Motorola Z9 specifications surface

19 Mar, 2008
Last week the first photos of Motorola Z9 leaked at the good old FCC site. These were however with the typical for the commission awful quality and provided very little details about the handset...

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  • scuidgy

Moto is far behind current tecnology. What a pity, because I like the Moto quality. Not sure if there will come a European version at all (already August 08 now).

  • Michael

Moto will pull out of this as they are a leader and have great ear peices. They own the market for everyone who can't afford the most expensive phones but still want innovation. Going into a reccession they might just do pretty well not having an entire line of expensive phones. Let's get that stock back up to $15.

  • huatz84

To Motohaters,
How much did U get paid for bashing Motorola? U guys have to face the reality that Moto is the innovator of mobile phone.Moto invented vibration and Ur brand have to pay Moto for having vibration in their phone.

  • jjsoviet

Yeah, if Motorola didn't exist, then all of these 'cellphones' would never exist too.

  • piang

those who dun like motorola pls dun post all those bad comments here. if u dun lyk it, den y u view it?
if motorola dun invent phone, den now u wont have any.
so, think again before u post any comment

  • Constantine

Motorola produces shameful faces , feel sorry for its fans anyways siemens ready to greet its nephew

  • jjsoviet

Need I say that again?

I repeat, higher megapixel cameras would DEFINITELY suck if their sensors and optics are more inferior than a small 2mp camera's. So what if you have a 5mp camera? If its sensors suck, then the picture quality would be horrible. It would just be a huge ugly picture. But if I have a tiny 2mp camera with very good sensors and optics, I would be happy to see a medium sized high quality picture.

Need I say more?

  • Anonymous

It's a pity that motorola have more or less given up.

  • Anonymous

it look

  • ItsaSecret SHHH


Just because a company still has some 2mp cameras doesn't really mean anything. Samsung for example still has many phones that are 2mp, but samsung also has many phones that are 3.2 or 5mp. How many phones does motorola have that are 3.2 or 5mp? Just because motorola is coming out with ONE 5mp camera with the help of kodak doesnt mean anything. Motorola at least needs to start putting 3.2mp cameras in its higher end phones. When I look for a phone I'm looking for at least semi-decent capabilities. I'd rather carry around a single camera phone than carry around a camera phone and a digital camera.

  • jjsoviet

Yeah, higher megapixels don't (I repeat DON'T) mean better quality pictures. The sensors and optics are the things they should focus on and not on the megapixel power.

  • stu

@n95 8gb

If 2mp cameras are so outdated how come nokia. S.e and samsung and prity much every other phone company are still making phones with 2mp cameras. Oh and motorola are releasing a 5mp camera phone with help from kodak later this year.

  • vinod

this mobile handset is growth of market but 2mp is not sufficient.

  • N95 8GB

2MP cam is really outdated now, Moto doesnt have even 1 phone with 3 or 5MP.
When u put the photos to computer or TV, MP count really makes a big difference.

  • stu

Just because a phone has a 3mp camera, doesn't mean that camera is going to be any good. I've seen 1mp cameras take better pics than 2mp cams. 2mp cams take bette pics than 3mp cams and 3mp cams take better pics than 5mp cams. This phone could easily compete with other phones in its price range and they only have 2 or 2.2inch screens.

  • Anonymous

nice looks but only 2mega camera ....motorola are behind the times !!!!!

  • Igor

FYI big displays (& backlight) implies non negligible power from the battery !
so you have to make a compromise if you want big display or charge the device everyday...

  • master chief

If you motorola manufactures ever get to read my comments please pay attention to them bcoz it might just change your fortune.The SECRET OF SUCESS for motorola is start music series of phones(MOTOROKR would be good) similar to xpress music or walkman series.The phone has got to have very good music clarity,a 3 megapixel camera with flash and most importantly a big 2.4 inch display with a good battery.If the battery cant be as good as nokia, atleast make it as good as sony ericsson.I like the motorokr E8 but I dont understand why in todays world of bigger mobile displays to watch mobile T.V. and movies, motorolla opted to go backwards in time with a smaller display.One last word finally may be its time motorola looks inwards in its phones and work on a better user friendly interface and stronger battery rather than just working on style.

  • reviewer

Yes! Motorola strikes back! If this phone comes out on T-Mobile, I'm definitely buying it because it looks cheap price wise.

  • Anonymous

World is in hands of Motorola!!!