Galaxy Note II firmware update brings split-screen multitasking

06 October, 2012
Multi-View allows you to to run two apps on your Galaxy Note II screen simultaneously.

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  • Iphone fan (former)

rockstarRT, 07 Oct 2012And yeah, plastic as it is, but mind you, how about thosr scratc... moreJealous? Of course not. I will just buy it. Ive been an iphone fan because it was the best for a short while, but this doesnt stop me to buy the best gadget to date, only because its made by Samsung, hehe, i care more about my own interest than some certain brand's interest. Are there really such stupids who have such special feelings for a phone making company that makes them feel traitors if buying a different brand?

  • rockstarRT

luki, 07 Oct 2012samsung plastic fantasticAnd yeah, plastic as it is, but mind you, how about thosr scratched alluminum as useless as a garbage with the so called innovation that already exist on android wayback. If I were you Apple fans, i just shut the fu## up, and learned from samsung, or just be jealous to death.

  • Wacko

Nuf Said!.. This device is 5 generations ahead than iphone5.. The 5 in ip5 is Wht we called 5 Generati0n late device.. And its 2 generati0ns ahead than SGS3 And Lumia 920..

This device is uncomparable to another device..

  • rockstarRT

WOWWWWWWW this is imcomparable to Iphone5. Another shame for apple fanatics again. Hahaha and still insist that their Phone is the best? Bwahahahaha if I were you, i just cover my face with a towel and go away...

  • luki

samsung plastic fantastic

  • THE KMT6

TheNeighbor, 07 Oct 2012I'm officially extremely jealous now! I've had the first Note fo... moreblack color? I'd luv to see that, Dual sim? mmmm...propably won't see.

  • Anonymous

Guys..when m going for update it is showing latest multi tasking me out..plz

  • kem

when samsung beefs, who can breathe? in my diary i put down 'this is what made ifans and nokians learn that it's not a must for someone to comment'

Just tried it on mine.... Holy ****! Everything stays smooth even in split-screen!! I am in AWE of this phone.

me, 06 Oct 2012looks cool but doesn't seem useful to me since a person can only... moreWell... I think you have at least try viewing 2 Web pages at the same time on your pc before?

  • Anonymous

Spectacular awesome job thanks

  • Dave83

Ashty21, 06 Oct 2012This one adds yet another feather to the hat of this monster machine.This is the sh1t, got it and have to say my s3 seems so old compared to the performance and power of this, so many excellent features not even shown on this vid, Out of this world, Great job samsung.

[deleted post]Yeah? Who's calling?

It's Sam, the Serious Sam ... II !



  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2012Meh..this can be easily done on iphone5's screen with just an app.Dude. even if you have that so called app it's like having two 2-inches phones stearing at them with bleeding eyes from the pain, it's not practical on iphone at all.

  • Anonymous

sanadanosa, 07 Oct 2012but not wp8He already said of course not wp8 and even android tabs like note 10.1 already did very well in multitasking and it was really a pc in a touch edition

I'm officially extremely jealous now! I've had the first Note for 11 months. The Note II has now more battery usage, faster processor, better screen tech, more app features, more RAM and now split-screen capabilities! I want it! I want the black version (coming soon, I hope) with 64GB & dual-SIM card slots!

  • Anonymous

Real valuable true multitasking this is freedom and this is android , rumors said some weeks and android apps will be totally supported!! Android and Samsung are really far ahead of iPhone and wp!! Do you know now why we love android, simply because it is the best and the only to have desktop features!! Thanks google and thanks Samsung, android is a real jewel

Hataf, 06 Oct 2012This is available in windows 8 and to a certain limited extent i... morebut not wp8

  • Dazz

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2012You don't have 2 computer screens....?? You obviously don't use ... moreI have 2 computer screens, what's your point? Heck at work I have 3, to bad the computers at work are so crap it barely multi tasks.