iPhone 5 production slows down due to stricter quality control

10 October, 2012
The company is working with Foxconn to lower down the number of devices shipped with nicks and scratches.

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Anonymous, 10 Oct 2012Ditch Foxconn and find a new partner in US. I always wonder Appl... moreSometimes I wonder how old some of you posting comments are, 12, 13, 14 or 15 at most?

Lets say apple does go with an american manufacturer...do you think the price of the finished product would be the same as it is now? No it will not. American labour is much more expensive than chinese/asian labour plus america just doesn't have the man power compared to china.

  • hey

i really hate my new iphone 5... it has a lot of scratches now on the sides.. it's look like a 1yearold mobile.. i will stick on my old samsung galaxy note.. and i know that this one is a lot better.. even though it's now a year old it looks much newer than my iphone 5... i hate it so much....

  • Anonymous

In the Philippines, iPhone 5 price is like crazy, about PHP53,000 (about USD1300) for 64gb version.
With that price I can already buy 2 pieces Galaxy S3 (PHP26,000)...
I do not know why apple sell their phone so expensive and I also do not know why people buy this piece of crap...

  • WJS

Stick with the 4S. Quality of the 5 is lacking.....

  • Anonymous

Ditch Foxconn and find a new partner in US. I always wonder Apple is whether American company or Chinese company. Get your shits together Apple.

  • Indian Apple User

Please buy iPhone 5 only. The name Apple itself is enough to buy. I know SGS 3/Note 2 has far better features than iPhone 5, but still please don't buy plastic phones, buy iPhone 5 only. Apple is God of mabile pones.

  • SpecialAluminium

Lol. Special Aluminium.. haha! lol!

  • iSamsung Fan

if the android fans are not criticizing your precious scratched mid range iCrap phones then your god Crapple will not do something about that right? We are actually helping you. duh

  • Anonymous

yellow, 10 Oct 2012this is a real company that cares about consumers and quality, t... moreYou are the only one who believes, that the aluminium casing is really worth 400$ and yet, exactly that casing has these problems. No problems with that plastic so far. Supply concerns has cost 60 billion, that means, it wasnt supposed to be like that and they are fixing it, but funny, how you want to compare fixing supplies to a state how it was supposed to be in the first place, with a phone, that did not have these concerns and the phone is like it is, without chip-off out of the box. Is that caring? Or investing money to still make money? Think about it.

yellow, 10 Oct 2012this is a real company that cares about consumers and quality, t... moreYou're such a joke! A company who cares about their costumers check the product before lauching to the market! But no, they wanted the product released at all cost! Man, stop using samsung has the only comparable manufacterer (their "cheap" plastic is high quality and handles very well scratches unlike your overpriced iPhone)...Motorola has high quality material and detected a problem before launching Razr HD and RAZR MAXX HD to the market, if it was Apple would launch it first and then solved the complaints ;)...what a pitty their cutting from their own profits to solve this problem that should be solved from the begining?! Profits...they gain $600/800 per phone, what a rip off...it's way more than profits...it's money stoled!

A message to all iPhone lovers:

Be liberal just like most of ex-iPhone users. The choice is yours to make, there are better things beyond the iPhone. You have to take the first step.

Dont let yourself be pounded by us like this. And when Android fails, which it has to somewhere down the road, be ready to switch over.

From an ex- Panasonic,Psion,Palm,Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola,Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Mango user....and still seeking to find better phones/platforms :)

Life is about choices, use it.

  • trimalo

why on earth put aluminum since all iphone users use a protection??? my Lumia does not get any scratch and is not protected!

den, 10 Oct 2012iphone 5 is sold like crazy, everyone I know wants one.Nobody I know want iPhone 5, not even my friends that use iPhone 4S want to buy iPhone 5!

  • Anonymous

slowing down? or few/no one's buying it? or may be realizing there's much better out there?

  • appletreperuer


  • holyoxx

karma beats out that holy fruit of yours apple fan boys. =)

  • Chrischi

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2012cry more android fans..everytime there's an apple update..all yo... moreYou dont get the problem here. If it would be a decision, then I would not have a problem with it, even if somebody got an iPhone, but most iPhone buyers do not decide, they just buy apple, without even comparing first, full of prejudices about other brands, that is the problem. I dont have a problem with anyone buying an iPhone, because he likes the iPhone, after having compared it first. I have a problem with those zombies, who just buy because of that Apple logo and I bet those are more than 50% of iPhone buyers.

Watch this video and see what I mean:


I have 4 of ip5 and all of them were scratched out of the box. In Istanbul it s about 1250 USD and I paid 5000 USD for factory scratch. Well I changed all of them and now I have smooth one. I think foxxcon workers were angry about the working conditions and they damaged the phones on production band under control. Because one of my white ip5 had tiny knife holes on back cover. Believe or not... Anyway pleasure to use damn ip 5 it's really fastest and easiest phone I ever have...

I like the time of your post 10-10 at 12:12
Also, I like your choice to not throw out your money on Aluminum Foil. That's cool

  • bubu

the build quality issues = iPhone 5 = LOL = NOT PREMIU