HTC releases Q3 results, profits continue to slide down

08 October, 2012
HTC posted $2.4 billion revenues and a net profit of $133.2 million. That's a 79% drop compared to Q3 2011.

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Still HTC is profitable company. They can do more in future. Good luck HTC :)

  • Zahid

I am fan of Galaxy S series but before launch of S3 I purchased One X, thats amazing fone, black darks dosen't matter to me, becoz what should i do with black darks if overall colors are so dim as compared to One X and Iphone 4s, other things is powerful punch of base in audio ear phones, 3rd its gadgets, sunlight eligibility, but HTC should improve camera quality photos feel pale yellow. battery will hopefully fantastic on X+, and i believe if HTC try to fix only camera issue and battery issue this is the best company. just need some innovations.

  • Derhunter23

HTC formally - quietly brilliant
HTC now - quietly beaten.
I mean come on HTC surely you can do better than this. And I wish HTC the best in the future.

  • Bardock

There is only one reason for this: bad, almost non-existing marketing.

  • h@

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2012I believe once the battery of the phone is improved , HTC will b... moreI 100% agree, their batteries need improvement , like Motorola has done, the quality of their phones are far better than Samsung.

  • lol what?

Samsung - Android
Nokia - Windows Phone
Apple - iOS
Blackberry - BB OS10

LG, HTC, Sony & others are not going anywhere with Me too Me too, bit of this and bit of that approach.

  • Anonymous

Problem is Samsung is always in the lead, the other manufacturers need to put more effort in or we're going to be left with Apple & Samsung, duopoly.

  • sabret00the

aed, 08 Oct 2012they thought they could sell overpriced junk since they are now ... moreI most certainly would. It's the prettiest phone of its generation.

  • Anonymous

Its as expected, HTC must continue to fall for a while still. The reason is that most people will buy HTC only once, their phones look solid and have nice design and lotsa eye candy, but they dont work, they are flawed and full of slow bad software, and HTC Sense was the main reason for crash and all the problems people had with HTCs.

I too was fooled into buying a HTC, they looked so solid and good and had amazing SLCD displays. But never again, wow did i get fooled, worst phone i ever had, so unreliable and hanging and full of bugs, and thre was never a fix from HTC. The phone still "works", and till this day no fix from HTC for any of the problems.

Now i am sure some HTC fans will argue that its better now and that the problems with sense was fixed, and maybe they were, but the old Desire and Desire HD and so on, those are the ones people now stop using, plus all the special HTCs for US carriers, they were mostly on 2 year contracts, right? So those bad phones will continue to make sure the buyers stay away from HTC, Never Again is a commonly used word about this brand. Doesnt matter how good they are today, peoples bad experience are from phones that are close to two years old. And those were really bad experiences, and because of the contracts people has been forced to suffer with them for 2 years. Lucky mine was paid cash and not on contract, i could pass it on to my daughter and buy a decent Android phone for myself.

Further, i think most HTC fans are teenagers, they have different expectations to reliability and stuff, different "values". Look at HTCs facebook page, there is (or used to be) a 14 year old swedish kid posting bad stuff to everyone who has problems with their HTCs, he is the typical HTC fan, very unrealistic and biased.

And teenagers are not the best customers for high end profitable phones, seems HTC has reached the wrong target audience.

HTC for kids, its ok, my daughter like the HTC, it works ok for games and if its rebooted a few times it will play videos (the solution is to never use hardware decoding, use MX player and Fast Software decoder to stop the endless crash loops)

I had so much problems that i am happy to hear HTC profit is down, they deserve an operating loss, hope they get it soon, i wish them as much bad as they caused me. No1 i know own a HTC anymore, none of my relatives and acquaintances who had HTC has good memories about them.

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2012Really don't know what happen to HTC. they were doing good when ... moreI don't think the problem with HTC is their design. The One line has a very refreshing and attractive design. The problems comee with the features (lack of micro SD card slot, no removable battery), a rather poor camera module and many software quality issues at launch (corrected by software updates, but that was too little too late).

If the HTC One X+ would've been launched way back this year (instead of or shortly after the HTC One X) HTC would be in much better shape (financially). I guess t this stage of the game, they need more than the One X+ or the 8X to overcome their troubled situation.

  • DDD Trust M

Because they dont make any ads just phones we can see beautiful ads of samsung, when the nokia n8 come out also beautiful ad so i bought it so everyone knew on tv that it is released HTC MAKE THE ADS ON TV!!! YOU GONNA BE RICH

  • Just Me

HTC "quietly brilliant" - too quiet htc. Needs more advertising and hopefully Microsoft will be helping their cause in the next 6-12 months.

  • kavi

Langbaba (ZA), 08 Oct 2012Funny, I can't remember seeing ANY HTC adverts the last year or ... moreHtc needs stay afloat to get better, even though i'm an ardent fan of samsung, i love htc too they are the second best android phone maker. Htc need to innovate much and give fluid android interface to its users! Dont think of sitting on ur old win mo interface so long, see samsung is top notch except its built material choice. Htc should revamp its strategy, give more ads, better place ur products and price ur product sensibily. After sense stands only on ui name only with htc.

  • Anonymous

I believe once the battery of the phone is improved , HTC will be back to its name " Quietly brilliant " , compare to other Android Phone , personally , I still prefer HTC than SS .

vyis, 08 Oct 2012This is what HTC deserve for being cocky. Ditching developer sup... moreI agree with that.

HTC also used to be the best at fitting more functionality into a small size and now in that respect they are miles behind.

  • Strange

I've always heard positive feed back from htc, specially about the desire products back then.

Me buying the international tegra 3 is like a kick in the nuts though.

HTC makes cheap phones look expensive and co branded with stupid Beats headphones that worth nothing.

HTC you're gone!

There are some things that I really don't get!
1. Marketing! There's 0 publicity or advertising from them! You can't find any form of advertising, not on the internet, not on shops!
2. I love HTC's build quality..and I bought ONE X despite the fact that I knew thaS3 is was coming. And I'm glad I did. The screen is better and I love Sense, no matter what. And the building quality is far superior and it got the looks. But they have only one flaw: WEAK BATTERY. Every HTC suffers from this. It's not that's abysmal..but it's just's like it's almost there..but just not enough. Why on earth they just don't get that that's their weakness...and improve the battery's beyond me...(with my stock Rom, Tegra 3 version, I have around 2 hours and something of screen on and around 12-14hours of use, before the battery dies. And that's with 2G and WiFi, 30% brightness and some sync at 1 hour

But we shouldn't forget that HTC is not Samsung, LG, Nokia or Apple. They are not so powerful and it's a good thing for them that they can compete in big boys league. But, for sure they need a new approach if they want to maintain there.
I'm a loial fan of HTC since Tytn II , I got 6 HTC devices, but I'll have no regrets to switch back to Samsung or Nokia if they'll not improve. After all, the same reason made me switch from Nokia and Samsung to HTC :)

Android is to Samsung...while WP is to Nokia Lumia.

So that leaves HTC...actually nowhere

  • MeanWhile

Meanwhile i'm trying to sell my htc one x for a lousy 300 euro. LOL, no want wants it though.