Android in Sep 2012: Poor growth for Jelly Bean and ICS

02 October, 2012
Meanwhile, Gingerbread continues to rule the roost, running on more than half of all the Android devices.

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  • Anonymous

The beauty of being on android is custom roms .it doesn't matter what kind of phone ur using,some ppl like simple so the problem with updates wont matter to most ......unless ur a tech head .me ,I prefer custom Roms which allows me to keep my phone longer than usual meaning: I had an sg vibrant for 2 1/2 yrs ....I skipped the sgs 4g and sgs2 and got the sgs3 by upgrade on contract.

  • fuck faces

i dont see why this is even news when there the 2 latest versions of the os lol

  • bob

Nightmare for developers! Google do something!

  • Anonymous

first of all,jb is running on very few devices which are not sold very well:GNex(2.3% Android Owners),Nexus S(@2%),nexus 7 and a few more but not from samsung or htc.The JB update is rolling on SGS3,ONE X,One S,SGS2.When it will be on most devices,the JB adoption rate will significantly grow.
second,not all devices get it:2011 xperia line won't,sgs1,lg optimus 2x,optimus black,3d.If every phone that can run JB will actually recieve it,then adoption rate will grow veeery much
third,not everyone buys high end or mid range ohones that can run JB.I know from my personal experience that most people i know have phones like galaxy mini,Y,Gio,i mean with 600-800MHz CPU and Adreno 200.Those are not meant to run jb but there are more of them than high end ones
fourth,there are may people who don't know how to opdate android or can't,are afraid their phone can brick,is a scam etc.There are quite some people which don't update even if they got the update.Some of them are afraid,some of them think its a scam,some of them think its gonna kill their phone etc.Again,adoptation loss
fifth,Custom ROMS are very rare plus Cyanogenmod10 is only beta so maybe 0.01% users have it.
sixth,2011 was a year of smartphones and also dominated by gingerbrad.Many people bought aphone back then and their contract will have to go for another 12-18 months.
So,there are many reasons why JB isnt adopted by phones and GB will still domine for 6 months and will stay at a good percentaje for another 2 years maybe.Still we are waithing for jb update to roll on most used devices and the launch of note 2 and well see then

  • Cool

oh yeah....I am one of those cool 1.8% minority Jelly Beaners....keke

  • kesh123

the manufacters must release jelly bean first then only the growth can happen la..

  • Yani

MeeGo Takeover, 03 Oct 2012OMG Yani this is what I've been saying for a long time. You are ... moreThanks for supporting me!
And to point out the lagginess of Android devices.
Maybe some OEM's implementation of Android isn't 100%, but Android's minfree multitask manager also has flaws on its own!
It was meant to be effective but it turns out it's not and the main culprit isn't CPU, but it's RAM.
If you have at least 1GHz CPU and you start a game it runs without lagg, lagg occurs when you have multiple background processes and they all eat your RAM until there is none left and then starts the lagfest :(

  • GhostFirebolt

Ginger bread is the most stable version of all android os. ICS still has more bugs.

  • Obuks

What we need to realize here is that Gingerbread has been around for a while and the devices running it are not that expensive and devices running ICS and Jellybean are much more expensive that Gingerbread devices, and we need to understand that Gingerbread has been around for a long time, it cant just go away like that.

Lets see the coming months when all Jellybean Updates have been rolled out and cheaper devices are introduced running the Jellybean or ICS.

WP8 vs Jelly Bean share will be interesting

  • Anonymous

yay, 1.8% Android users are running the latest Android version with latest security.

  • ging36

Android Fanboy 4.0.4, 02 Oct 20121)Apple has no many devices since their 1st iphone unlike samsu... moreAgreed 100 %

  • Anonymous

Gingerbread is the best version so far. Nobody wants to upgrade.

  • AMAZED!!!!

ICS was released in October 19th 2011.... yet most of the devices released after didn't have ICS out of the box and the stupid manufacturers haven't rolled out the ICS for most devices!!!!!!

  • MeeGo Takeover

Yani, 02 Oct 2012And for the low IQ ones out there that don't understand why OEMs... moreOMG Yani this is what I've been saying for a long time. You are 110% Spot on.

Android Fanboys need to start using COMMON SENSE if any is left and start buying android phones for what they are, not what they can possibly be in the future.

They boast about super specs while other OS'es are getting the same if not smoother experience with far less. Then here comes the "Well we're getting project butter" fanboys. You honestly believe that at the rate Android is going as far as power hogging, that Project Butter is going to instantly make Android lag free? Even if it does, it takes 4 CORES (5 sometimes) clocked at 1.7GHZ EACH just to run that OS Smoothly?

Crap! It doesn't even take that many cores nor that much power to run a Full Desktop OS. Then the GS3 supposedly takes up 6GB of storage just of Virtual Memory just to boot the freaking device up. THAT IS RIDICULOUS!

I like Android but I realize that it has MANY MANY Flaws and I'm willing to admit them instead of blindly defending an OS that is CONSTANTLY screwing me over again and again regardless of the OEM.

  • Chroneek

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2012Love the denial and delusion of the fanboys here. So: 1. You ... moreThey are always in denial. Just like how they compare their apps to iOS apps. Which is a huge reason I'm still with apple. Because the apps are far superior.

  • android user

I haven't update my samsung galaxy s2 because theres is too many porn sites build on flash. so if I want to get access to these sites I have to stay on gingerbread this is my main reason as everybody else.


2.3 GB is the best EVER !

  • Bughlol

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2012At least when Apple annouce an update, all qualifying devices ge... moreTrue story !

  • Marc Aurel

Yani, 02 Oct 2012Awww man... so many top rated comments and none are not even clo... moreI am sure low end Androids such as Galaxy Y and Mini are underrepresented in Appbrain numbers, because their users are less likely to download apps. Such low end phones really are not capable of running Android 4.x, but I still tend to agree with you on the importance of Samsung flagships in determining the relative market shares of different Android phones.

However, it's not quite so simple as to say that only if Samsung updated all the Galaxy S phones to Android 4.x, it would solve the Android fragmentation problem. There is very real hardware fragmentation as well, which will only get worse, because many people who use entry level phones like the Mini and Y do not have the money to buy a new phone every 24 months, let alone more often than that. Many of them are still upgrading from low end Symbian phones like the Nokia 5230 and Galaxy Y (or such) is their brand new phone!