samsung phone user for 5 years now (Android and non-Android units). I used to use iPhones before (2G, 3G)and even other brands (i'm also a fan of Nokias and Sony Ericssons), but readily converted myself to using Samsung phones because of their superior/efficient quality and non-anal attitude towards free apps unlike Apple's greedy character on costs for apps and strange protocols. I've seen the Samsung Note commercial and read the articles on the lawsuit. i'm a firm believer in the free market competition and i say that Apple's lawsuit is one of desperation. Their products are a cheapshot and they suck...I dunno why people patronize the brand and not analyze the value for money comparison based on features and technology...which Samsung has always been a winner of. Is this what this world has gone to? Whenever a brand becomes a success...the losers try to crucify them? In the mobile phone industry - designs, styles, and features are likely to become similar simply because innovation, one way or the other, becomes practically similar (just like the auto industry's aerodynamic designs). I just hope Samsung wins...if they win, then the free market competition wins...consumers win. "Stop the sourgraping, Apple - stop insulting the consumers' intelligence. What you're doing is just way too embarrassing just like what your illustrious CEO before, Steve Jobs, did when he tried criticizing other phone companies about the ridiculous signal issue of the iPhone 4S...Samsung is just way too smart for you. GO SAMSUNG!!! Thanks.

  • Anonymous

apple will get a taste of its own medicine one day

  • Anonymous

hang on isnt that a white n9 ?

  • rims

Have look

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2012With some proofs like that, Sony can sue Apple for 5 Billion for... moreRead the article. They didn't copy Sony, they just asked themselves, how would Sony design something, and then designed it. It is still Apple's design. Lol the illiteracy displayed here is phenomenal.

  • Whatchasay

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2012With some proofs like that, Sony can sue Apple for 5 Billion for... moreUh oh. Looks like somebody didn't read the article. Thinking like Sony and copying Sony are two different things. Sony makes some nice phones but can you name a Sony phone that looked like the original Iphone?

  • ZAFT

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2012With some proofs like that, Sony can sue Apple for 5 Billion for... moreYe mam s0unds interesting.., 555

  • waawaw

apple is mafia

  • ram

most parts of iphone is made by samsung.although i credit apple for iphone design but now i should credit sony!and 1 day if sony and samsung merge and make a phone that will be iphone!

  • Anonymous

With some proofs like that, Sony can sue Apple for 5 Billion for design infringement. They probably had something like that keep in their design portfolio. So we get a interesting case of Apple sue Samsung, and Sony sue Apple. Cool man!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Will see about that soon...

  • Ding D0ng

Arc, 28 Jul 2012this is perhaps the ultimate reason for my patronizing of Sony p... morevery well said,,... Everything is SONY

viksit, 28 Jul 2012apple is yuck.... no innovation ever.. i piie on appleapple never made even a single piece of wire all is made in korea n japan and assembled in china.. and they sale same hardware for 10x price...

[deleted post]apple is yuck.... no innovation ever.. i piie on apple

  • Arc

this is perhaps the ultimate reason for my patronizing of Sony products (SE included) they make original designs, perhaps some of their product gives us an uncanny resemblances with other products from competition but an average user can still tell the difference. Samsung however is acting like they are flattering Apple by closely copying iPhone. no wonder why Apple never attacked Sony on legal issues.