Samsung pushes back Tizen to 2013, Bada almost certainly dead

22 August, 2012
Samsung has announced that its first device running Tizen OS most likely won't be released until next year.

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It seems a very hard job to get non-american software in what we use all - mobile phones... Our computers work almost only on american OS, and phones seems to go the same direction. Look, Symbian is killed by some previous-Windows worker(Nokia CEO), Bada is killed, and now Samsung, when wanted to introduce finally intependent software open-source, the US-government fines Samsung a HUGE fine. Isn't it strange? Seems that there are people that want to know what we do and when - all the time... Hope Tizen gets through, because I'm tired of google(Android) knowing every move of almost everyone these days...

  • hmtyvz

do not fall in that tizen pit.
as an bada user, i did the same a couple of years ago with wave.
a couple of years after now, you will reveal that tizen will be outdated and a new OS will arrive.
stick with iOS or Andro...

  • Ajay

Samsung you done gr8 job Tizen will surely beat all there compititor Samsung fanastic seems you are the big fan of Samsung like meeee yes your some comment i liked it's true Exynos is better than nvidia and snapdragon but Quallcum i find little bit fast but nothing to worry bcause exynos is new they will surely made this proceessor faster in future and some my commenter friends says that GS2 won best smp of year has not a innovation so frndd i tell you that the phone which won smp of any year is due to it's performance not it's innovation GS2 gr8 in performance and GS3 surely win and last year best innovation product goes to samsung Galaxy note and now wait and watch both award of best innovation and best smp goes to.... Galaxy S3

I like the hardware of bada based phones but os is waste

i am actually with samsung for this very time...

they need to have there own OS on hand... so they need to support it...

yes its true that no one can serve 2 masters at once..but this is for goodness sake... they should have back up OS even they are soaring high with android and they are still not notice in WP...

bada is really dead but it outsold WP even without promotion... so they need to merge the goodness of bada (if any) then put it on tizen... i dont really get this whole html5 thing.. but as long as it wont be like firefox OS that its looks like a website... as long as its functionality is same way with android but apps are html5 and natives..

unlike nokia, that they put all they got on WP which is not really good.. they upset some tech fans about abandoning symbian and meego for WP.. and they will only continue to support s40 which is an OS for dumbphones not smartphones.. even the look of these new asha touch is really nice but it is still DUMB PHONE!!!

i just wish that nokia could let symbian live in low end market.. s40 can run on very cheap market.. the bar phones..but symbian on low end smartphones... s40 cant multitask and symbian can..besides symbian doesnt need latest of the latest hardware.. it can run fluidly on outdated processor.. all it needs is some it catch up coz belle is actually android 2.3 and belle fp1 is 2.3.7 then belle fp2 is ICS level... they abandon it... i pity symbian so much.. such great platform...

so samsung, but make a room for tizen too!!!

  • primasanto

it's all about commitment, if Samsung can't commit to Bada I got a feeling Tizen will end up the same. I owned Wave II and did believe that it would do great because the phone was great and the apps weren't so bad, but who am to think so when the life of the OS was entirely up to its creator

  • Marco

Vitaliano G., 24 Aug 2012I normally read Nokia related posts. But today out of curiosity ... moreLenovo's choice of not making Android tablet's has nothing to do Google aquiring Moto. Android tablet's aren't that popular. And the start was veeeery slow. Getting a bit better now.

In surveys, people have said they are waiting on proper Windows-tablets. Simply because the ipad is a glorified ipod and android tablets rarely offer anything over any android phone - apart from the transformer series.

I'm waiting for a transformer type windows tablet. I will keep android on my phone though.

Tizen will end quickly, unless kept desperately alive artificially by Samsung.

  • Yani

Since I'm a MeeGo fan myself this OS, since start is a altogether sad story.
Great OS with great potential killed time after time after time.
Proof? Look at the year 2010!:


SamsungFanatic, 23 Aug 2012You got it wrong if you think all BADA users hate BADA. I'm a BA... morebada dont have any good application . okay leave it , its ui is worst than a cheap china handset , i know you have the wave but please believe me it has got nothing that any body should buy it , i am having nokia asha and pretty happy with it

I normally read Nokia related posts. But today out of curiosity and the obvious future that Tizen has (the same as Meego had with Nokia), I decided to read all comments.

As geeks we usually miss the point when it comes to mainstream users. So this kind of discussion ussually come and go with no usefull results more than the use of our brain.

No ofense to anyone here. Both Bada and Tizen are just going to the death pool, and they are going using the fast lane.

