Windows Phone 8 might make an appearance at Nokia World

06 August, 2012
Microsoft might unveil new phones running WP8 at Nokia World held between September 3rd and 5th.

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  • Sam

iSJ5, 06 Aug 2012windows phone is only copy to iOS but thay just add and edit ico... moreDo u know anything on technical terms about your comment

  • Tiago C

I hope great smartphones this time, lumia 800 and 900 are to weak to face the beasts. In Brasil, nokia are too expensive. Thinking in this way, it's better buy iphone or Galaxy. I'm sad with the lasts phones and waiting to the growth of lumia phones...

gud luck wp8!

  • Samsung Fanboy Pro

Quick wheres my sick bag that looks rank!No doubt the blindfolded nokia fanboys will say its going to destroy android.Were still waiting maybe not in my lifetime anyway.And lets be honest do you honestly tgink that when its released people are going to buy this hunk of junk of the impending iphone 5 and all its followers?I think not

  • iSJ5

windows phone is only copy to iOS but thay just add and edit icons and themes bla bla!

  • Anonymous

Thanks to htc for giving us power over blackberry

  • rcl4444

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2012Who cares about iPhone 5? Well, according to some projections, m... moreVery true. i5 will break sales records because Apple fans will queue up over a week for it, regardless of whether it's amazing or average.

Compared to iOS6, WinMob8 is a big leap...though not sure if it's big enough. Probably not this round but sometime soon it will start to seriously compete.

As for your comment about being bored of Android... as compared to iOS?... seriously??! iOS is a really nice, smooth OS with lots to like about it, but more exciting then the almost unlimited ability to customise Android it definitely ain't.

As things are right now all 3 OS's are 'horses for courses' - each has enough pro's and con's that none is a clear stand out from the others.

  • Nokia N86

droopy, 06 Aug 2012WP8 is still not good ecosystem, i still dont understand why Nok... moreAs you have missed it below are facts RELIABLE sources
which you should read.

I think this is a win win for NOKIA in getting all this free publicity from APPLE, which should convert into sales as the IP5specs being over 'anticipated'

Samsung have raised the bar with the SGS III and so far have Apple have NOT added many features to each iPhone.
SO a jump from IP4S to Apples version of the SGS III is... I don't think so

WP8 is a giant leap, imagine the Lumia 800 or 900 with expansion and as I understand it, the 900 sold buckets in the USA

  • Monty

I have a gut feeling WP 8 will bring an end to the android.

  • rcl4444

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2012Not saying I am right 100%, but Android tablets are pretty bad (... moreYour right. If Win8 is all its cracked up to be then all tablets are in trouble. Unless Android does something to vastly improve the tablet experience, it's going to be the first to suffer.

I don't think Win8 mobile will be a hit right off though, so android smartphones will stay on top for a while. Once Win mobile produces a more fully flegded offering Android will need a fantastic tablet experience in place, otherwise Win Mo, Tab & PC will be a pretty tough ecosystem to beat.

  • Anonymous

Ak92774, 06 Aug 2012Who the hell cares for iphone 5??? Same OS ( IOS 6 is nothing ne... moreWho cares about iPhone 5? Well, according to some projections, maybe 100 million people, including me.

I also care about Windows Phone 8, which to me is equally exciting. Only one I feel bored of now is probably Android.

I'd say there's a very good chance we'll see at least one new
Windows phone in September. Originally the plan was to launch 2-3 Symbian handsets alongside the Asha 305 & 311, but I think Nokia has decided to shelve the old platform permanently (4 years early).

Who the hell cares for iphone 5??? Same OS ( IOS 6 is nothing new interms of looks) with just a big screen...

Im waiting for Windows phone 8...its a real smartphone!!!

WP8 is still not good ecosystem, i still dont understand why Nokia keep investing in 1% market share. Instead of launching Nokia Android PureView, they move to windowsphone where sales are not good really.

  • Anonymous

Me myself I am looking forward to owning an iPhone 5, and a new high end Lumia with WP8 for the year to come. Great combo.

  • Yuuup

Wow nokia world i couldnt think of a more boring place to be!!!And yuk it looks sooo boring yet again.Its ok android and aplle fans we have nothing to worry about!!

  • nokialearnothing

just looking at the ui on this picture I m so speechless... nokia moved to windows os thought that windows would rule the world like pc so they can eat this mind shares some eco system earn sit down relax kinda lazy money like they were before with Symbian when the tele industry was sleeping, they never learn... wp will doing ok but just surviving, period...

  • pratik

This is the last chance for nokia to come back in the race...I believe they will do

  • Pureview

Nokia WP8 Pureview phones will blow everybodys mind. Waiting for that.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Not saying I am right 100%, but Android tablets are pretty bad (the smartphones are quite good). Very poor software and developer support, while Microsoft Surface debut has loads of people excited. It stands to reason that Windows tablets will give Android a huge run for its money. Whether this translates to a halo effect on its Windows smartphones is another story altogether.