Apple's court filings reveal early iPhone designs

27 July, 2012
One of the designs show influence of early Sony designs and the other looks like an iPod Mini.

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Funny, the last white model looks more like nokia n9!!!!!

  • israel

Big_Dikh, 27 Jul 2012Lol.. Yeah! Apple should sue Moises for announcing the Ten comma... morebecouse eating a apple and give it to snow white and become a evil!

  • Big_Dikh

Wilson, 27 Jul 2012Each day this boring melodrama takes a new twist.Each day a whoo... moreLol.. Yeah! Apple should sue Moises for announcing the Ten commandments with rectangular tablets.. hahahaha..

  • israel

lapax, 27 Jul 2012Dear Samsung this is a pathetic argument.who's the pathetic samsung or you! You kiding yourself read a news b4 say anything nonsense apple first to be pathetic like what u said. Now somsung just a "resback" only!

  • Anonymous

The octagonal design look so much like a coffin!

  • Anonymous

No wonder sony out of the apple legal list.. Lol

  • lapax

Dear Samsung this is a pathetic argument.

  • Enough is enough

I wonder how many other companies have similar concepts lying on their shelf from that time.

  • Anonymous

Remember kids, a countersuit a day keeps the apple away.

  • Whatchasay

Since when are unproduced prototype designs copies. The point is Apple never made phones with these designs. Google had to warn Samsung that they were following Apple too much. of course SamEsung defenders will ignore that part.

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  • Wilson

Each day this boring melodrama takes a new twist.Each day a whooping 190,000 Galaxy SIII sell.Each day the iPhone 5 supplies steam to the ever-grinding rumour mills.Instead of some folks hitting us with the next big thing, all they know is hampering innovation with stupid arguments.Like having a rectangular tablet is not a concept generic enough as to warrant a circular one.Even the biblical Moses' tablets were rectangular and he didn't patent that.Bogus!

  • Troublesome

Looks like apple's in trouble

  • LoL

awww....they need each sweet...

  • Leamsi Ylre

Now, who's the copycat?

if Steve Jobs was inspired by sony's design but never release on the market, why not Samsung was inspire by iPhones design.

beside, Apple still uses Samsung Electronics patented products... =>

Nonsense, what's the point??? Move on Apple, may the best phone win. Stop suing competitors like Sony or Samsung, go back to work!

  • israel

z, 27 Jul 2012lol next selfish gadgets! From greedy company!

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