Black Galaxy S III goes up for pre-order in the UK

13 August, 2012
Now, the Galaxy S III is available in four colors: ceramic white, pebble blue, garnet red and black.

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  • mohit rathore

sanda, 14 Aug 2012however blue is the uncommon colour & we love it.. best ton... moreBlack Galaxy S III looking so smart with the touch

  • aalmahdi

Galaxy SIII is pretty cool....but which color is the best; white, blue, red or black?!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

ponix, 14 Aug 2012i love the plastic samsungs rather than the overrated metal and ... moreMe too. What a coincidence. Lol. I do much prefer a cost effective high grade plastic device rather than a glass brick that shatters everywhere when you drop it. yodo. not to mention a whole computer system im in charge of not an app launcher that i am told what to do with with. so nice we see eye to eye

  • aloner

Who cares about the color, as long as it doesn´t crack as the white and blue ones?

  • ponix

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2012It's your choice. Shall you go for the plastic that works awesom... morei love the plastic samsungs rather than the overrated metal and glass i-phone

  • sanda

however blue is the uncommon colour & we love it.. best tone is blue.

  • Anonymous

apple funboy, 13 Aug 2012Iphone 5 will rock Oh yeah? WITHOUT Youtube and maps preinstalled in it?

  • Anonymous

joe, 13 Aug 2012OMG ugly ugly Crappy plastic materialIt's your choice. Shall you go for the plastic that works awesome, or the glass and metal with restricted ecosystem with outdated UI?

  • ALi

I really was confused wether to buy blue or white because they are not my favorite colours for smartphone. Now I can go and buy SIII black version.

  • samsung funboy

[deleted post]lol...iphone 5 will never rock higher than s3, it's even lower than s2...:(

  • azman

Shinigami, 13 Aug 2012I love how each one of them looks but didn't have a chance to ch... moreif u fully and deeply set in yr mind to grab it in yr day u'll get it in yr real life. I'll also pray for u...:)

  • Anonymous

good for black lovers, but i love white design

  • jay34

Black is the new white!!

  • jp

I prefer the blue/white version. It gives the Samsung GS III its unique identity of being one of the most popular flagship of Samsung. Surely, Samsung has learned its lesson back from the old days by not letting their customers down and by not leaving them hanging in the air while holding a buggy piece of brick in their hands. It's time for LG to shape up if it wants to follow Samsung's feat.

  • Jay

Already have a Samsung Galaxy S 3 White... Now so tempted to get the black colour... Samsung Galaxy S 3 rocks... People who feel this phone isnt worth it, probably havent tried using it or probably doesnt know how to use it... Once you use it all phones are just another phone.. Nothing can beat S3 as of now....

  • iCRAP

all i know is samsung is doing a great business... apple fanatics should just shut the $%^& up.

  • Steve

Made of plastic! Yuck! - SJ

  • AnthonyStark

I thought it looks beautiful but when I actually check the demo unit, it actually feels cheap and plastic, And the screen is so big. It is beautiful but when I pulled my iPhone and compared them side by side the s3 looked cheap.

  • Tanz

This phone is a plastic scrap huhu lol,go iphone 4s and blackberry bold 9900 its more exclusif

  • Anonymous

Certainly looks more elegant than the other colours in my opinion. The blue looked a little 'washed out' and I'm not the biggest fan of white phones.
For some strange reason, the black makes up a bit for the plastic look and feel of the phone, makes it more appealing.