Samsung Galaxy Note will hit T-Mobile USA on August 8

30 July, 2012
The handset will run Android ICS with Samsung's Premium Suite. It will cost $249.99 with a contract.

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  • Anonymous

i think galaxy note 2 should have dual sim features

  • Kevs

the note in US version is useless the outdated qualcomm s3 a8 pushing that many pixels , struggles my brother has the att version and the battery life is bad. 100% and 5 hours later gone.. the international version at least has an A9 processor capable of such task. And the price? ughh the gs3 is cheaper is 200 bucks in the other 3 carriers why the phones in tmo are more expensive?

  • DAN13L

note, 31 Jul 2012Late 2011 um no att didn't get the note till March 2012. Yes the... moreThen it must have been the international version that I was confused with. Either way, T-mobile should have just waited to push out the Note 2. $249.99 is ridiculous, $100 would have been reasonable.

  • note

Late 2011 um no att didn't get the note till March 2012. Yes the note 2 international should drop in a few months then early 2013 should see one in the states.

  • Mareeee

I thought they're about to release the Note 2 any time now, and T-Mobile is launching the Note 1? A year old device? Ridiculous

  • Anonymous

I really like this model. It has many features which are very useful and it is a very good

looking device. I am definately going to buy this model and thanks for providing this

animated notes

Well, it is OK to keep selling it, but introducing at this time seems strange. Almost a year late. Not a bad set, but things change so quickly, that it makes little sense to me ... Robert Lichota

  • Anonymous

T-Mobile?! LOL
I thought this company was dead! Didn't AT&T buy this company years ago??

  • DAN13L

note, 31 Jul 2012And what makes it outdated?? Enjoying my jellybean eating over c... moreOutdated because it is barely coming out on tmobile. When did you get yours? Late 2011?

  • note

And what makes it outdated?? Enjoying my jellybean eating over clocked under volted att note

  • tmotoolate

it outdated! wakeup tmo!! Note 2 announcement in less than a month, 49.99 might still be a hotcake... 249 no way lol...

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally

  • Sony, Nokia&samm

Waiting for the note 2

I really wish to have a copy of this. Please,furnish me with details of how to get one. Thank you.

  • XXXtreme

You joking,right ???

  • DAN13L

When was it released for other carriers. Might as well just get the Galaxy SIII instead of the that outdated phone.

  • Equal1zer

I really can't understand the point of selling this phone at this date. Arrival of Galaxy Note II is quite soon I think. It's just a waste of effort for both companies.

  • Old man Willis

About time it got here Tmobile. You are late to the party shame on you.

  • Anonymous

Andi, you know everyone will eat apple.