Galaxy S III now available in brown, black, grey and red

28 August, 2012
Samsung say the new colors are inspired from Earth's rich materials, rounding up the S III's colors to six.

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  • N:N

Mary Jam , 30 Aug 2012What date will the garnet red one be released in england??Never!!!!!!!!!! what that fffff

  • abc

when Samsung release these colours in earth?

  • N.N

Carmama13, 29 Aug 2012Are any of the new colours coming to Canada?Never!!!!!! canada this colors never come back jajaja only eeuu

  • Mary Jam

What date will the garnet red one be released in england??

  • s

when It will come to India

Are any of the new colours coming to Canada?

  • Tuan Dilshan

i bought the pebble blue one earlier and gosh it still stands the best for da amber brown luks sexyy and titanium grey looks kinda hav a business luk....the garnet red matches the ladies and sapphire black is another extra on the bags for some still the pebble is the bestt for meeee

  • Anonymous

oh ma Gosh!!!....I love the amber brown. must get it.

  • Anonymous

Woow..I like The Amber Brown!!! cant wait to go buy it. Good job Samsung for giving as a colour options to choose from.

  • Diesel88

i currently am rocking the blue one, which is very sexy but that grey one is hottt!!! and i want it!!! lol!!! i love the very sleek and sexy design of the phone. it's actually not hard to operate in one hand and i'm just blown away with all the detailed intuitive tweaks that make this a beast of a phone!!! sammy has a my loyalty for life !!!!! i would recommend that everyone give this phone a try....u will not regret it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :~)

  • Andrew

the brown one looks sexaayy... :D

  • swansong

shyam, 29 Aug 2012After the update HTC one x now fast and smooth.Looks and speed, ... moreThat is obviously not a fact

  • swansong

Yes ive always thought i wish my slll was the colour of you know what and are samsung sure apple dont own that colour.

  • anish

from where is the colour copied now?

  • Amr El Roumy

IS THIS TRUE????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edge

When will this be available in Philippines?can someone know?

  • John

More colours to milk more money from samsung fanboys. LOL

  • I-say

iSJ5, 29 Aug 2012why this device is not ban? i dont like gs3, because the name i... moreu don't like GS3 bcz ur mind is banned from thinkin beyond I-crap

  • rebel

samsung should put the colors under licence otherwise apple will bring them back to the court

  • the_seba

The should have named that brown shade Amber Gold... yeah, it's only funny if you're into Polish current affairs.