Itís hot, itís Nokia Tube live

09 Apr, 2008
Nokia Tube, the latest and highly rumored exceptional Touch phone, is no longer a rumor as live images of the device leaked today plus some details about the device feature pack. Nokia Tube runs on the...

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  • ch


i think you get the point but don't want to admit it... the guy was trying to say that nokia is WAY behind in the full touch UI...
not 2nd.. not 3rd ... not 10th..... not 30th.
i think you got the point now.

i know how much you loved to write "the world's first touchscreen" but hopefully you cant.

  • Totti

still wait for xperia!

  • blq

Symbian UIQ... why? why, this old-fashioned failer with completely no appz? Only WM it's the only thing. SE makes WM PPC. LG makes WM PPC. Nokia prefers this old crap with no future. Sad...

  • Anonymous

I guess Nokia didn't want to be left out in this touchscreen phone race. The interface looked very dated...

  • PH47CH

would love to see the specs next to the SE P5
xperia is old and its not even released, P5 (hopefully) will conquer all. ive had nokia's Lg's and SE's and i always come back to SE, lg's plastic toys, nokias plastic toys with a few decent features. se never been plasticy or cheap and always had great features and very simple to use. if nokia changed their ugly icons, and changed the stupid file system, and got rid of a-gps (who wants to pay to hear some man or lady when u can get it for free) i would probly buy one. the specs sound good on paper but for some reason never seem to be all that on a nokia.

  • Yiannis

After 8 months definitely the mobile world it will be different! Nokia f... it up totally on this one. And, Nokia failed to see the 2 major things i) Touch screen like iPhone/Samsung Armani ii) Window based mobiles like LG KS20/ HTC Touch, Cruise, TyTN etc.

Nokia era is ending up fairly quickly. Strategic decision is necessary on the Nokia court, as if YOU CAN NOT BEAT then, YOU HAVE TO JOIN THEM is necessary with unknown outcome.

APPLE screwed it up years ago with their Operating System and WINDOW is the king. How long Nokia will be trying to promote SYMBIAN? The high end customer wants Complete solution and is willing to pay for it. Nokia E90 is dying and HTC sales are incredible. High end Customer wants TOTAL network solution so that his MOBILE to be in direct COORDINATION with his/her PC. And, also more goodies are on offer wether are GPS, ALARM/SECURITY Camera controls etc via the HTC aka Window based mobiles.

  • Anonymous

Will u can wait, lol

  • rakeb

very much 2009 necessary to make 2008

  • Anonymous

2009, did u all see it hahahaha, no 1 will wait that long.

  • Anonymous

nokia is horrible. it makes me sick.
Only Sony Ericsson

Have the worst nightmares with nokia

  • Anonymous

bye bye IPhone

  • Anonymous

This will beat up ExperiaX1! And will compete with the iphone...

  • n96

haha xperia
"nokia's behind"
listen u sony erricson freaks. first of all how is nokia behind??
let me give you the facts:
worlds first mobile phone
worlds first mega-pixel phone
worlds first camera phone
worlds best selling, phone company
1st richist phone company
1st 5 mega-pixel phone
worlds first mp3 phone
nokia sells more mp3 phones then the ipod
nokia sells more camera phones then kodak
worlds first colour phone....i can carry on forever an ever but i think u get the message

  • Anonymous

amazing phone its gonna kill the stupid IPHONE

  • sarim

its a crap
Think of Xperia!!!
This is a total sucker from nokia
now they are thinking of any touch phone
nokia....u r so behind!!!
Sony Ericsson rocks

  • Carl


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