Oppo's Find 5 flagship will pack 1080p screen with 441ppi

15 September, 2012
The CEO of Oppo Mobile Chen Mingyong teased the upcoming quad-core Android powerhouse.

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  • don't be evil !

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2012Android started the spec war but the software is very important.... morebut they can use Google's software it's open source

  • x3mer

1080p! that's how you break the ice, you damn Note2.

mughalgxt, 15 Sep 2012i doubt qualcomm snapdragon is capable of powering such massivel... moreMan...Snapdragon Pro is the SoC, and it precisely uses a quadcore Krait...

  • Phoenix

To be honest full HD on phone is nonsense as you can not notice the difference between them. On the other hand more battery charge has to be wasted on powering a full HD screen beside probable loss of the chance to smoothly play demanding games which will be released in the future in comparison to HD mobiles and finaly the more bucks you have to spend for such a mobile .
So i believe Optimus G is a wiser choice.

441 ppi? You wouldn't even notice the difference between HD and Full HD on this thing. You simply can't have a 5 inch Full HD phone that actually uses that pixel density to give the user better picture.
Such a waste of pixels...

  • Esk

Seriously, wow. Hope they pack a GPU to match that screen though, or it'll be slow as anything on games.

  • faisal

Wow....great phone from China

  • ErfanDJ

441 PPI???
this isnt a important think
eyes of a usual human cant find the difrence between 300 PPI and 441 PPI
after 300 or 350 PPi you cant see the pixels with normal eyes
this is not a important future

Now, this is a REAL REVOLUTIONARY. Hey Oppo, you should patent this as fast as you can, before Apple can sue you. lol

hosam elmasry, 15 Sep 2012any way my 4s playing video hd 1080 and better in different light Yeah, your iFhone 4S is playing 1080p movies on a 640 x 960 pixels, 3.5 inches screen.

That sure is better... NOT!

Get over yourself, fanboy!

  • wor

just nonsense! useless asian competition for bigger displays, more cores, more RAM, more PPI... FOR WHAT - ON THE MOBILE PHONE?!thank god Apple has a brain!

  • joestar555

don't blabber yet..
let us wait for it's release and when you try it, then judge it...it's not even out yet and some of you judge it already...
damn, some people just judge things without even trying the unit itself.

The question is if it will come to the UK and the rest of the western world and what the cost of it, I'm hopeing it will be cheaper so they can make there ground on the market. And come with a touch pen to make notes so you don't have to use paper ever

  • kouroukavla

Apple will sue them, for infriging their patent over the pixel density, set by their Retina displays. Apple MUST own the record. Don't you get it?

  • yakiss

With such huge display will only call for one disadvantage "POOR BATTERY". I believe the only people that truly understand what make a smart phones smart is "SAMSUNG". Wait before U̶̲̥̅&#7­78; eat me alive, screen display deal directly with battery, what de point if a fone render 441ppi which talk time last for 2 hours. We all know by now that samsung fone have better battery than I phone and i pads. If de chinese what to show their muscle let them start by upgrading their battery from 2500 to 5200mAh cos we all know china had bad battery after all note 2 has 3100mAh. Finally it a gud thing we have dis development from opopo rather than the well know brand name which will only give that in gravious prices. Well done OPOPO

  • humble mobile user

gosh ! high tech handsets at lower prices ! thats the way ! go ! go ! can oppo consider a satellite network -MAKE it LARGE GLOBAL MEALDEAL ! NO MAYONAISE please ..

i think it will give oppo a good reputition , but next gen. " oppo find 6" will rocks and give this company a name between giants.

this is the new specs monster,

now ... can it perform well in bench marks?

.........can it satisfy users in performance and build quality?

.........can it have good market share?


This is the current flagship phone in the world for sure ..!!
Best in class technology overall

  • XXXtreme

thank you god,first full hd phone,this is my next extreme phone !!! you can pre-order this phone for 399$(that means is official) !!!