Alleged Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II official photo surfaces

14 August, 2012
Alongside the photo and some specs, we also got info on the Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update.

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  • Kaboss

New model and contity

  • Anonymous

I waiting for it I hope that it use big camera but now I don't want it because camera is the same

  • Anonymous

I waiting for it I hope that it use big camera but now I don't want it because camera is the same


Wat gets me is the note 1 is a perfect device,, I've owned EVERY smartphone at one time or another..I'm all for innovation BUT none of u are EVER happy with what you've got!!.I'll be just as amazed a y'all Wen note 2 arrives I can't wait...but saying that doesn't mean I'll b a sellout to upgrading,, there's a smartphone out there that suites everyone just gotta find wats best for you!!!, stop hating on certain devices or operating systems.....

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2012i am waiting this phone ola

  • sgnote2fan

TheNeighbor, 15 Aug 2012For people who complain about the size, don't get this as you ob... morei totally agree with your comments. i am an architect and with this note 2, i will be able to sketch, take notes, take pictures on site, digitize my voice notes... i had bad experiences with a tablet and phones but now finally the two have become one. perfect.

  • SJ

this phone getting hanged in some time and also tge phon call getting dropped. The message will appear on screen when it will stoped "The stopped the phone call unexpectdly"

  • Anonymous

i am waiting this phone

  • kontol gede

want quality... get a DSLR...

this is what the galaxy s3 should have looked like but still i love it

  • KW2012

Johnny, 15 Aug 2012Guys i'm very disappointed.. I was waiting like hell.. But as ... moreI've been waiting for it too. But if these specs hold, I'm leaning towards upgrading my iPhone.

  • M

Oleg, 15 Aug 2012Why doesn`t Samsung put a 12 MP camera into Galaxy Note 2? 8 MP ... moreMegapixel's mean nothing without quality.

  • Jonty

what about RAM

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2012Samsung is getting more like Apple, ALMOST the same shit in a ... morewow. if there wasnt trolls like you nobody would have anything here to do....oh wait except have truthful meaningful conversations....why are you here again????

  • Oleg

Why doesn`t Samsung put a 12 MP camera into Galaxy Note 2? 8 MP sounds too ridiculous in compare with other top brands. O_o

  • wolfedude88

nick, 15 Aug 2012to all, u ppl must be aware of galaxy S2 n galaxy not... morewell and the fact that the note brought an 720p screen to the table, nice upgrade in fact.

  • nick

to all,
u ppl must be aware of galaxy S2 n galaxy note... note was a slight upgrade over S2... in approximate, they were alike almost in specs but samsung introduced the note nly coz sum ppl wanted a bigger screen phone, a hybrid between a phone n a tablet same way S3 n note 2 are...
Galaxy Sseries are the true flagship phones of samsung, note is not... thus its a much like similar device like S3 but wid bigger screen n hav slight upgrades like in cpu n screen been RGB instead of pentile matrix architecture... all specs r good but the rumored exynos 5 chip will be missed n hope we will see it in the next flagship, S4....

  • Do3

Does anyone know if the update will be for all the SIII models, dual and quad core, or just the 9300 quad core.

frankly speaking i did not like this S III design at all, and when i heard that design is coming to Note II
i just freaked out !! please Samsung No S III design to Note II

  • iloveSamsung

I've been using the Note for almost a year now, bought it a month after release ;) here's my feedback.

1. Love the gorgeous screen. The 5.3 inch screen allows me to read my books in class or anywhere else, in the library if I wanna jot down couple of points etc without being too cumbersome to carry around. A tab is too big and a 4.3 inch phone too small...that being said my previous phone was the htc desire hd.
2. The build quality is good but not great. Still, I dont see any reasons why anyone would complain as the phone holds up to everyday use like any other high end phone.
3. ICS update, and now to 4.0.4 just recently have vastly improved the use of the phone's key feature -the pressure sensitive s-pen. I love it! I love it! I love it!
4. The s-pen is trully a godsend. All of my notes -over 200 - have been taken with the s-pen, the only complain is the phone feels sluggish with so many I'm eagerly waiting for the hardware upgrade in Note II. ;) The ability to take a snapshot and annotate it has been tremendously useful. Seriously cant emphasize enough how useful the Note is for useing it as an adjunct to study.
5. The battery life is poor. I do wish it would have packed a 3000 mah instead. Under heavy use it depletes fairly fast...which begs me to ask; if the Motorola razer maxx has a 3300 mah battery why couldnt the Note have 3500 mah atleast? That would've helped alot!

That said some sugessions are:

1. Please ensure the battery is atleast 4000 mah Samsung! Whats the point in having a phone touted for productivity if it cant last half a day under heavy use??!!
2. No need for a 12 mp cam, 8mp is plenty- just improve the module further. Those asking for more are plain stupid.
3. Please, no S III design. Make the Note II more distinct...

More innovation! I love Samsung!