Samsung launches Galaxy Note II in India and Germany

27 September, 2012
The 5.5-inch Android smartphone is being launched in India for approximately $730.

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  • Gaza Donn

who cares

  • sorry

samsung once again fooling indian on earth is this phone worth 39000.....i would consider buying it only it has a aluminium or polycarbonate body rather than cheap plastic

It would be great if samsung shows urgency in launching firmware updates for its mobile in india....... waiting for 4.0.4 update for my sgs2 in india

  • hmm

ewww...that ugly design

  • vkaty

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2012where shud i keep this my bag or in my pocket LOLif you are the 1 who wear skinny jeans, yes you need to carry bags....we guys are habitual of carrying big things in pants ;)

  • droog2302

any news on cost for 64GB version yet???

  • Piontman

Plastic is back. Now bigger than ever.

  • Anonymous

where shud i keep this my bag or in my pocket LOL

  • eazman

lasy year in nov11 buy note and need to buy another upgrade note..sammy making printing money machine

  • leggy

sorry 40k for this crap ... aint buying

Check the below link for live...

Its 39000 but its worth the money.

  • Gang

You can check the release video live...

  • sami balouch

can any one tell us about note 2 release date in pakistan?


  • brent