HTC releases Q3 results, profits continue to slide down

08 October, 2012
HTC posted $2.4 billion revenues and a net profit of $133.2 million. That's a 79% drop compared to Q3 2011.

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  • Anonymous

Plus, HTC never "innovates". HTC is just a mobile phone manufacturer and its R&D is purely focused on silly animations and software gimmicks.

  • rasengan123

HTC doesnt provide so much functionality on their phones. They provides great designs and screens but iphones got that portion of the competition as of now. HTC should step up by research and provide a much, much wider array of features and software. Bow.

  • Anonymous

Sense - It's the problem. It looks pretty with all those animations, but at the end, it's only skin deep, drag every hardware advantages, especially when you consider HTC isn't generous about RAM.

HTC is deserved to be fall and will continue to fall.

  • Anonymous

previous incredible s owner. had the phone in august 2011 and got rid in june. in 10 months phone went from quick and nippy to so slow that you cant take pictures. i rebooted it but made no difference. great looking phone with hardware to back it up. shame really,

HTC just lacks the advertising Samsung and Apple provide. Samsung and Apple spend a huge amount of money to get their product across on a global scale. I like HTC and I prefer Sense over Touchwiz. There's a reason why Samsung was sued and lost to Apple because of Touchwiz, it's a cheap knockoff look and feel of iOS. The Galaxy S3 was basically designed by lawyers so that they again do not get sued by Apple by the same shape and dimensions of the phone... HTC just needs to advertise and bring back micro SD and removable battery, because android is all about options

the only problem with HTC, they believe great products sell themselves.........wrong. You can have a really rubbish product and still make sales; ask apple. hope i dint push any1 buttons :P. the one x is the sexiest phone on the market. here is my advice for HTC hopefully the CEO will be reading and take it next quarter make some profits and give me my share :D

1. Market, Market, Market.....your marketing guys aint doing their job. When you are marketing dont focus on
a single aspect of the product. The One X design is unbeatable but this was never a point hammered in peoples mind.

2. Dont be quietly brilliant......seriously get rid of that slogan. Use something more on the lines of; Simply Brilliant or Beautifully Brilliant because the quietly brilliant dude of the class gets no girls. yes they like him because he got all the answers but HE GETS NO GIRLS!!!

3. Make at most the different versions of phones a year. Low, Middle and Flagship. Whatever money you were going to put in other versions move to marketing and those 3. Make them and make them good.

4. Never, Never, NEVER take away an option until the time is right. With 1mb uploading speed for average user clouding storage cannot take the place of micro sd....seriously.

I wanna also thank you for the HTC Desire. I still have mine and after lots of beatings from me its still going great.

  • Anonymous

HTC users ran to Samsung...that's why

  • Chris

Yes.yes..all goes according to plan...said Sammy scrathing its "tentacle beard"

  • peter

h@, 08 Oct 2012I 100% agree, their batteries need improvement , like Motorola h... moreTHERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH HTC BATTERY! FOR CHRIST SAKE!

Just go to settings->services and look, just look, how many services NoSense UI out of the box is running! On Desire S I have counted more than 10. Some phones have over 20.

And remember - each service eats battery. And now compare it to vanilla Android ICS or JB - there are 4. FOUR services running. Got the picture?

NoSense UI is overbloated piece of stinky s**t. Clear vanilla Android - that's what I want to see on HTC phones.

  • Priscilla

Very good reccomendations thanks a lot for sharing with us.
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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2012Its as expected, HTC must continue to fall for a while still. Th... moreOk, you had problems with one phone, wuu huu.. I had 6 HTC so far, no problem at all. I don't know what kind of phones do you get but there is still possibility to fix all the problems. I love my HTC one X and it is more solid phone that I ever ovned, and i have lots of them (apple, samsung). In my opinion HTC worst problem is marketing and the fack that they didin't realise ONE seria phones later than February. I don't get their point of view to realise phone on 28. february and than phones come on market in May. If they will change their polacy and marketing they have still lots of possibilities. At the end, they are still making profit and there are only apple, sammy and htc that they have one.

  • Dilip007

hTC will SINK as it continues to produce handsets w/ designed-obsolescence. I remember putting my precious hard-earned money in 2008 in a newly launched 'hTC touch' & what came out that it had insufficient RAM & ROM - had continuous uninterrupted problems to install & run programs - soon, this bullshit brand in a span of less than 2 months launched same handset w/ doubled RAM & ROM & sank my money. Same happened when it launched Android-based 'hTC Desire HD', but again w/ sub-standard battery, again I spoiled my money & my hands, so Iíve committed to never return back to hTC & never recommend anyone hTC. Thumbs-down hTC. Go back & cheat its own Nationals, Taiwanese &/ Chinese.

  • Loopenval

Bardock, 08 Oct 2012There is only one reason for this: bad, almost non-existing mark... moreAbsolutely true. In South Africa they have no back up, no support, no nothing. They were very good 2 years ago, but losing market share fast.

  • Omar Mohamed

HTC quitely stupid
Nokia connecting squares
blackberry dying silently
Lg life isn't that good :(
huawei a piaster hi end phone
samsung phones diarrhoea
Apple where's the money?

  • Thomas

Thomas, 08 Oct 2012No, selling the same hardware under 3 different names with sub-p... moreAdd to that the lack of ergonomics. For instance, power button on top of +4.5" phones? Grrr...

Add to that the same dull design for every handset (but at least their phones are quite sturdy).

Add to that the complete lack of sexyness. Both Apple and Samsung have their appeal in terms of design. Pair that with the lack of professionalism: the huge beats logo is just ridiculous compared to BB or Motorola design.

In NL I see more HTC TV commercials than iPhone and still...

  • Thomas

Bardock, 08 Oct 2012There is only one reason for this: bad, almost non-existing mark... moreNo, selling the same hardware under 3 different names with sub-par software support at high price is to blame.

  • Anonymous

T'is a pity (profit results ie).
HTC have produced some ripper products in recent times.
sadly its a pretty crowded market at there.
It's fair to say it's all about Samsung and Apple these days, particularly when talking highend products.
The rest of the pack including HTC & MOTOROLA will only be picking up the scraps.
unfortunately that's the way the mop flops guys.

Bardock, 08 Oct 2012There is only one reason for this: bad, almost non-existing mark... moreI agree with you 100% HTC should do better marketing

why htc fail.
the reason is simple.
HTC has no flagship.
yes no Flagship model.
AT HTC,any model like HTC one X tries to be Flagship for
maybe 6 month(OMG)
then next phone like ONE X + tries to be next flagship.
who want to buy the phone that will be Flagship for just six month,
Only Apple and Samsung can give Proud of having Flagship model.
like HTC,same goes for Sony,Lg.
Its like having a GF that changes her BF after six months.

  • Anonymous

Bardock, 08 Oct 2012There is only one reason for this: bad, almost non-existing mark... moreMy thoughts exactly