I'll not elaborate but the mobile Os has no space for another player. It has space for mistakes though, like the google's acquisiton of Moto, that will do for android what Nokia did for symbian in 2007, and it has just started to happen with lenovo not going with android in their tablets.

So, sadly, Tizen has a death sentence over it's head, whether we like it or not.

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SamsungFanatic, 23 Aug 2012I wonder which part of inovate do you not understand? -Exynos... moreYour evidence about innovation is pretty weak. You compare to nvidia but leave out Qualcomm, which is generally regarded better than Exynos in performance. They're all ARM based anyway. If Exynos is an innovation then Siri is an innovation because they both built upon previous tech.

About the TV, say hello to the Kinect which came out couple of years ago. That's what everyone is comparing it to.

Smart stay... Really? Not much of big deal. How long do you stare at your phone without using it anyway?

GS2 smartphone of the year... ok...What's the innovation?

I'd rather choose "Jolla" rather than this Tizen...
The UI is not pleasant to look at compare to MeeGo-> which happens to be revived by "Jolla" PLUS, they're going to release their Smartphone Q4 this year and the MeeGo is tested and labeled as one of the strongest competitor to Android and iOS.! Symbian Belle too has finally catch up with the competition but it's rather too late for them. The eyes of the consumers are set to the two leading platforms and WP8 OS AND Jolla.

nebulae, 22 Aug 2012samsung pushes back tizen because they will wait first for the r... moreI wonder which part of inovate do you not understand?

-Exynos 4 defeated nvidia in benchmark and performance (exynos quad and nvidia 4+1 aditional core)
-Exynos 5 dual first processor of it's kind designed for heavy graphics and multi tasking
-SG3 first and only phone with unique features like smart stay (they invented it not copy)
-Smart TV LED which has motion sensors which can detect your movements and voice commands
-SG2 which is the smartphone of the year last year beating iphone

and many more.

RejZoR, 23 Aug 2012There is just one galactic proportions difference. Pretty much a... moreYou got it wrong if you think all BADA users hate BADA. I'm a BADA user my self and I love it.
The only thing I hate about it is that it has no option for clearing RAM and I can't find such app in Samsung Apps.

I actually prefer it rather then Android (don't get me wrong I still like Android and I use one) because of it's clean and simple interface. Not to mention BADA is virus free. And there are millions of java games and apps you can download. So the lack of apps in Samsung App is not a problem.

I do hope they'll continue BADA or release an update to replace BADA with TIZEN.
I heard that TIZEN can run both BADA and Android apps.

  • onie

what will happen to the phone using bada will still work? like browsing the internet

Will die BADA's death..

  • ronak

tomakali, 23 Aug 2012Tizen might be a good platform. But WP8 is tremendously HUGE in... morewhat is this ???

Tizen might be a good platform.
But WP8 is tremendously HUGE in terms of features and Support from Microsoft is phenomenal.

id really want to see Nokia Customizing WP when all other OEMs are starting to rival each other.

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  • Microplex

Bada 1.0 OS was ok back in 2010 ... in the Wave S8500 (otherwise known as Wave I) the hardware specs basically matched the Galaxy S (with exception to RAM as the Wave had 256MB v 512MB for the Galaxy S, then Bada 1.2 OS was developed and the Wave II (S8530)was released with it and the Wave I in selected regions were updated to Bada 1.2.

Granted the Bada 1.0/1.2 UI was not the best in terms of aesthetics (looks) it is just as smooth as WP7/7.5 and overall a very good OS similar to what Symbian Foundation and their various providers like Nokia and Samsung did with S60v5 release 9.4.

Bada OS was also developed for less powerful models and actually Bada OS through the Wave line did outsell the initial batch of Windows Phone 7 handsets (this is before Nokia made their death wish and joined Microsoft.

Now Samsung have Bada 2.0 with the updated TouchWiz 4.0 UI and the top of the range Wave III (S8600), which is a fine device, again with the same Specs as the Galaxy S Plus / Galaxy Y (although with a larger 4" SAMOLED pentile screen).

Samsung Apps has some good apps for Bada 1.0/1.2/2.0 devices, so its not like Samsung did not try to make it work, they did and sales show that Bada OS was a good success for Samsung but did they really want to try to outgun the (now) Big 3 OS platforms?

Tizen is a joint work of Samsung and Intel, so Bada will still live on under the Tizen brand, Intel still will try to make their chipset systems work in the mobile platform environment.

Nokia own MeeGo and have dropped it but they still own it and now you have Jolla trying to revive Maemo with the knowledge of Hatterman,.

I suspect that we will see Tizen link up with Jolla somewhere down the line.

But whats the point again?

WP8 will do good business, iOS is iOS for Apple and Android OS will still be king.