Watch the Nokia Windows Phone 8 event here

05 September, 2012
You can also watch the event streamed live right here. Stay tuned for the exciting announcements.

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  • Anonymous

purepuke, 05 Sep 2012omg thats disgusting and so boring and no doubt aplle will destr... moreas your name suggest pure puke~ its purrely senseless puke in the form of yor comments dude:)... this phone is awesome!!!! world is tired of the i phone that hasnt changed since the start.. its become boring...

  • Eric_j

i am tired of my iphone , these lumia looks cool sure i will buy one! any idea when it will be avialble?

  • Anonymous

super -duper... im blown away by this lumia... :) I can sense nokia back on track with the kind of innovations they are talking off in this new set of phones.. may be time well taken to get these on... watch out droids :)


I smell something fishy about what happening between Nokia and Microsoft. Elop is a former employee of Microsoft and Microsoft is planning to create their own Smartphone. Elop is killing Nokia Company for the reason that when the Nokia cant control anymore the Lost of profit in the market this will be the time that the Microsoft will buy the Nokia then all the patent license and technology owns by Nokia will be transferred to Microsoft for them to easily create a New Brand of phone

  • DKS

mkx, 05 Sep 2012Love this phone. So fed up with same android and apple interfaces..I agree with you mate bit i just bought iphone 4s it cost me fortune so unfortuntely i have to stick to this phone for while but Lumia 920 looks brilliant

  • purepuke

omg thats disgusting and so boring and no doubt aplle will destroy it before it even starts sellin.Answer me this is people are due to upgrade do you honestly think there going to pick the ugly 70s disco tiles phone or iphone.Also how original is it to say its new when all theve done is fit 4 icons into one big ugly square.

  • DKS

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 looks good and thank you GSM Arena for the live stream nice one

Still better than my N900 in a way :D More horsepower xD Better camera, bigger screen, slimmer and so on :D

  • mkx

Love this phone. So fed up with same android and apple interfaces..

  • Ramamoorthy (Murali)

Wireless Charging, looks cool:)
Nokia is on a Winning Way...

  • suysuy

the speaker also stutters. lu lu lumia

  • Optimus G

OMG! laggy wphone 8.

  • Anonymous

even to load videos there is troubles! comeon!

  • Anonymous

Hatif, 05 Sep 2012Its cuz of projector FPS ratenope, even the phone itself is laggy and that is seen!

  • Anonymous

devices are so laggy here! that it what i excepeted!

  • Anonymous

Google, 05 Sep 2012Use IE, you know... Microsoft is the slowest and laggiest browser ever made! droid browser can be used for everyhting while here you will need another browser for sure!

  • ionutzm05

As usual, uninspiring UI, 0 powerful application, no menu.. and so on. Why to put a dual-core processor in a phone that does almost nothing?

Its cuz of projector FPS rate

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2012Why does it look so laggy? like 15fps or somethingnice realize! me also i seen that! staying with my droid is far better for me!

  • Anonymous

yeip, 05 Sep 2012That was lame. The Lumia 920 is a huge turn off for me. I expect... moretrue, also metro ui is terrible! see from the live coverage how it is ugly!