HTC phablet specs and image pop up, quad-core Krait, 1080p

17 September, 2012
The upcoming 5" HTC phablet will feature a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC and a 1080p, 480ppi, screen.

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  • Nora

If the phone comes with a SD card and removable battery, it would be the perfect phone, if not I will go for Note II.

  • Anonymous

1.5 gig ram is bad! Real Bad :(
I better get Optimus G

  • Ninjabass66

XXXtreme, 17 Sep 20121,5gb ram ??? really ??? this is so fake !!! where have you seen... moremany phones of HTC doesn't has 512 or 1gig.... has 768... duplicate... is so simple :S

  • digitizer for all?

can a digitizer pen be bought seperately and used with any device with a touchscreen, or does the devics has to be especially and originally designed for this purpose?

  • pitty 1.5GB ram,not2

it's a pitty it has only 1.5GB ram and not 2gb like lg optimus G.

  • yxalag

I see...., the 1080p screen and phablet with pen race has began.Aaa mmmm I see! So a new display technology is necessary.

  • ppi

more pixels than your eyes can see are a waste of battery power!!!!!!!!!!!

  • deed

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2012htc.... can u put expanson slots on ur high end phones pls??????... moreyou forgot to mention a good, long-lasting battery.

  • XXXtreme

1,5gb ram ??? really ??? this is so fake !!! where have you seen a phone with 1536mb ram ???

  • usman

james79, 17 Sep 2012I would love to see how much battery life youd get from this! Do... moreactually as it packs a 28nm quadcore, it should be good with battery... unlike the powerhog tegra3 they previously used on oneX... the screen would be the actual powerhog, but i think they are not using an sdcard or a removable battery so there must be a big battery under the hood... although i don't care about 480ppi... i would instead love a 7-8" tab with 300ppi

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2012htc.... can u put expanson slots on ur high end phones pls??????... moreWait till the announcement!

1080p on a smartphone gives a pixel density of 441ppi and not 480ppi.

  • Rick

480 maybe software (standard) ppi used in Android, not a hardware ppi itself.

Whats the point of such high pixel count when you wont be able to see it working because the batterys dead all the time? Hope they do an awsome battery low indicator as this is all you will be staring at! Ooh an awsome 450+ ppi battery low indicator - just what weve all been waiting for! LOL LOL LOL!

  • lol what?

I believe these full HD packing gadgets are going to be really unstable devices & Snapdragon S4 Pro is just being used to push so many pixels. I am still waiting to see someone step up & come up with real use of the Snapdragon S4 Pro except powering such high pixel count. There are still not many apps which push the Exynos Quadcore (or its equivalent Krait Dualcore) to its limits, let alone the Quadcore Krait. What about the battery efficiency? Heating issues? Stability & durability? Exceptionally breath taking on paper but what's the real use for consumer? I would love to have a device rocking a printed magazine pixel density of 450 ppi but not at the cost of battery & stability. We are heading towards interesting times.

  • Anonymous

htc.... can u put expanson slots on ur high end phones pls?????????????????????????????????????????????­????????????????????????????????????????????????­??????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Did you post it from your iPhone? The link is broken.

  • gingerbreadman

The Doom Master, 17 Sep 2012Yes!! Take my Money Now.. :)yes, me two, im loving this phone. i wont even mis my sd card.

  • Whoever

Please let it be out of aluminum!

  • Hellz Wind

No expansion for memory card = DOA

Cue the arguments of "who needs expansion anyway"

Battery also needs to be up there with the Note and RAZR MAXX or back to the drawing board.

AND HTC sort out your reception issues!