Apple's court filings reveal early iPhone designs

27 July, 2012
One of the designs show influence of early Sony designs and the other looks like an iPod Mini.

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  • nokia fan boy

nokia is the best all company followed her

  • Anonymous

Denzo, 27 Jul 2012Samsung is garbage. They make cheap plastic phones that copies o... old plastic as you say galaxy s2 has seen a lot and still serves me well after a year of constant beating. As for copying... you will say apple invented the wheel as well. Android is far more customizabile than that brick , having that is just like sharing the same woman.

  • Anonymous

Denzo, 27 Jul 2012Samsung is garbage. They make cheap plastic phones that copies o... moreApple is garbage. They make cheap plastic phone and copies others.

  • apple fan boy

Vict, 27 Jul 2012 shame+sung=shamesung:pSAME+sung= samsung ;)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2012Im a samsung fan and i work around phones everyday i dont like a... moreas an aside apples desing is wearing a bit thin and as has alreayd been pointed out other industries copy designs all the time such as car industries or shock horror laptops look practically identical.

  • Denzo

Samsung is garbage. They make cheap plastic phones that copies others.

  • Anonymous

Im a samsung fan and i work around phones everyday i dont like apple as imo they are overpriced. yes samsung may have had a few devices like apple products but to be honest who cares i see equal amounts of both samsung and apple devices selling. Also if you look at their latest designs like the s3 they are pulling away from the apple look. at the end of the day they should both stop sueing each other.

  • Anonymous

Omg.. Now samsung drag sony with they patern war issue with apple. Steve job admire sony design. when you admire someone, you always try to be "look alike" and i read in xperia blog, the first question steve jobs ask their designer " what will sony do??" means he really respect sony as his idols with the iphone future design were inspired by sony. Samsung can do the samething inspired by iphone, but no need to come out with silly commercial like people standing next to apple store and sheep?? Samsung get all media attention by starting a war in patern. And that help them a lots in sales. But if apple just ignore what samsung did, will galaxy flagship will still selling like a hot cakes?? If you are in bisnes, respect are the main key.


Cap'n JS, 27 Jul 2012Why, when there is so much to dislike about Applelike what? I can't think of any.

Whatchasay, 27 Jul 2012Since when are unproduced prototype designs copies. The point i... moreyou are totally correct mate. how can you say that apple also copied some designs, from what? unproduced prototypes? really!?

samsung is finally running out of ideas that their excuses now are so lame.

like GSMArena said, it's a weak argument.

Samsung: hey Apple! you're just another copycat! see? you copied designs from phones that NEVER actually existed on the market.

epic samsung fail. (facepalm)

  • Cap'n JS

ashamed androidfan, 27 Jul 2012wow!!! you iphone haters really have no logical thoughts nor abo... moreWhy, when there is so much to dislike about Apple

  • Cap'n JS

errrr....Isn't that Sony typeface copyrighted???

  • finally

To all those ignorant APPLE FANS who used to talk nonsense about apple being an innovator , go bend over so apple can take some more wool of ur back for their next phone.

  • gam28toronto

i actually like the octagonal design... i hope iphone 5 will be as innovative as these ... very interesting

  • Blankman

Samsung: WAAHHHH, you never even invented those things like you said, stop suing us.

Apple: Erm, we never said we did. You made that up. Get back to work on our phones, bitch.

Samsung: Oh okay.

  • Anonymous

it doesnt matter who copy who, knowledge is build on those came before... so does design.

This nonsense in court is only making evil lawyers fatter by the day and not the civilization or technology to advance an inch!

  • Anonymous

Gavin_Is_A_Man, 27 Jul 2012Can you type properly, please? While your posts are good, they a... moreS0rry for i made it directly. So with th0se arguments i made wc 0f d ff will u stand then?...,.. May b dis 3 already p0inting each other. 55555

  • hell yeah...

Gavin_Is_A_Man, 27 Jul 2012Look at GSMArena, defending Apple (their favourites) with a whol... moreYour words, nearly did but - not close enough, samsung??? hell yeah lets go ahead ripp off another brand and to hell with Google's warnings. Nice one Sammy!

  • Anonymous

facepalm* if they want to sell this device, it must be less than $400 or how about $300 or $200...or why don't Apple just design every all over again.