Vertu unveils new Constellation Neon and Blue series

20 September, 2012
Constellation Neon builds on the Nokia C7, while the Constellation Blue is based on the Nokia E6.

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  • iSJ5

what a crap! LoL!

How about if i toss it in the sea? bye bye!

  • theone101

i sure do like the Vertu phones in the design department . Only if they would upgrade the technology of the operating system they put into the device . They already charge a bomb for the device , more so for the Vertu Concierge service . But still its lot of money to pay for the low end technology . OS they put is obsolete and phones dont use them any more . even Nokia does not use the OS in its other commercial models and then why the Vertu ! IS VERTU Listening /.

  • 9nineDvine

Yes, Of course I'll buy it, it's a work of art and craftmanship.

A true beauty

  • Anonymous

e6 based??? wow... the only bad side of e6 is it has small screen size... hope some body made it on 3.2 or 3.5 inch screen that would make it perfect phone

mmmm if i had that cash i would get a iphone 5 64gig go have a custom gold rear plate (who cares about a few grams of gold)

  • thecalmcritic

TruthSeekr, 21 Sep 2012I know I can't afford this, but I would buy one even if I had th... more+10 this. Very well put.

  • Anonymous

Nice looking phones. Never quite liked Vertu from any point of view... Bad looking bulky design and very poor features... These two models however, look very good.

  • TruthSeekr

I know I can't afford this, but I would buy one even if I had that kind of money.

Fine craftsmanship and precision detailing are nice...but don't fit the electronics industry where yesterday's super-spec becomes today's outdated hardware.

That's why most collectibles are designed to last ages - like fine watches, jewelry and personal accessories - and can be handed down from generation to generation!

I don't see how anyone could do that with, say a 10 year old Vertu (most likely with a monoscreen display and no working battery)

Let's face it, these phones are a waste of money, from both a technical perspective, and most importantly from a collector/value perspective as well.

  • Halo

For an ultra expensive fone targetting the rich and the very rich, virtus fones sure are ugly as hell.

  • Anonymous

Pure waste of money.

  • the_calm_critic

Multi billionaires on standard Blackberrys (mostly Bold 9900 or Torch 9810) have markedly better taste even if said devices are on way inferior physical materials.

I just don't see the correlation between premium materials to just plain bad + gaudy designs period. To top it all off w/ Belle OS for that matter.

There's a reason why Nokia sold Vertu off. Idiot super rich ppl are getting extinct, replaced by a younger, savvier set.

  • Denzo

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2012I would buy the one based on the E6, beautiful business phone fo... moreAgree with you 100%. The E6 had the build quality, looks, size, resolution and style of a great phone. Make ram faster, screen better colours and you have the perfect phone.

It always had better reception than my SGS2, One X and iPhones. By far!!!

Oh, and 4 day battery!

  • prima

the add makes it seem like they create the phone from a scratch when all they do is creating a whole new design and put it on nokia phones

Created or more precisely crafted not for wide audience... Just like a rolls and vw, they both bring u to ur destination through their wheels but at a different self satisfaction.

iPhone Fanboy, 21 Sep 2012Just a piece of useless junk.Look who's talking.

  • Zed Cellular

I used to have a Vertu Ascent, and it was the best phone for call quality I have ever used. As a tool to make and receive calls and do simple business tasks (occasional internet and email checking) this is a great tool. The craftsmanship is top notch, and the quality of the materials is second to none.

  • Anonymous

both phones have no autofocus.
they should made one with better camera module...

Just a piece of useless junk.

  • girlteki

stunning...i'd buy it in a heartbeat if i had the chance...

  • Ninjabass66

Vertu should do smarphones with Windows 8, will be a hit market