Purported images of the LG Nexus phone leak

09 October, 2012
A ton of new images of the next Nexus devices have been leak, all of which confirm LG to be the manufacturer.

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  • Nexus S

Harsha, 09 Oct 2012The beautiful curved glass design is gone???!! :'( atleast I ho... moreIm gonna miss the curved glass as well..I luv how my NEX-S and G-Nex look with the curved digitizer/lcd..But hey its still a Nexus,im all over it!!!Maybe some crazy fool has started a port for 4.1.2 on XDA gonna check now..Cheers

  • Anonymous

Aparadectos, 09 Oct 2012IMO, this phone will set the standards for the next 2-3 years to... morevery well said. the processor, the 2 gb of ram and HD IPS display will make this phone relevant for 2 years at least. i am not sure why people are very repelled by the design. you may argue that it isn't the best out there but at least it looks premium, more than the G Nexus.

IMO, this phone will set the standards for the next 2-3 years to come.
The resolution is ok for the vast majority of the apps.
The Krait CPU and 320 Adreno, will make it the highest high end Nexus phone, of course in 6 months, HTC, Samsung and maybe even Sony, will have superior offers.
But not in a way that this Nexus will have anything to worry about.
The optimus G will have a better camera and SD card slot to compete with the new Nexus.
What worries me the most about LG phones is the battery, this one has huuuge capacity, but i am expecting just average performance, so i guess thats fine.
I wouldnt worry about the LCD screen, LCDs still have the overall performance crown, as the iphone 5 has confirmed.
And speaking about the ultimate competitor, google wanted a flagship that could challenge it and the Optimus G can, maybe even better than the S3...

  • Anonymous

Google Tab 10.1 just announced, will be made by Samsung.

  • Harsha

The beautiful curved glass design is gone???!! :'(
atleast I hope gorilla glass's der....

This is not a nexus,nexus phones got ''google'' branding not ''with google'' which some non-nexus phones got.

  • Anonymous

it doesnt look promising and is no way as beautiful as Optimus G

  • Anonymous

it doesnt look promising and is no way as beautiful as Optimus LG

  • ikkie

malon anak cabul , 09 Oct 2012hope rest of the world got same speck snapdragon s4 not old gen ... moreS3 is being phased out as the development and manufacturing costs are minimal between the two. THe better choice would obviously be the Krait processors.

  • malon anak cabul

hope rest of the world got same speck snapdragon s4 not old gen snapdragon s3 like htx one s and xperia t/tx.

  • ikkie

This in itself is a good thing for LG but I seem underwhelmed by the announcement. If anything, the desirability for the previous model screams at me. I'd rather have the Samsung than this. But to be honest, as it hasn't been finalised yet, LG may possibly create a very good phone that has their impressive hardware without their crappy GUI. Win-Win.

box out, 09 Oct 2012i dont care about nexus phone. for me, galaxy note 2 is enough. ... moreGalaxy Note 2? Note 2 will not come with 4.2 out of the box. Galaxy Note 2 will not be a Edge to edge, water repelling, beat sound, ...

The 5 Nexus will be made by 5 differents companies including Samsung with the Galaxy Nexus 2 .

You love the Note 2 go ahead but we love the Nexus.

  • Anonymous

Noel, 09 Oct 2012Device looks good but the internal storage is too small and no S... moreRazr occam was confirmed fake already.

  • Oz

This phone have a sh**y resolution.

Why don't they all use 720x1280

  • zorril

LG make such terrible phones ;( I'll be unhappy if it this is the new Nexus device.

  • o

deja vu from the protoyp of the galaxy s3 phone in case

  • vian

like all nexus device, this beast will never have a microSD card slot, isn't it ?

  • eric10234

Muneeb, 09 Oct 2012Can somebody tell me if Google releases Nexus phones only with n... moreA new Nexus device will come with a new Android version (though not necessarily true that a new Android version must come with a new Nexus device)

HTC Nexus One -> Eclair 2.1
Samsung Nexus S -> Ginger Bread 2.3
Samsung Galaxy Nexus -> Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0
Asus Nexus 7 -> Jelly Bean 4.1

  • Anonymous

if specs of lg optimus g can be combined with updated android versions, it can kick samsung n apple both out of smartphone competition. nothing can beat optimus g's specs, and if these specs can be combined with latest firmware (which is the only drawback of lg according to some people, or samsung paid fodders) then it is gonna b only thing to look for this year.

  • Anonymous

LG will now join the su-ing game....