Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to sport an ultra-thin, flexible AMOLED?

08 August, 2012
Thanks to the new AMOLED display, the Note 2 might feature an even larger battery than the original Note.

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  • rehan

what a mobile yaaaaaaaaaar but cheaply.........................................­..........................!

  • Samsung Lover

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will smash the iPhone 5 just like the Galaxy S3 smashed the iPhone 4s and as for the iPad mini. That's why the Tab 11.0 is there: to cause destruction. Shame on Apple for creating such low-quality products. Samsung on the other hand. Well that's a totally different story because Samsung actually makes long lasting phones likes check what happened in the drop tests, the iPhone 4s's screen was shattered and the glass was chipped on the sides as for the Galaxy S3 there was only minor damage on the cover and the screen just had a little crack on the top corner so please all you Apple fans wake up and be part of the Galaxy experience. I currently have a Galaxy S3 and a Galaxy Note 10.1 which arr just incredibly stunning in every aspect. I only changed recently because my iPhone 4s didn't give me enough freedom to do what I want and it was simply just too slow and the iPad 3 well the first month I had it I already regretted my decision. Then the company I work for let me use a Galaxy S2 for 6 months and that's when I saw the light and I switched to Samsung Galaxy and that's when I realised why Samsung is the Worlds Number 1 company

  • Anonymous

khan, 16 Aug 2012wonderrrrrrrrrrrrrfull we are waiting sooooooooooooo eagerlywonderrrrrrrrrrrrrfull we are waiting sooooooooooooo eagerly

  • khan

we are waiting sooooooooooooo eagerly

  • S-Person

iSJ5, 08 Aug 2012please samsang cancel this plastic-copy why are you competing wi... moreYou clearly have no taste when it comes to SMARTPHONES. Oh and for all you idiots who say Samsung's plastic covers are cheap I have news for you all. THE PLASTIC COVERING IS ACTUALLY AS STRONG AS KEVLAR BUT I DIDN'T EXPECT ANYTHING MORE FROM A BUNCH OF BRAIN-DEAD UNDERATED APPLE USERS. Compare the iPad 3 to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the only reason you can't is because there is no comparison because the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a show-stopper unlike apple Samsung doesn't need to sue other companies to try and eliminate competition. Samsung leads the way in making Televisions,Smartphones,Stoves even washing machines etc. Apple fans are like zombies always going after the stupidest thing and making the dumbest decisions that's why the Apple logo is an apple which is missing a piece and that's because Samsung bit a piece of them and the worms are still coming to finish the job, these worms are delicious they're names are Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy tab 11.0 suck that apple and apple fans that's what you all get for choosing underrated (apple) of innovation(Samsung)

  • saqibhussain

it should not be above then 35000........if it wiil be of 35 thousand then i can have this..


can't wait for this beast to be out.

  • Ed

chaitanya mor, 12 Aug 2012sorry u are mistaken galaxy S 3 i9300 has 2GB of ram its not men... moreOnly the American variants have 2 GB of ram, the international GS3 only has 1 GB of ram (:

when will this mobile will release in market and how much cost it will be in Indian rupees


surely it another innovative device for me to have it and i don't mind even 6 inches larger screen with high speed CPU and camera, SD cardf slot and HDMI functions direcly plug and play with TV that will be great functions for all of us. I will help us to stop carry around larg laptop/notebook all the time..

  • chaitanya mor

Pritam Das, 11 Aug 2012All 3 have quad core processors, but galaxy note 2 has highest 1... moresorry u are mistaken galaxy S 3 i9300 has 2GB of ram its not mentioned here in gsm arena... i personally had doubts that it is 1 or 2 gb .. but after benchmarking it ... the result was that i9300 has 2GB of ram :)

  • bohannon67

Glenn, 08 Aug 2012If the screen will be prone to burn in again, like all Samsung A... moreHad the GS1 for two years and now on the GS3 (ok since launch which wasn't that long ago admittedly).

NEVER had an issue with screen burnout whatsoever. The AMOLED and SAMOLED displays that grace the respective devices are nothing short of amazing.The deepest blacks possible and really bright and vibrant.

FOLED will be the next benchmark.

  • bohannon67

If true then this still be yet another game changer from Samsung.

We all know that Sammy has been sitting on this technology for some time now and hoped it might make an appearance on the GS3 (awesome handset nonetheless).

If it turns out not to be on the Note 2 then it won't be long before we see it anyway.If it does then Sammy are light years beyond all the rest yet again.

  • G

Simply can't wait!!!! the Galaxy series is the best thing I've come across in some years now, I own the galaxy, galaxy2, galaxy note and was about the purchase the galaxy 3 this week, but on hearing about the "black" and "Note 2"; I think that I should wait. Samsung is undeniably making the best phones in the market. IPhone 5, please!!!! Samsung all the way.
Can't wait for the "jellybean" to make an appearance

Christina Samuels, 10 Aug 2012Hey guys nd only guys...;) Please help me.. I am confused betwe... moreAll 3 have quad core processors, but galaxy note 2 has highest 1.5GB of RAM and a larger display of 5.5".

I have Galaxy Note in my family (i don't use it) and i really like it, had planned to buy the s3 but didn't, now thinking about iphone 5, but i know i'll end up buying a note 2!! haha my heart is going that way.....

  • yoyok

nice phone..

  • subil

i am happy with my sgn 1

  • yoyo

flexible screenn..?for what..!!!yet cud be help if u drop ur fon,but i cud take care of my fon..!!!
just put A15 architecture processor with lte..!!!and huge battery pack..!!! thats most important...

  • Mr Strong

Just kill the Apple monopoly.....Good job samsung