Intel Lava XOLO X900 gets Ice Cream Sandwich update

08 October, 2012
The update is now available for download over-the-air or through Lava's website.

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  • Prince

Xolo q900 cemra not so

  • Varsha

One bad decision can put you in loss. Here is the example and the victim is very much none other than ME!!! I bought a Xolo X900 Phone from Flipkart on 5th March 2013 for Rs. 14199/-. It worked hardly for couple of months and started giving Network problem later. I had to submit the damn phone to the one of the Xolo’s pick up points in Fort, Mumbai on 22nd July 2013 (Since, they have their service center in Noida their pick point centers send mobiles to service center and then their begins the worst journey of follow ups). Since then I have been following up with these Xolo Guys for either replacement or refund and it has become a never ending journey now. The executives I talk to for the status of my phone are just dumb puppets who keep repeating the same phrase saying that we are still working on it. It’s more than a year and till date I have failed to understand what kind of a process are they working on that it takes forever to refund the amount. After all this time waste follow ups I somehow managed to get their PR Manager’s contact details who look after North region, again this guy gave me some other number to follow up. And the story is still continues with never ending follow ups. I would say if you guys have lot of money to waste or plenty of time to follow ups for the idiot box called Xolo Phone Do go for it but if you value your money do not even think of buying this phone. P.s. the only reason I liked the page on fb is, so that I can tag u on antixolo posts. Sincerely Xolo Victim_ Varsha

  • vanavil arul

Please don't buy xolo x900 mobiles, i bought it 20/12/ never function properly. the customer service is one of the world worst. we cant replace battery, it will heat too much. i am fooled by the THE NAME OF INTEL. IF YOU WANT TO BUY XOLO X900 please give the money to a road side beggar, i am sure he will praise you. I hate xolo company and INTEL.

  • sachin badole

i am using this phone from last almost 1.5 year...its amazing....its speed and performance the new...

  • nick

its a gud phn..who is facing the the problem with this phone...first learn how to run android phones..

  • Anonymous

Nitin Rinkesh, 22 Feb 2014but someone told me its brilliant phone and works good. what is... moreI've this phone for 8 months and it's realy great working.

archana, 30 Jan 2014please please please do not buy xolo product. Instead of having ... morebut someone told me its brilliant phone and works good.
what issues do you have with this phone ?

  • archana

please please please do not buy xolo product. Instead of having intel's name attached to it, it is great mess. having hell problems occuring one after other and no one cares for attending it.


  • Gaur

This is bloody shit phone.. Have issues with network connectivity and supported with Shit customer service.. Please please please don't buy Xolo at all.. I have used this phone for 6 months and screwed at best

  • Sageer

Donate your money rather than buying xolo phone

This is how the mobile company `Xolo Lava` has been taking their customers for a ride.
I bought a ‘Intel Xolo X 900 Black’ from H. K. Mobiles in Mumbai for Rs.22,000/-. In 3 months it has had two problems. It’s auto rotate system stopped working. Occasionally for 3-4 days in a fortnight I couldn’t be heard by person on the other end. Initially I thought it was a service provider’s problem. As the problem persisted for about two months, I lodged a complaint with the service centre. (Notification No. 310000028601 dt. 01/04/2013) The phone was picked up & returned in fortnights’ time. The problem was not solved.
2nd complaint was made (Notification No. 310000036261 dt. 17/04/2013).The phone was picked up and returned on 04/05/2013) the problem was not solved.
3rd complaint was made (Notification No. 310000054458 dt. 07/05/2013). The phone was picked up and returned on 03/06/2013) the problem remained unsolved.
The 4th complaint was made (Notification No. 310000065765 dt. 03/06/2013). The phone was picked up and not returned till date.
The entire experience is extremely bad. Talking to Xolo customer care is so futile that you can always be sure that nothing positive can come out talking to the staff. The customer care and service centre seem to be entirely disconnected.
I have made umpteen no. of communication for refund of money which once or twice they agreed but money they were ready to pay was Rs.10,000/- as against Rs.22,000/- On couple of occasions they said they can give me a replacement of LAVA mobile which is costing around Rs.7,000/- in the market. If you do not accept these refund or replacement options from them; you can be sure that nothing will arrive, no refund, no replacement and no communication.
Generally most corporates are conscientious and work with some philosophy. There are others who behave good because there are laws. But there are companies like Lava which exist only to take their customers for a ride.
Rajoo Pradhan

  • Abhi

Ranka, 07 Oct 2013If any body wants to file complain with Consumer court, kindly c... more i bought x900, display cracked and i'm still suffering bCoz company has not released LCD display yet..isn't it ridiculous.., pls help

  • Mithun

don't buy xolo at all, customer service is the worst..

i bought x900, display cracked and i'm still suffering bCoz company has not released LCD display yet..isn't it ridiculous..

  • Ranka

If any body wants to file complain with Consumer court, kindly contact me as i am going to file the same.

im suffering with this xolo x900 just one week of usage and im in trouble

Dear Friends,

Dont buy any mobile of xolo otherwise you will loose your money as there is no service , no technology etc.

I am suffering from the date of purchase and after all now i am going to fight through consumer forum only.

As I have given my mobile 3 times for repair in 6 month of purchase and they take 20 days minimum to repair and afterwards it works more worst.

  • Abhi

Xolo has worst types of mobile in the world,.... I Appeal to all Visitors on this site and request to all..... That never think to buy xolo mobile otherwise you will lost your money and afterwards nobody will help you and at the end you will have to fight through consumer forum as i am doing.

  • mahesh/maheshpatel28

GOKU, 12 Jun 2013Am giving the pros and cons of this phone with a neutral perspec... morehow to upgrade ics on xolo x900 by usb data cable and from where to get the software of ics (4.0.4) and from which site because it is not downloading from ota

  • arjun8074

frnds,do u hav any idea whyxolo sitedoesn't hav 4.0.4(ics) file(299mb)..and which updating phone with(299mb) is better or withOTA update is better? ...which wayof upgrading is better...plz contribute ur views frnds

  • arjun8074

battery backupafter4.0.4 ics updateof xolo x900..??.has.battery backupgone up or gone down ??.watsur review..