Samsung Galaxy Music goes official, has a dual-SIM version too

09 October, 2012
The smartphone is targeted at music lovers and promises great audio quality and a dedicated music key.

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  • Smile

Pretty c00l look! Good music...... andri0d...... meanz nice cell

  • Mohd Adil

what is the price of this phn and what is the expected date of launch.

  • abi

The screen looks awfully small!ics looks beautiful on a bigger screen!Lets wait for the full specs to arrive!And let the price be under my budget!!!!Finally we are getting budget priced ics handsets!!!

  • neeraj 9795752523

it is more attractive phone

  • Pinky leiphrakpam


Some comments here are laugh out worthy. If you want phone to watch videos and play games then buy a phone that has 4" plus screens. Im buying this phone because ..dual sim (check), affordable price (check), you wont be afraid to carry this one on the streets w/out worrying som1 will steal ur phone (check), great music (check), and im a little biased towards samsung :p . This phone will be a great companion to my S3 wc im afraid to carry in public places.

The little smartphone also features a 9-lumen WVGA projector. Just like with Samsung's other projector-packing smartphone, the Galaxy Beam, the one on the Galaxy Music is placed at the top of the device.

Update: We were contacted by a Samsung representative, who claimed that the projector part was a mistake in the press materials and the Galaxy Music won't be having such functionality.

Damn, I was so close to buying this phone, but now cancel, I would never buy this. No Projector, WTF.


  • dark01

you cant beat live with walkman...

dedicated music button just like live with walkman...


  • iSJ5

iSamsung Fan, 10 Oct 2012they might do that and maybe Milky Way is so nice right? not jus... morelol! Hahahaha!

if this device has a processor of 1ghz and good gpu with 16m color n 200 + ppi then it will lead the whole mobile world

iSJ5, 09 Oct 2012making so many phone are so STUPID! samsung fool people and they... more samsung u give us multiple choices with perfect build and fits every need , despite apple which takes a whole year to release a crap with almost all issues.

  • Anonymous

gearbox87x, 09 Oct 2012well....can u tell me which version is using in New gen sony dev... moreDue i am using xperia sola...and i the kernel version of my phone is and it runs very smooth

If you are music lover buy live with walkman and add beats audio,lww is the best music phone in android

  • Anonymous

For entry levl droids by samsung, its a nice deal i think. people will shift frm SG y to Music. SG y evn lacks internal mem unlike music. Vl compete SE tipo for sure.

  • Anonymous

3" screen,ICS rubbish.Not looking so good

  • Anonymous

gx, 10 Oct 2012useless samsung. y no flash? apple rules ofcourseBecause iphone was the first phone to get a LED flash, right?

Wrong, iphone was the last to get LED flash. A funny detail is that the missing LED on iphones was the reason why Samsung didnt put LED on Galaxy S in 2010, the Galaxy S was so much a direct copy of iphone that Samsung even copied its greatest weakness. One have to admit that has Samsung been the industries clown, but they come a long way and is now a respectable brand, especially for the Note II they deserve the highest honors.

  • E

Does it have built-in radio antenna?

  • gx

useless samsung. y no flash? apple rules ofcourse

  • iSamsung Fan

iSJ5, 10 Oct 2012i hope samsung made also universe siries lol!they might do that and maybe Milky Way is so nice right? not just a phone with one name that changes only the numbers with the same old features

  • iSJ5

i hope samsung made also universe siries lol!