LG Optimus G launches in South Korea, quad-core Krait in tow

18 September, 2012
The powerful droid will start selling in Korea from next week. Update: we have hands-on photos.

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  • Anonymous

beautiful. purrfect.

  • Yani

"However, an update to Jelly Bean is scheduled to follow in the not so distant future."

Best joke... ever! :))))

  • Valinor

nooooo, why isnt the front of the phone white :( I hate this look. Wanting a white phone for a while now but only white back looks ugly. Also the diamant style back looks better in black.
Seriously thinking about iphone 5 now..... (yes looks are more important for me, had a Galaxy s1 and s2 but now i want something with glass and nice looks)

  • jaja

this for sure will be the S3 killer IF and only IF LG would have the JB update with at least at Q1 of 2013, or else, this great phone would not be remembered. :| actually, a lot of LG phones are good, the only problem with them is their customer support, if they'd improve on that, for sure their sales would go up. :)

but still, great job for LG, a really beautiful both on specs and looks. :)

  • TommyR

launch it with JB and release the sourcecode immediately after, and this will be my next phone. that, or i'll wait till sammy gets the S4 next year. in the meantime, S3 it is.
as it is, the 4x was almost the same in specs with HOX, look at XDA's thread and 4X is all but empty except on how to get root. could've been nice, but it's a sham, a shame, and lame.
best-in-category specs though.

  • raje

really it looking good an it going to rock in the
mobile market,,

  • Anonymous

LG Optimus G.

is talking up the phone’s ability to ‘cross-task’, which it says goes beyond multi-tasking, and it includes a range of features which showcase this:

• QSlide Function shows two different screens simultaneously on one display. As it doesn’t just show a part of the screen but the entire screen of both functions, the user can complete two tasks concurrently -– such as sending a text message or searching the web while watching a video;

• Live Zooming enhances the video-watching experience as users can zoom in up to five times while the video is being streamed for a close-up of one’s child while watching a recorded video from a school recital;

• Dual Screen Dual Play not only allows mirroring between the smartphone and a TV, it also has the ability to display different content on each screen wirelessly. For example, a slide presentation can be displayed on the TV while the Optimus G shows the accompanying speaking notes;

• QuickMemo allows users to write, draw, or jot a memo with their finger directly on the captured screen for sharing instantly with others as an attachment or a URL. The QuickMemo can also be used as an overlay feature — like jotting down a number using the QuickMemo and directly dialing the number while the number is on the top layer;

• Screen Zooming allows for the zooming in and out of lists in music player, email, text messages and photo gallery. It also offers the ability to change the font size and screen layout;

• Application Link launches preset applications (email, calendar, weather, etc.) when the alarm is turned off -– making preparation time in the morning go a little faster with all the information on your screen;

• Icon Personalizer allows users the ability to customize icons by editing size and adding images so the most frequently used apps can be most easily accessible.


I Work in one of the major Retailers of PORTUGAl... LG PLEASE BRING THIS PHONE to Portugal... It Will Sell Like Hell... It Will Sell easy better that the Galaxy S3, and since here in portugal the Iphone 5 is not being well Seen.... Bring the Optimus G to Portugal and you Will Sell Like HELL.....

  • Anonymous

LG Opitums G comes in triangluar shape for USA..so watch out lol. Anyway great phone from LG. Wheather Sony ,HTC,LG,Motorola,Samsung we are all an Android family. Whatever happens Android wins!!

  • G

haters are coming to hate this wahahahahaha.........

well done lg!

  • G

very impressive phone... looks very elegant and stylush best design...

best specifications...

only those haters hate this as usual...
great job lg!

  • Anonymous

SH!T Ugly thing! Poor plastic, no 3D the only reason for buying LG. Ok new cpu-gpu but android ICS, which means if not upgraded jb will be the next LG faill again!

  • hasan

Great phone, but knowing LG the JB update will probably come in Q4 2013.

  • Anonymous

after finished reading all the posts complain about the LG support is very poor, I low my interest a lot by that...

to LG: os/ software/ firmware update has become very important for your customers/ end users, they spent their hard-earned money in bad economic time right now and for your kind of high price tag, they don't ask for much, just that(good spec and support)smartphone running at outdated system is a big NO and it's not smart anymore

  • john

Perfect Phone
the beast is here
SIII Killer

  • Anonymous

duscav, 18 Sep 2012Sorta ugly very elegant beautiful !the new king of all smartphones!

  • Anonymous

lg optimus g. is the new king!

see the benchmark results...

very elegant design!

  • black-ghost

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2012Unfortunately there are people who still believe in LGno it,s not true
LG is the biggest company that make hi-tech gadgets
i believe in LG & i,m sure it will be successful in this year till end of the world.

  • Mistri

Good work LG for setting the bar higher spec-wise.

Now I'd like to see these specs on a HTC or an Xperia - SONY and HTC know how to design flagship smartphones with great skins.

  • R0H1T

Iphone 5 look-alike much ?